My Personal 2014 Message to You

By Robin Sharma
Author of the #1 bestseller The Leader Who Had No Title

From my family to yours, Happy 2014!

May this be your healthiest, happiest, bravest, most prosperous and biggest year yet.

I produced a very special new video for you that will completely set the tone for your first 90 days of 2014…

It will fill you with enormous “fire in the belly” as well as share the 3 key habits to lock into so that you begin this new year powerfully…

…and become unstoppable for the rest of the year.

Watch the video now

Please also share the video so you inspire all those you know to make 2014 incredible…

…just imagine the rise within our world if we all started owning our greatness, brilliance and genius?

I’ll be sending you more training videos and other helpful material so, together, we get you flying out of the gates in 2014 so you make this the year that your boldest dreams come true.

With much gratitude and respect,

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7 Responses to “My Personal 2014 Message to You”

  1. Anshuman Tiwari says:

    I have deep respect and gratitude for you for rendering the best service to mankind i.e making them realise their true potential and live the best life the could . Sir your message in this video is like a direction to the ship amidst turbulent winds of confusion and inactivity . I wish for you and your family that this year being the best year of your life yet as you put it .
    With regards
    your fan and follower
    Anshuman Tiwari
    +91 8740886223

  2. Dawn says:

    Wish you could help me to believe myself.. :-(

  3. Maurice says:

    Am so greatiful for all wonderful en inspiring messages you have been post to us. It is through you that i learnt the genius formula; FOCUS+ DAILY IMPROVEMENT+ TIME equals GENIUS, en make a genius of my own. Thanks so much for these great works. I look forward for this new year. I wish u en ur family a happy new year en a prosperous 2014. +254715454368

  4. Hemanth says:

    Greetings Robin

    I have always been a big fan of yours.
    This is a wonderfully inspiring video. I watched it thrice and made my father watch it too.

    Before the New Year began, I was reading through the 60 practices for a stunning life, saw the CNN video of your daily routine and set the stage to rock this year.

    Thank you again for inspiring so greatly.

    I wish you the best for the entire year..


  5. Karina says:

    Thank you for your wonderful message. Interesting how the universe works, I told myself this was the year of changes. And I received a message from a friend with your video. I was always teased for being the positive one in my family who dreamt continuously. I believe that through my dreams and determination, my children and I will be okay despite my separation a few years ago. I am determined to create a healthy and loving life, I hope to be financially stable this year and I want my children to be proud of me. I drew my strength from them and they helped me move forward. Thanks to my children I also discovered a strength I didn’t know I had. They mean the world to me. I want them to learn that despite the many obstacles that come our way, we are strong enough to get through them. I believe we never stop learning. The last few years I learned quite a bit about myself, from my children, about spirituality and so much more. Thank you for your message, it confirms my journey.

    Thank you,

  6. Vincent chogo says:

    Justl ike we eat food everyday,we also need to be motivated daily!

  7. Helga Mudaly says:

    Good day Robin Sharma”I LOVE READING your MOTIVATIONAL,ENCOURAGING advice,wish there were more people in this world with your POSITIVE outlook on life ,this world would be a MUCH better place.Keep it up you inspire us all to inspire our friends,family and whom ever we come into contact with in our daily life CONTINUE what you doing”GOD BLESS”

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