How to Achieve ALL Your 2015 Goals Beautifully

By Robin Sharma

#1 bestselling author of The Leader Who Had No Title

Achieve your goals in 2015

You and I are newly into 2015. A new chapter for you in the book called your life. A GLORIOUS opportunity to begin thinking+behaving+producing like the person you’ve always wanted to be.

PLEASE don’t allow this New Year to become a repeat of last year.

PLEASE don’t make the same choices and run the same habits of 2014.

PLEASE don’t sit on the fence and coast through these next few weeks when they present the single best chance to make the new choices that will revolutionize your life.

PLEASE don’t make excuses and give your personal power away to them.

I have never been so fiercely passionate and devoted to helping you make these next 12 months epic…

Just so we get your 2015 goals happening in high-gear–I’m sharing 8 of the finest strategies I know of to make your highest ambitions come true…

Start executing around them now (if not now, then when?…)

Tactic #1: Do a Daily Goal Review. We live in a time of intense noise and distraction. It’s just too easy to start off these first few weeks of this New Year being really really busy chasing the wrong things. So, my suggestion: every morning–while the rest of the world is asleep–take just 5 pure minutes to reread and then actually rewrite your top five 2015 goals. This will boost your focus dramatically and imprint them with total clarity on your subconscious mind.

Tactic #2: Go Complaint-Free. You empower everything you complain about. You strengthen the negative things you speak of. And you energize the problems you vocalize. To nail your 2015 goals, go on a 90 Day Complaint-Free Diet. Enough said.

Tactic #3: Clean All Messes. Masters of Goal Achievement are minimalists. They get that messes create distraction. And distraction reduces your power to achieve every goal you set. The messy office+the disorganized home+the dirty financial life+cluttered mind all weaken your ability to bring your natural laser-like focus to bear on your greatest desires.

Tactic #4: Become an Incrementalist. Bottom line: 5 little goals done a day lead to 1850 goals achieved by December 31, 2015. An awesome work and personal life is more about evolution than revolution. Get serious about the small wins.

Tactic #5: Work In 90 Day Themes. I’ve been teaching this to the billionaire clients I coach for years. The best period to set goals within is a 90 day chunk. And set a theme for every quarter. For the first 90 days of 2015, I suggest themes like “Look 10 Years Younger + Feel 20 Years Stronger” or “The Quarter of Financial Transformation” or “My Best 90 Family Days” or “3 Months of Best of Breed Productivity.”

Tactic #6: Imprint Your December 31 Statement. Here’s my coaching question to you: “If every single thing you want to happen over the next 12 months happened, what would it all look like?” Fast tip: Clarity is Power. Write out your answer in a single paragraph (or record it on your iPhone). Review it DAILY in your Holy Hour. You’ll go from distracted to massively concentrated. On the few things that count.

Tactic #7: Join A Mastermind. You can’t do it alone. You need to partner with other people. To get their encouragement. To feed off their energy. To share your hopes and dreams with theirs.

Tactic #8: Outlearn Last Year’s Self. The real key to executing flawlessly on every one of your 2015 goals is to outlearn and outthink who you were last year. As you think better, you’re certain to perform better. And all it takes is one new insight or idea–strongly acted on–to take you to a completely different place mentally+physically+financially+socially and spiritually this New Year. So do what the most successful people on the planet do: invest in your learning and self-education.

Make 2015 YOUR year. Your past isn’t really relevant to what you do today.

Your fan always,


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58 Responses to “How to Achieve ALL Your 2015 Goals Beautifully”

  1. Karan says:

    Hello Robin,

    I really want to thank you for boosting my life with your thoughts. A big fan of your and i want to thank you for what i am today because you are reason for keeping me motivated.

    Your Fan
    Karan Gokani.

  2. Ganesh says:

    Hi Robin Sharma,

    Thanks , I have started reading your quotes Q4 last year. It started triggering me to drive in a correct path.

    Really an eye opener for me, that bring me out of long working hours purely on official life and started moving to social life too.

    This will benefit me for my future life.


  3. Shahzad says:

    Robins your articles are relentlessly followed by me until it becomes my daily routine .. I never leave the sight until i take some immediate action until it becomes my routine ! Thanks you been my viral

  4. Jaiprakash Mishra says:

    Thanks for your coaching.The one on 5 small tasks a day is transformational.Wish you all the best in making 2015 the best ever year for millions all over the planet.

  5. Rayhab Thuita says:

    Hi Mr. Sharma
    Your teachings last year were a driving force to may day to day successful life. Thank you. This year I want to outlearn last year. I want my December 31 2015 financial and investment statements to be what I have always wanted. Thank you for your insight. I want to be the few 5% who drive the 95% of world economy. I believe I will achieve my dream as I follow the eight finest strategies to make my highest ambitions this year. Wishing US A successful 2015.
    Regards Rayhab

  6. Gugulethu Mahlalela says:

    My goodness, I don’t even know where to begin to express my gratitude for the massive contribution that Mr. Robin Sharma has made in my life. I feel like a better woman everyday and I am inspired and motivated to share this knowledge with my friends and family and co-workers. This year I have joined the 5am club and my life is only looking up. Thank you very much Robin

  7. sara rue weight loss says:

    of course like your web-site but you have to test the spelling on several of your posts. A number of them are rife with spelling problems and I find it very troublesome to tell the reality on the other hand I will surely come again again.

  8. Aditi Singh says:

    great article! i love step one! planning is always a first step. according to Moustafa Hamwi – the passion guy, planning efforts must be easiest. start with step 1. if you have conducted a good list, then youll be in step two in no time! :D

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