15 Ways To Do Your Best Work

Do your best work15 Ways For You To Do Your Best Work

  1. Do your best work by challenging the way you did things yesterday.
  2. Do your best work by allowing your passion to see the light of day.
  3. Do your best work by becoming part of the solution versus growing the problem.
  4. Do your best work by expecting nothing less than you playing at world-class.
  5. Do your best work by giving away the credit (especially when you crave it)
  6. Do your best work by practicing your skills so you become a virtuoso.
  7. Do your best work by releasing excuses and doing important things.
  8. Do your best work by getting up when you’ve been knocked down.
  9. Do your best work by keeping your promises; to others and to yourself.
  10. Do your best work by showing integrity.
  11. Do your best work by delivering more value than anyone could ever expect from you.
  12. Do your best work by making time to refill your well.
  13. Do your best work by having a strong foundation at home.
  14. Do your best work by becoming as fit as a pro athlete.
  15. Do your best work by doing work that makes a difference and inspires others to do the same.

As Chuck Palahniuk once said: “The goal isn’t to live forever. The goal is to create something that will.”

I’d love to read your comments on the lines I’ve shared above.

Keep Leading Without a Title.

Robin Sharma
Please add your comments below so we all can learn from you.

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144 Responses to “15 Ways To Do Your Best Work”

  1. Matjhaya Malie says:

    Thanks for sharing this valuable insight with me, I always find your steps valuable and life changing. They are so powerful that even if I commit to doing just one of them with focus and intent, the results are overwhelming e.g. take the one of being fit like a pro athlete……I feel better, confidence improves, health improves and so forth.

  2. niya says:

    Robin u jst r wonderful!!!! i have become a vry balanced person… Thanks a ton….

  3. Kumar Diwakar says:

    Thanks lot, these rules guided me in right direction for TO DO BEST.

  4. Pallavi says:

    Awesome Tips. These Tips keep reminding to do better than my usual best…

    Thanks for sharing this!…

    Really love all the tips so far specially the 60 tips for a good life!

  5. Eshwar says:

    Robin, these are very good and simple to understand. Thank you very much for sharing these

  6. raghu says:

    excellent words for daily inspiration

  7. excellent selection of words as usual whatever i have read from Robin Sharma.

  8. Sunil Pardeshi says:

    Robin you’re really a wonderful human being….the change within me is due to you thanks a lot…Robin

  9. Payal Shah says:

    excellent … !! actually , v all know these things .,., only thing is that v never thought about it seriously ,,… thank u for making us aware of our known ignorance.

    you are simply great .. i wanna be like you , and at the same time just be “me”..!!
    Thank you for sharing these beautiful ideas and words !!

  10. Girish Hariprasad says:

    Really inspiring. Something that everyone has in them yet not aware of. Thanks for enlightening us on how to excel at work.

  11. nancy says:

    Moving and challenging!
    Thanks so much!

  12. prachi says:

    i love your ideas!!….

  13. Deepak.D says:

    Thank you Robin for sharing your superb insights.

  14. Jitendra says:

    Hi Robin, it’s very thoughtful and practical.Keep inspiring….:)!!

  15. Aarti Dhowtall says:

    Yes, indeed! I am applying it to my life and feeling the change. Though, I am, but a child, yet I know that to succeed and live the life of my dreams, going through what I am is necessary. Yea, and know that your teachings have a great impact in my life, especially your books, free audios and these blog-posts (don’t get wrong your seminars must be great to, just that I can’t attend them). I am really gaga over your book “The Greatness Guide” and my mother is over “Daily Inspiration” Keep writing and we’ll keep reading. One day, when I’ll have elevate myself to that height, I”ll meet to personally, and invite you to give a talk at my company. My regards from Mauritius till then! :)

  16. Nguyen Tung says:

    Thank you, this’s a interested and useful article.

  17. Rigin says:

    Heloo Robin Sharma, I hope you doing Amazing, all your articles are very cool and am slowly slowly implementing in my business and in my life, i am now not serious at my work am sincere.. :), Thank you very much.. God bless you and your Family..

  18. John says:

    Good stuff . This is very encouraging

  19. Azrul (Malaysia) says:


    Your writing from your heart and it’s inspiring our heart. Thank you for your kindness.

  20. Arti says:

    Excellent word! I use them everyday and motivate my staff to do the same! thank u

  21. Mohammad says:

    meaningful lines, full of wisdom.

  22. Isabelle says:

    Dear Robin,

    Thank you so much for your valuable and inspiring advices. They are always welcome – So simple yet so powerful.
    Take care and wish you continued success in life,
    Isabelle from Mauritius

  23. zipporah says:

    Reading every detail you send me has being so encouraging,you have the best food for thought for this our young generation. Thank you.

