A New Year’s Gift from Robin Sharma


1. Remember that leadership isn’t about your position. It’s about your influence.

2. Get fit like a pro athlete.

3. Lift people up versus tearing people down.

4. Protect your good name. An impeccable reputation takes a lifetime to build. And 60 seconds to lose.

5. Surround yourself with positive, ethical people who are committed to excellence.

6. Remember that even a 1% daily innovation rate amounts to at least a 100% rate of innovation in 100 days.

7. Believe in your dreams (even when others laugh at them).

8. Measure your success, not by your net worth but by your self worth (and how happy you feel).

9. Take an intelligent risk every 24 hours. No try-No Win.

10. Read “Buffett: The Making of an American Capitalist“.

11. Watch “Man on Wire“.

12. Regardless of your title at work, be a team builder.

13. Remember that business is all about relationships and human connections.

14. Say “please” more.

15. Say “thank you” more.

16. Know your Big 5: the five things that need to happen by the end of this year for you to feel its been your best year yet.

17. Read your Big 5 every morning while the rest of the world is asleep.

18. Read “As You Think“. At least twice this year.

19. Be willing to fail. It’s the price of greatness.

20. Focus less on making money and more on creating value.

21. Spend less, save more.

22. Leave everything you touch better than you found it.

23. Be the most positive person in every room you’re in.

24. Run your own race.

24. Stay true to your deepest values and best ideals.

25. Write a handwritten thank you note to a customer/friend/loved one every day.

26. When you travel, send love letters to your kids on hotel stationery. In time, they’ll have a rich collection to remember your travels by.

27. Read “Atlas Shrugged“.

28. Be a problem solver versus a trouble maker.

29. Rather than doing many things at mediocrity do just a few things-but at mastery.

30. Honor your parents.

31. Commit to doing great work-whether anyone notices it or not. It’s one of life’s best sources of happiness.

32. Give more than you receive (another of the truths of happiness).

33. Have your 1/3/5/10/25 years goals recorded on paper and review them weekly.

34. Be patient. Slow and steady wins the race. The only reason businesses that went from zero to a billion in a year or two get featured in magazines is because 99% of businesses require a lot more time to win.

34. Underpromise and then overdeliver.

35. See part of your job as “a developer of people” (whether you work in the boardroom or the mailroom).

36. Wear your heart on your sleeve. When people see you’re real, they’ll fall in love with you.

37. Be authentic versus plastic.

38. Read “The Alchemist“.

39. Remember that life wants you to win. So get out of your own way.

40. Consider that behind every fear lives your next level of growth (and power).

41. Eat less food.

42. Drink more water.

43. Rest when you need to.

44. Read “SUCCESS” magazine.

45. Write your eulogy and them live your life backwards.

46. Demand the best from yourself.

47. Remember that the more you go to your limits, the more your limits will expand.

48. See everything that happens to you as an opportunity to grow (and therefore, as a precious gift).

49. Be obsessed with learning and self-development.

50. Become comfortable alone (you are the only person you get to be with your whole life).

51. Smile. It’s a stunningly effective way to win in business and life.

52. Reflect on the shortness of life.

53. Be bold when it comes to your dreams but gentle with those you love.

54. Remember that success is dangerous because it can kill drive/innovation/passion and going the extra mile. Be successful yet stay hungry.

55. Read “The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin“.

56. Be of deep value to this world.

57. Own beautiful things but don’t let them own you.

58. Use excellent words.

59. Laugh more.

60. Don’t complain, gossip or be negative.

61. Plan as if you’ll live forever but live as if you’ll die tomorrow.

62. Feel free to pass these lessons on to those you want to help.

Written by Robin Sharma, January 3, 2010. For more information visit robinsharma.com. Robin’s new book “The Leader Who Had No Title: A Modern Fable On Real Success in Business and Life” will be published by Simon and Schuster in March. Many of the ideas above come from it.

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65 Responses to “A New Year’s Gift from Robin Sharma”

  1. Maina says:

    Hi Rabin,

    thanq for taking us into the new year with such excellent guidelines.My resolution is to follow these guidelines thoroughly and share my success with you.

  2. Julie Elliott says:

    Thank you for the great list of things to think of while I am completing my goals for this year. Many of which I have that you taught us many years back. Thank you so much for blessing our lives with your great Wisdom and always continueing to share and help each of us grow and become better leaders within our lives and those around you. May God bless you greatly.

    Love always
    Julie Elliott

  3. Ana says:

    Thank you Robin,that you sharing with your thoughts with everyone.I am looking forward to read new book wrote by you.
    I wish to you and your team very succesful New Year!!! Ana

  4. Hari Menon says:

    Thank you Robin, wish you and your team a great year ahead, Hari

  5. Kenmond Sanders says:

    Thanks Robin for the great information you continue to share! Number 16 was a big eye opener for me. Can’t wait to meet you one day soon!

    Kenmond Sanders

  6. Harshi says:

    Thanks Robin. Loved reading it a few times. Motivating…I can almost hear you say these with so much passion that it is infectious. Am forwarding this to my family.

