The 44 Master Moves of Remarkable Entrepreneurs

44 Master Moves of Remarkable Entrepreneurs

I’m completely amped to help you shatter any limits that are holding you back from becoming a Remarkable Entrepreneur – and building a fantastic company so you get to live the life of your dreams.

So…I’ve written down 44 of my BEST ideas and insights learned from over 15 years with many of the SMARTEST entrepreneurs in the world and as founder of The Remarkable Entrepreneur SuperConference.

Read them + SHARE them with your team and then live them. Hope they really help you win:


By Robin Sharma

1. They get that the #1 way to build a global brand is one customer at a time.

2. They obsess around having an impact vs. growing their income (and so their income soars).

3. They listen more than they speak. And they deliver more than they promise.

4. They use their most valuable hours to do their most valuable work (don’t check email first thing in the morning).

5. They get that you can’t have an A-level company if you hire B-level people.

6. They are deeply aware that jealousy is the tribute mediocrity pays to Mastery. And so they fearlessly pour their Genius into the world.

7. They understand that what the amateur calls genius, the professional calls practice.

8. They are fanatics around building a systems-driven company. Everything has a system built around it. This ensures consistently fantastic results. And allows the entrepreneur to take extraordinary amounts of time off. [I’ve recorded a powerful training video that will show you how to really grow an ultra-successful company while you live a much better life. It’s called “The Napa Valley Adventure”. Watch it now:]

9. They trust their vision when everyone else is doubting their vision.

10. They provoke their teammates to do work they never imagined they could do.

11. They know that good enough just isn’t good enough. Outright perfection is their ideal.

12. They have discovered that extra hard work is Success’ true best friend.

13. They use flight time to get ahead and review their plans vs. playing Angry Birds and watching bad movies.

14. They get that progress often shows up in failure’s clothing.

15. They invest deeply in their education and development knowing that the fastest way to double your net worth is to triple your rate of learning.

16. They focus on value versus cost.

17. They hold themselves to performance + ethical standards higher than anyone could ever expect of them.

18. They make the time to think, plan and prepare – understanding that clarity breeds mastery. And there’s no point in brilliantly executing the wrong things.

19. They get that their 3 most valuable assets are their mental focus, physical energy and internal creativity. And so they protect them ferociously.

20. They are “Apple-like” in their willingness to think differently and ensure their products leave customers breathless.

21. They stick to their convictions – especially in the face of criticism.

22. They relentlessly stay true to their clearly articulated vision – even when confronted with the most heartbreaking of obstruction.

23. They adore the mantra: “How may I best serve the most people?”

24. They challenge the way they worked yesterday for the sake of even bigger work tomorrow.

25. They get that either you disrupt the status quo in your industry (and within your life), or you will be disrupted. And it will hurt.

26. They spend their days doing real work versus fake work. And getting important things done versus being really busy being busy.

27. They know that if they’re not frightened a lot they’re not achieving a lot.

28. They appreciate that Leadership’s no longer about ensuring compliance but inspiring connections, being of service and getting great things done.

29. They work hard to craft a high-performance culture, understanding that the culture of the organization stages the performance of its people.

30. They are more fascinated in building a company that will endure the generations than an enterprise that is hot for a few quarters. Iconic is their obsession.

31. They get that failure is the foundation of innovation.

32. They are acutely aware that the winning formula that made their company successful just might be the one that makes their company obsolete. And so they break what works. And stay foolish and hungry.

33. They deliver results versus voice rationalizations.

34. They view angry customers as breathtakingly great opportunities to create fanatical fans.

35. They know that if people are not laughing at your 24 Month Magnificent Obsession (More on that and all these ideas at The Remarkable Entrepreneur SuperConference 2012 in Toronto, Canada June 2+3 – see below for details to grab a seat while you can – I really want to help you win this year!), you have the wrong vision.

36. They perceive connections with their community as the main aim of commerce.

37. They are devoted to getting into their absolute best physical condition. They have zero desire to be the richest people in the graveyard.

38. They understand that the greatest gift you can give a teammate (or a customer or your child) is the gift of your undivided attention.

39. They know that logic is the dream killer. Instead, they trust instinct, creativity and passion to lead them to where they need to go.

40. They have learned that few things feel better than the pride you’ll feel on a job beautifully done.

41. They are good at starting things. And even better at finishing them.

42. They get that confidence grows via the doing of difficult things. And so they pursue discomfort.

43. They identify themselves as virtuosos. Best in World is the only place they play.

44. They bravely donate their lives to a cause larger than themselves. And – in this way – transform the world through their presence.

If you’re ready to make these master moves a part of the way you work and are set to unleash the potential of your business, you definitely want to attend The Remarkable Entrepreneur SuperConference 2012, widely considered one of the most valuable and game-changing training events for business builders in the world. I’ll teach you everything I know about growing your business in these volatile times and my method to double your sales in 24 months or less – while taking a lot more time off.

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I’ll see you at the SuperConference.

