The Beauty of Criticism – Vlog

Robin Sharma discusses the beauty of criticism and how it applies to growing as a leader and taking yourself and your business to the next level. Inspired by a tweet Robin did that was, “Unless people dislike you, you are not doing your best work.”

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30 Responses to “The Beauty of Criticism – Vlog”

  1. ekaterina says:

    Dear Robin!

    Thank you very much for opening the doors to free my creative spirit and enhance my will to act without fear!

  2. Rajdeep Gohil says:

    Hi Robin,

    Thank you so much for the blog. I have one request that is there any possibilities to post own thoughts? if not please make a stage to share visions.


  3. Mahesh Rana says:

    Hi Robin,


    Thanks for your Vlog. It give lot of energy to work enthusiastically and to the peak level.

    Thanks A lot

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  5. Hi Robin,

    Many congrats for the successful tour and the great Soul’s Expansion (I guess) you are having!

    Great VLOG. Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts about playing at Genius level and criticism.
    Like I wrote you recently, on a comment on your Facebook page, criticism is part of “the package” for a LWT!
    The best way to respond to criticism is carrying on in playing at peak level, rising the bar more and more, growing more and more in your Within (to grow in your outside world as well), not feeding who made criticism. Recently, I read about how to handle criticism on Twitter in the book “Unmarketing”,written by Scott Stratten (I think you are friends), and I found it very interesting.

    In Sicily, we have a great way of saying in our dialect: the better word is the unspoken one!

    All the best for Joburg!

    Travel safe!

    Wishing you “to eat a lot of powder”…later! :)

    With great respect,

    Linda Lattuca

  6. Mahendiran says:

    Good & great vlog Robin ! thanks-Mahendiran

  7. Rahul says:

    Hi Robin,
    Your quotes make one to feel that he is alive with all positive energy to make the youngers be in comfort, very rightly said the beauty of criticism ie beauty of positive criticism for the one who had aquired your quote “Unless people dislike you, you are not doing your best work.”
    Hats off to your ever transparent thought of lively life.
    Rahul Bansod

  8. ABC says:

    jay baba Robin ki jay. Like other baba(s), he will give you ONE PUNCHY LINE. You take that and go home and think that you are the lucky one who got “baba ki prasada”. So, sab milke bolo, “jay Robin-baba ki jay”.

  9. Sid says:

    Dear Robin,

    Thanks for visiting Mumbai. We need more valuable human beings like you in this city who have mastered the art of character. “Critics only criticize people who are playing at excellence.” I remember your best examples on the tall poppy syndrome. It’s easy to criticize but at the same time it is extremely difficult to celebrate someone. Critics don’t understand high visionaries and there is always a difference between negative and constructive criticism. Critics are fearful so they use such defense mechanisms to demoralize people who play at their best. Let’s ignore those critics and KMF >>

    Thank you for your Vlog.

    Best wishes

  10. Ghada says:

    A genuine speaker is generous with knowledge sharing not only on stage but mostly off stage. Aftermath Q&A is where the real added value is. It allows both speaker and inquirer to maximize their learnings and discoveries.

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  12. Shekhar Kadm says:

    I loved it! Thank you guru… :-)

  13. Kaleo Farias says:

    Thanks Robin. As Socrates eloquently put it and stated that “Learning is Remembering,” so it is what this Vlog has done for me. To “focus on doing my best work,” and to “keep moving forward.” Keep “LWT” everyone!!!

  14. ABC says:

    “Unless people dislike you, you are not doing your best work.” — Baba Robin

    People dislike Adolf Hitler, and so he has done his best work !!

  15. Revaa Girl says:

    I agree with you Robin that lack of criticism can be a reminder that there’s room for improvement. However on a tangent and perhaps as a progression of your thought, I tweeted something similar yesterday @RevaaGirl “Excellence stems from passion rather than skill, intelligence or ability… follow your passion and you will stumble upon excellence” and its experience that speaks here…I have the most desirable opportunities knocking on my door today..something most people would give much to have…I know I have the ability, the skill, the education, the option yet I consciously choose not to give a 100% of myself to it because a part of me is’s consumed by my passion, that little block that we keep reserved for things that we love to do..that’s the difference between successful and worldclass..that’s the edge that unleashes our full potential … postential that we know and potential that we were unaware of… That’s when we surprise others as much as we surprize ourselves.

