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May 9, 2011 Toastmasters International Announces Robin Sharma as its 2011 Golden
Gavel Recipient


October 8, 2010 Robin Sharma Addresses IMD Business School
February 25, 2010 Robin Sharma and The Leader Who Had No Title: A Modern Fable On Real Success in Business and in Life 
February 24, 2010 Robin Sharma Releases A Book About A New Way To Work in Deeply Uncertain Economic Times
January 20, 2010 Robin Sharma Earns Prestigious Top 5 Speaker Designation in Leadership


November 4, 2009 Robin Sharma Tours Cerebral Palsy Center with Jordan's Royal Highness Princess Alia
September 17, 2009 Robin Sharma ranked top 25 of the Most Inspiring Users on Twitter
August 14, 2009 Robin Sharma in worldwide ranking of Leadership Gurus with Rudy Giulliani, Ram Charan and Jim Collins
July 29, 2009 Leadership Expert Robin Sharma teams up with Coaching Interactive to offer the latest in Mobile Content Services
March 30, 2009 Robin Sharma Launches New Social Network: SuccessNation
March 13, 2009 Robin Sharma meets with Israeli President Shimon Peres and Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga to discuss Leadership in Times of Crisis


November 13, 2008 The Robin Sharma Apple iPhone Launches in South Africa: Archbishop Desmond Tutu to Receive the Inaugural Model
September 25, 2008 Robin Sharma's “The Greatness Guide, Book 2” rises to #2 in Hong Kong
September 25, 2008 Sharma Leadership International Inc. announces South African Partnership with Beyond Connection 
September 12, 2008 The Greatness Guide, Book 2 Hits the Top Ten in Singapore
May 29, 2008  The Robin Sharma Foundation for Children Announces Philanthropic Support for Literacy in India
April 7, 2008 Robin invited to speak at The Harvard Business School
February 18, 2008 Robin Sharma named #2 in worldwide ranking of Leadership Gurus with Jim Collins, Tom Peters and Jack Welch
February 18, 2008 Discover Your Destiny Reaches #1 in Sweden


September 6, 2007 HarperCollins Canada publishes The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari - 10th Anniversary Edition
June 6, 2007 Sharma Leadership International partners with Voxant to launch Robin Sharma TV™
April 11, 2007 Robin Sharma speaks at BP's Leadership Summit 
April 10, 2007 Robin Sharma speaks at The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) International Series in Malaysia


August 30, 2006 Robin Sharma invited to tour India with Bono and Bill Clinton
June 14, 2006 Canadian golf pro Craig Matthew Endorses The Greatness Guide 
April 15, 2006 Press release for Robin's new book The Greatness Guide (HarperCollins). Book Publication Date: April 15, 2006
April 03, 2006 Press release for Robin's new book The Greatness Guide (HarperCollins)


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