  7. Tony Diaz says:

    I like your post. I understand most of the suggestions but why did you suggest the different books? Maybe you could add what is great about those books

  8. Gautam jain says:

    thanks a lot,sir.i have really learned a lot from u.u have helped people understand that life is priceless and motivated them to reach great heights.thanks for motivating us.

  9. Rajeev Krishnapillai says:

    Another great one from Robin. Excellent, not sure how many people requested this to be forwarded after I posted on the org: intranet. Thank you .

  10. Julie Greig says:

    Greetings from New Zealand.
    Thanks Robin, you are so generous and inspiring. Your book ‘The Greatness Guide’ became my mantra for 2009 and this year. I’d love to buy a copy of your sequel. Wishing you a fabulous 2010.
    I really enjoy your blog and podcasts too.

  11. Raj Singh says:

    This is superb stuff Robin. God bless you.

  12. Yogessh Varan says:

    Greetings from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
    Dear Robin, thank you so much for taking an effort in making a difference in all our lifes. The world is a better place to live with Life Guru’s like you. Taking this opportunity to thank God for creating great souls like you. Have a skybreaking 2010 Robin.

    Best regards,
    Yogessh Varan

  13. Deepak Goel says:

    Awesome mail .. i am a big fan of you and your writings.. have kept a print out of your 62 WAYS TO MAKE 2010 YOUR BEST YEAR YET in my living room as well as work place and moving inch by inch to improve on self …

  14. Anirudha says:

    Thanks Robin for being you. I listen to your monthly coach few months ago and it inspired me a lot. Then I grabbed most of the stuff written by you and going through it right now. And I must say that reading your books and listening to your audio’s gives new dimension to the life. It brings revolution in you and you start analysing your behaviour and correcting wrong things. And the article you shared now is amazing (simple but motivating). Before I sign off I must mention that your 7 step formula (shared through email) is key for me to make an impact in 2010.

    Again, I must say thanks being you…..

  15. Prahlad says:

    You have been a great influence on my life Robin. Thanks for changing my life and making it more meaningful.
    I really changed direction of my life after having read you.

    Thanks for all your thoughts.

  16. robin Sharma says:

    thanks to each of you for your comments. so pleased the 62 lessons were helpful

  17. mansha says:

    Robin.. wishing you a very very happy new year and all the best for 2010.I have been going through so many problems lately but when i read your blogs or randomly open to any page of The greatness Guide, I smile because i know that everything is going to be ok if i am positive.
    I just want to thank you for everything!I desire is to meet you in Person!
    God bless you always!

  18. Emma says:

    Thank you for an inspiring list.

    I do feel bothered by number 6 though! Percentages are dangerous – if it’s an improvement of 1% of day 1’s achievement, you get to 100% in 100 days, but if each day is 1% better than the previous day, you get to 100% in just 71 days (compound interest!).

    I appreciate that this “is not the point” – but my personal goals and values require complete accuracy in how I use numbers, so it bothers me!

    Otherwise, very inspiring and thank you. I have some difficult challenges ahead at work (everyone expects redundancies to be announced next week and I want to inspire my team to take a risk) so I need this sort of inspiration!

  19. Kristina says:

    Thanks Robin!

    Heard you talk in Gothenburg on September 11th last year. I keep a lot of my notes from that day close to my heart when planning for my up-coming challenges this spring.

    I hope we can arrange for you to pass at my work (Astrid Lindgrens Childrens Hospital) when/if you come to Stockholm this year – as planned. Or maybe a lot of us will come and join your talk anyway.

    Welcome back to Sweden – anytime!


  20. Lance says:

    This was worth it alone, for seeing the preview to “Man on Wire”! Wow!! And the other 61 were so good as well!

  21. Robin,
    Thanks for sharing so many ways of improving our lives.
    A note to your suggestion # 6: With a 1% of daily innovation after 100 days you wil have reached 170% of progress. It behaves like compound interest!

  22. Cdr. KK Varma says:

    Good to read the ‘forward’ from a well wisher. I thought you might appreciate this ‘feed back’ on the 61st ‘way’ on your list. What you have stated there is the ‘bottom line’ philosophy propogated by King Janak, known as the only “Jeevan Mukta” in Vedic scriptures. It is the ‘key’ to achieve ‘Nirvaan’ while living in the physical body. Shair Sahir Ludhianvi has penned it in a beautiful ‘shair’ as well : “Jiyo Toh Aise Jiyo, Jaise Sab Tumhara Hai. Maro Toh Aise Ki Jaise Tumhara Kuchh Bhi Nahin”.
    Well said Robin. Cheers & a Happy New Year to you & your family.

  23. swati goyal says:

    It was agreat experience to read those words of yours.These will surely help me to be and remain what i am actually.Thanks for the golden gift.

  24. Shruti Awasthi says:

    It was quite a pragmatic , prudent and pertinent piece of advice. Thanks for the wishes and wonderful ways to lead a vibrant year in the vast journey of life!

  25. Diane says:

    Inspiring words to live by!

  26. Rohini Dharmadhikari says:

    Ideal. Robin, you are an angel helping people walk better this planet. Tx a ton for being what you are. Stay Blessed.

