Special Habits to Make 2014 AWESOME

By Robin Sharma
Author of the #1 bestseller The Leader Who Had No Title

Last night I watched a documentary on Steve Jobs called One Last Thing. And I learned something profound…

The key takeaway for me was Steve Jobs explaining in a rare interview that the world teaches us to get a job, live a nice life and coast along quietly, creating no noise and fitting in.

But, he continued, EVERYTHING changes the day you realize that everything in the world was created by “someone no smarter than you”…

…and that YOU can create anything you want, once you understand that–and know what to do.

And so, as a follow up to my recent “New Year’s Day” video (which received 43,000+ Facebook likes and nearly 200,000 views within days of release), I’m sending you this next one to help you create anything you want…

It walks you through the 4 Habits to run to make 2014 the greatest year of your life yet.

Watch the video now

Late next week, I’ll send you a cool new video I shot while I was in Rome for Christmas. It’ll teach you how to delete the energy vampires from your life so you feel more positive and confident throughout 2014.

Look for it in your inbox–I put a lot of effort into making it to serve your goals and highest ambitions this year and it’ll be well worth the investment of your time.

Together, let’s make this year the game-changer for you!

Your success partner,

P.S. Please remember: as you learn more you can achieve more

So watch this free training video I made for you now

All great things to you. I’ll be in touch. Bye.

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One Response to “Special Habits to Make 2014 AWESOME”

  1. Amalia says:

    Amazing video. Unfortunately I only managed to listen to the first 2 habits and then my computer collapsed. I managed to fix it and tried to view all over again this video but when I click on it, unfortunately it opens your last video „The First Day of Your Best Life”, amazing as well.

    Can you please tell me where I can still watch the first video called „Special Habits to make 2014 awesome”? Thanks.

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