  24. Benson Kimithi says:

    Robin: Thanks for keeping us motivated.


  25. Raj says:

    The tips come surely from somebody who had seen the bottom of life. Here we have passion coupled with austerity. A good and rare combination.Western in thought and Indian (?) in soul.

  26. Sudhir says:


    You are awesome, I can feel a different type of energy flowing inside me when I read your articles/books…I can feel the vibrations inside.

    I am really thankful that Robin Sharma existed during my life :)


  27. saratha says:

    your thoughts and words are simply superb.you are a great asset to the world

  28. Salmaan says:

    Excellent ! Pure thinking , Pure advice ! Loving the positive energy nuilding inside ! Cheers…

  29. Salmaan says:


  30. Alex M says:

    Thank you very much for all advice and lessons you give me in your books and now by your website

  31. vikas says:

    Again a superb post robin..
    thanks n keep coming more…!

  32. Mickey says:

    My dear dearest friend robin-the great, you the best friend i ever had in my life…..because a best friend always helps his friend to grow bigger,stronger and happier person he always wanted to be.you played a best friend role in my life through your amazing life changing great books and words. You are an angel from god ‘s personal best list who helping zillions of people around the world to live a life of pride,happiness and greatness…. From monk who sold his ferrari to The secret letter,you turned my life and my peoples life to wow wow wow…… I loved every line of your work because either it reminded me of the best i had in me or it made me add lot of good things after i fell in love with your words….
    Im what im only because of your thoughts,books,words…… Thank you thank you thank you to the world greatest leader maker Mr.Robin the great….

    With brotherly hug,

  33. rajni says:

    Thanks Robin,
    Articles as such r life changing if implimented.These words mean million bucks to me.Will always be in debt for bearing the torch.

  34. Sunita Goel says:

    your articles have always inspired me and changed my life. I am a regular reader of your books.

  35. B R Bhatia says:

    You are realy great. Hates off to you………

  36. MANOJKUMAR says:

    Dear sir,

    I am Doing the Work, as your book says….and it is really happening….i feel my life is improving day by day.
    I am really happy now.

    Gods own country

  37. homa says:

    Hi Robbin
    I wish there was more of you in this worldYou are soooooo amazing and so inspirational.Please keep writing and keep informing us about life ….Looooove u and your books and btw thanks a million for emails….it is such a great reminder
    God bless

  38. sudharsan says:

    Hi robin,
    I was in a highly depressed face of my life…but after reading your books like “mega living” i am able to see a change ….thanks a lot robin…thank u so much…

  39. Narendran says:

    It’s such an amazing truth, thanks a lot Sir.

  40. Jatin Sharma says:

    Hi Robin,
    I just finished another of your book “Leadership Wisdom” very impressive. Thanks for inspiring yet again.
    I am implementing a lot of things to motivate & build leaders without titles in my organization. It works wonders…

    Thanks a million, Truly appreciated !!

    Jatin Sharma
    Head – Flight Center (West India)

  41. shyam says:

    life changing…thanx Robin

  42. Girish M Antin says:

    Robin, Robin, Robin you are simply great ! great !! great !!!

  43. Ankit Verma says:

    I read your articles n one liners in fb. In this difficult situation wen everythng is against only your lines n other motivational stuffs are rays of hope. thanx a charging our battery daily

  44. Namita says:

    Thanks a lot Robin…. <3…one thing that i really appreciate is your strong value system and the importance you give to building and maintaining relationships…..you are doin a fabulous work..God bless you….keep climbing….and uplifting others….i passionately want to meet you once in person…
    Lots of love

  45. Riya says:

    Hello Robin,

    You are an angle in disguise…I started reading your books and articles in the time of despair and it works as a bringing back of soul for me…i go to two things in trouble …one is God and next reading your books…I wish you write something on family and relations and emotions management…we face many things in our family life that totally disturbs and derails our professional and overall development and attitude towards life…

  46. deepti says:

    hello sir,
    Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! T he great level of motivation is taken away after reading your books.More clarity about achieveing the goals is one thing that i have learnt.Please tell sth about handling difficult people in life and maintaining EQ.Eagerly waiting

  47. Dr.Madhurima Ganguly says:

    Hi Robin

    Your blogs contain moitvational content blended with austerity. This is what makes them more meaningful and relevant along with it being implementable also. Saying this I must also say that I have a doubt as to how a person can give away the credit for something that has been achieved by him and for which he has craved for long. The credit or recognition will act as a motivating factor for him in these cases. Will like to have your views on this.

  48. Jagdeep says:

    osm as olways…. bt unable to do:(

  49. Jeena says:

    Hi Robin,

    Thoughtful one with indeed actions

  50. Raziq says:

    In the beautiful word of friend Sudhir “I am really thankful that Robin Sharma existed during my life :) “

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