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About two weeks ago, an idea hit me so hard my thinking might never be the same. I was flying home from Miami. At 40,000 feet. Settled into my seat with a stack of magazines to “rip+read” (a practice I’ll explain sometime-maybe ask me on Twitter). I was going through OUTSIDE magazine and came across a fascinating new exercise trend called Paleo-Fitness. The leader’s name is Erwan Le Corre and basically he takes his clients outdoors, returns them to the land and gets them doing moves that cavemen did oh so many years ago (i.e., climbing trees, swimming underwater, stalking prey and cutting wood). The whole program is designed to get people to peak fitness. And into the mindset of a champion.

Le Corre’s back story is cool. He did triathlons, made soap as a job, and hunted for innovative ways to play at his physical (and mental) best. In 2004, he heard about a little known training manual written in 1912 by a French naval officer named Georges Hebert.

It seems that Hebert had a brush with death a number of years earlier. He’d been working on a naval ship located off the shores of Martinique when a volcano erupted, killing most of the area’s 30,000 inhabitants. Hebert and his colleagues saved over 700 lives-primarily due to the incredible condition they were in. This experience led him to coin his mantra: “Be Strong to Be Useful”. The idea being by getting to world-class fitness, we prepare ourselves to make a world-class difference.

“Be Strong to Be Useful.” I put down OUTSIDE magazine and sat silently for an hour. Maybe more. Hebert was right. How could I make the impact I’m devoted to making unless I have the stamina+physical strength+energy to do my mission? And what would business – and the world at large – look like if each one of us got so strong – and uberConditioned – that we became simply unstoppable in hot pursuit of what matters most.

I’ve done a few YouTube videos on unleashing your highest energy reserves and getting superfit. They are yours to watch, to help to amp up your conditioning. For now, I invite you to wrap your brain cells around the “Be Strong to Be Useful” motto that I’ve learned. And then, take the passionate action required to breathe that vision into reality. You, those around you and this big world of ours will be better for it.

Keep Leading Without a Title,

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Yes, indeed, most of us dread conflict as much as a dental visit or a speech in front of a room full of hecklers. And yet, conflict brings advantages – especially to businesses that really want to out – innovate their peers.

I recall a dinner on The Bosphorus in Istanbul where I chatted with an uberSuccessful entrepreneur. He enthusiastically shared his ideas on business-building, picking A Players (the bigger the dream, the more key the team) and delivering value to customers. And then he said something unforgettable: he revealed that his company hired a young man fresh out of business school with the sole job to passionately challenge every one of the great ideas the executive team came up with.

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