  16. Sometimes criticism comes from people who are jealous and because they are too small to be able to produce same results. Also sometimes, the organizational culture is too weak and it does not encourage producing new leaders, who are more capable than existing ones, which will create a challenging situation for current leaders.

  17. Negative X Negative = Postive?


    Everyone talks about positive people, things etc. and I fully agrees that one should have a positive approach in every aspect of life. But I think there also need to think about negatives also. In maths, there is a rule of multiplication (X). If we multiply two negative values than resultant will be a positive value. Does this rule applies to real life too? We need to check it out.

    What will happen when two negative persons comes in contact of each other. If they become friends then math’s addition rule will apply and resultant will be more negative. But if they becomes foes then naturally, both will try to find out negative things of each other and will criticise it. This criticism could lead to improvements also. One must work on criticism and try to overcome the situation. Ultimately both will improve if the criticizing competition have right direction.

    If we have such persons around then we must start analyzing their criticism and try to improve rather than getting annoyed. But if the person trying to spread misleading things then appropriate action is necessary else others will analyse it wrongly way. One good way is not to give any points for criticism and if anyone got points for criticism then I think we can overcome by above solution.

  18. Harshi says:

    Hi Robin,
    Yeah..completely makes sense. I read something today that goes along the same lines. It said how the weak will murmur and try to undermine you (this stayed with me =), and the strong will push you, test you, to see what you are made of. They will encourage us to push the boundaries and reach higher. I am reminded of so much criticism and undermining on certain websites that I see for certain personalities, and it becomes clear that it’s the person’s own insecurities that project that on another’s success. Very well-expressed message Robin, as always. Thank you for continuing to share your message so powerfully. Love your ideas. Take care Robin!

  19. Marilyn Santos says:

    Hi Robin,
    Great Vlog! Thanks

  20. jessica says:

    Hi Robin, Your vlog on beauty of criticism was insightful and inspirational. It has given us a powerfully new perspective to take on our detractors and the world with underred passion, enthusiasm and commitment towards excellence. Btwn, I had attended your LWT workshop at Chennai. My name is Jessica, in fact I had gifted you a book ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’. There was a very special and impt message ripped from my journal enclosed in it…please do read it and respond.

  21. Sadaf says:

    On the way to success you definetly make few enemies..its human nature to dislike people whom they see heading up fast.. But I think the good leader is one who will balance his success and people together. You need to be open to explain your point of view and understand others.

  22. Mike Rao says:


    Thank you for the valuable information you shared on your Vlog. Talk about Jet Lag, wow! Anyway, I agree, if you are doing and saying the right things and you are attracting the attention of others, you are doing something right. Focus on imporving 1% each and every day and accept not everyone will agree with your views. Focus on helping others, deliver value and stay true to your vision.

  23. Stuart says:

    I have just finished reading “The Leader …. No Title” and it was great to have some of my affirmations played out for me!
    Through out the book i was thinking of a good friend who is a world leader and currently facing criticism. I will talk to then about this vlog and the book!
    By the way, “Monk …Ferrari” – read that 6 years ago and continue to thumb through it.

  24. bazafirm says:

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  25. fat neck says:

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  26. Norma Busing says:

    Hi there, i just wanted to drop you a line to say that i thoroughly enjoyed this particular post of yours, I have subscribed to your RSS feeds and have skimmed a few of your posts before but this one really stood out for me. I know that I am just a stranger to you but I figured you might appreciate the admiration Take care and keep blogging.

  27. Pakinaz says:

    You are so right! Hope I can attend one of your seminars here in the middle east soon. Thanks for inspiring all of us. Even my 11 years daughter is reading your book. (-:

  28. Pakinaz says:

    I am actually preparing for an assembly for upper school about you next term. Any suggestions? Age group 11-15.

  29. Ya, like you mentioned it on other post.

  30. Rudra Sethiya says:

    It was one of the hurdles. I am happy that it is one of the milestones that I crossed. Thank you Mr. Robin Sharma :) !

    Also, got solution to deal with my friends. Thank you once again!

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