Robin Sharma

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23 Responses to “The 44 Master Moves of Remarkable Entrepreneurs”

  1. Truly interesting reading!

    A LOT of well thought through, and clearly expressed, leadership/human wisdom.

    Manuel Swärd
    Export Director

  2. I don’t think I ever wanted to print a blog post of anyone before to hang in my office as a reminder, and I have read many. I read this holding my breath, as it is SHOCKINGLY accurate.

    This is the first time I ever commented on a blog. First time I ever wanted to print a blog post to hang in my office, and I read many.

    For so many years my students asked why I was able to build an extremely successful business in a poor economy. It is shocking to see something that I unconsciously did, just listed in black and white on paper. I can tick the boxes line by line where I made mistakes that provided practice, learning and feedback. And where I was successful.

    I am pushing it out as a must read to 8000 people via our social media, newsletter and iphone app.

    I can’t thank you enough.

    Nicole Schneider
    International Business Owner Empowerment Related Training

  3. densi says:

    …this morning, in my inbox they’re smiling at me – the completely amped Robin Sharma’s 44 moves… along with:
    If you glance down and find yourself wearing a pair of ruby slippers (figuratively speaking, at least) don’t be disturbed. Only by clicking your heels together three times can your dreams come true. …Start clicking. /astro advice/
    Beauty exists only in struggle. /F.T.Marinetti, The Futurist Manifesto/

  4. Tamara says:

    Thanks a lot, Robin! I’ve printed them out and pinned up on a wall next to my desk. The first thing I’m going to do tomorrow in the morning – stop checking my emails first:)

  5. Alex says:

    Hi Robin,

    Was suffering a bit of a slump but after reading this i feel so motivated again.



  6. Vuyani says:

    Simply AWESOMENESS and a good calalyst for me where I am right now to keep going…I chose to ‘BRAVELY DONATE MY LIFE TO A CAUSE LARGER THAN MYSELF…’

  7. David Brown says:

    Great insights Robin. I found this topic very interesting and inspiring, however I would use caution with your 11th statement – “They know that good enough just isn’t good enough. Outright perfection is their ideal.”

    In my experience great leaders seek “excellence” in the continues pursuit of “perfection”, being fully aware that perfection implies the completed state or conclusion. In business, as in life, I don’t believe we are ever completely finished or “perfect” yet we can achieve excellence.

    David Brown
    Mindshape Brand Marketing

  8. Praveen says:

    awesome!…great message and motivational catalyst for entrepreneurs!!

  9. Powerful information that really speaks to what we have lived in building our organization. So well articulated, thanks for this!

    Cam Macmillan, President
    The Headhunters Recruitment Inc
    Africa Untamed

  10. Greetings dear Robin
    Every time you give something different that made us more courageous to be one among few who make a beautiful environment within and surrounded to him/her.
    Thanks with warm regards
    Madhukar Parikh

  11. vineeta singhania says:

    Hi Robin,
    Your teachings and thoughts have changed not only my business but also my life. I can’t thank you enough.




  13. sethu Madhavan. says:

    Dear Robin,

    Its really inspiring, and challenges one’s own convtion and prompt to explore the unexplored paths.



  14. salim says:

    Dear Robin,
    Thank you for the most provoking thougts and ideas and surely its inspiring to understand that there is abundance in life opportunities all around.
    Rehab Access Options

  15. Yes, it is indeed a wonderful and life changing pointers for leading a better and more successful life. I have started implementing some of the ideas, a long way to go.

  16. Exceptional article Robin. I admire you and your work! Thank you, from one entrepreneur to another.

  17. Natarajan says:

    Dear Mr. Robin Sharma,
    Thanks a lot for such inspiring words. They are a sure cure for the minds which feel low at times.

    Warm Regards,

  18. Vivekananda says:

    The 44 master moves has given a real impetus to me as well as my Company. The recipe is full of invigorating thoughts and ideas, and if applied in its true spirit, will take us to a different level of success. Thanks Robin.

  19. YS says:

    Every time I check your blog I am so inspired to kick my own but to dream bigger and execute bigger! Thank you so much for everything, Robin.

  20. Avik Das says:

    A complete set of steps leading to success & makes one stand out as winner. I agree to this as it is so very true

  21. Pavan Mulpur says:

    Awesome 44 tips Robin. They are absolutely true in every manner. When are you coming to Bangalore. Will attend your event for sure.

  22. Pradeeeep says:

    Hi Robin,
    People like you are Catalysts for Growth. Reading your words has made my thoughts more clear and convictions more stronger. I keep reading them…

    (keep going, keep growing…)

  23. catherine karagiozi says:

    Χαίρομαι που μου δόθηκε η ευκαιρία να διαβάσω αρκετά βιβλία του Robin είναι ακριβώς ότι ζητούσα για τη ζωή μου κυρίως για την μικρή μου επιχείρηση που την δημιούργησα με πολύ αγωνία κόπο και δουλειά. θα μ’ενδιέφεραν c.d. στην ελληνική διάλεκτο πάνω στην προσωπική ανάπτυξη και την επιχειρηματικότητα. ευχαριστώ.

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