  27. robin Sharma says:

    thanks to each of you for your comments. i appeciate each one of them!

  28. Hamsaveni says:

    Thank you so much Robin. Your books and thoughts are really helping me a lot and has changed my life.

  29. Anuradha says:

    Your gift is truly inspiring!
    I already have it on my softboard:)
    While formatting it for a print I realized that there is a numbering error. I guess you’d want to correct numbers 24 and 34 which have been repeated. Silly as it may seem, It0‰9¢ã6¾4s just another step towards excellence.

  30. Lins Paul says:

    Is there any reason why there are two #24 and two #34?

  31. Shahzad Tejani says:

    Robin its always a different feeling when reading or listening your material. Everytime the shift comes from within. You are so unique and the most admiring person besides John maxwell,Anthony Robin,Stephen Covey.Your lesson are more principle eccentric. The more turbulent the world gets the more relevant your principles are. Thank you for a wonderful gift you gave on a new year ! you have brought a change in my live in so many ways.

  32. ekta says:

    thank u very much Mr.Robin your guidelines are really inspiring.. thank you so much i ll try to follow all of them.

  33. Chua says:

    Fantastic! Posting this at a vantage point so that I can see them every morning. Going to share by sending your 62 points to all my friends and telling them to buy your new book. May 2010 brings happiness, success and great health to you!

  34. Deepa says:

    Hello Sir…. first, I wish you, your team and your family a very Happy New Year and beyond :) All the 62 points are superb. Point no. 24 (Run your own race) is my favourite, I am definintely going to follow it besides all others.
    Thankyou so much Sir for motivating us.

  35. Sapna says:

    Thankyou for sparing time and wring such valuable words, really Inspiring.
    Around 10 out of 62 were already in me, And i am sure i will adopt the rest soon.

  36. Rohit says:

    Hi sir,its indeed a great honour to read about the ways we can make our lives more meaningful..n wish you n your family a very happy new year…i have read all your books except the new one and i am really thankful to you as i have started to apply all these wonderful ideas you have presented…May god bless u n thanks for blessing my life with d greatest assets you are indeed extraordinary,making this world the best it can be and blessing people par excellence…

  37. Hi Robin, Thanks for your partnership in creating the possibility of a best year yet for so many people around the world. Your list is an inspiration for all of us.

    Congratulations on your new book — I look forward to seeing it!

    Would you like to talk some time about mutual support possibilities? Thanks again!

  38. Jyoti Misra says:

    Excellent !!!
    Excellent !!!
    Excellent !!!

    This is all I have to say.

  39. Vinni says:

    Thanks Robin for your inspiring words. I love to read your writings.Your message is clear, simple and yet so meaningful, practical and powerful. I have learned so much from you. Your books have made me a positive and motivated person. I do look at life differently now. Thanks from the bottom of my heart. Happy New Year!

  40. Beatrice says:

    Tack Robin!
    Jag skall g0‡10…9ra mitt b0‡1¡èsta, v0‡1¡èlja varje morgon att vara positiv och g0‡10…9r det b0‡1¡èsta av den dag jag har framf0‡10…9r mig.
    Din ny0‡10„6rsg0‡10„6va h0‡1¡ènger jag upp p0‡10„6 v0‡1¡èggen s0‡10„6 att jag p0‡10„6minns varje dag.


  41. Ce Rong says:

    Wishing all a happy and prosperous new year 2010!
    Robin Sharma has got to be one of my mentors in life. So much has been said. I need to get started…
    Thanks Robin!

  42. Mohammed Shadab says:

    Wishing everyone a very happy new year… I know its too late.. Better late than never:) Really thankful to Robin for such a inspirational thought which helps me to motivate myself and set my deadline to achieve all my goals which will make me happy.. Thank you so much Robin!

  43. gayathri varma says:

    u r the best.that is all i can say and thank u sooo much for sharing those great ideas..

  44. Saman says:

    Lovely, reading it a year later! Btw these are 63 ways….two have been numbered 24!!
    Got more value than you intended to give.;)

  45. thank u sir, u have been a great influence on my life, u make my life more happy n meaningful . powerful guidance …………its very energize………..thanx once again.

  46. updatezZz says:

    Normally I do not learn post on blogs, however I would like to say that this write-up very forced me to check out and do it! Your writing taste has been surprised me. Thank you, very nice post.

  47. Woah! I’m really digging the template/theme of this website. It’s simple, yet effective. A lot of times it’s hard to get that “perfect balance” between usability and visual appeal. I must say you’ve done a awesome job with this. Additionally, the blog loads extremely quick for me on Opera. Excellent Blog!

  48. I mean I see what you’re saying, but I simply think you’re wrong about some of it.

  49. Indranil Mitra says:

    Thank you Robin for sharing this . This is truely useful and motivating .

  50. Hiromi says:

    I’ve been your avid reader. I’ll keep your “62(63?) WAYS TO MAKE 2010 YOUR BEST YEAR YET” in mind and make 2011 my best year yet!! Thank you very much for inspiring words that transcend time.

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