Robin’s Message of Hope for Japan

“To my readers in Japan, so very sorry to hear the news about the earthquake. My prayers are with you.” ~ Robin

Here’s a special audio message from Robin (Click Play Below)

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30 Responses to “Robin’s Message of Hope for Japan”

  1. Hearty respected sir,
    I’m a very big fan of ur’s,love ur philosophies and books, I admire u a loooooot sir…
    the audio is very excellent I liked each n every thing u said.
    In fact m smaller than u a, 11th class student, not worth enough to comment negatively on ur thoughts, but sir in this audio, except 1 thing I appreciate everything.
    I didn’t liked these words in 1st sentence “to MY READERS in japan”, it had been better if u say “to all the sufferers” (I mean it should refer to everyone not to ur readers only).
    Hearing the heart bleeding news, I’ve a deep hearted request to all my dear friends to pray for the well-healness of the sufferers of tsunami in Japan; also pray almighty that it doesn’t happen at the places that are warned for the same.
    Please forward it by clicking on ‘like’ as much as possible, lets have an attempt to make it reach all 500 million people at fb…
    Remember: please just don’t be contented by forwarding for a mere formality, each one of us should ‘pray with full brimming heart and soul and a serious silence within for a while’, that, no doubt will be proved a good aid which each one of us can serve for the humanity.
    Do it, you will feel good and, god will help u some other way.

  2. Prem sharma says:

    me and my all friend are praying for the well healness of the sufferer of tsunami in japan our all best wishes with them.

  3. Parin says:

    Great message Robin!

    “This to shall pass.” Always keep a positive outlook. Stay strong and positive everyone.

    Thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by the earthquake in Japan.

  4. robin says:

    hi Tarun. i was very careful to include everyone in my podcast. i say “To all my readers in Japan and all those affected by the earthquake…”. I didn’t only speak to my readers, as you write. anyway, the main thing is we send our prayers to all in need. best regards, Robin

  5. Indra says:

    “We were promised sufferings. They were part of the program. We were even told, ”Blessed are they that mourn.””

  6. Mahesh Rana says:

    “This Too Shall Pass”

    Praying to god, and all will be well, everyone is praying and hoping for the Good.

    True Robin our main thing is to pray and that is the need.

  7. suganthy says:

    as many of us are being mere ‘spectators’, you have done something different…as always.
    let us pray for the people of Japan….may they have the strength to bounce back…

  8. Shoko says:

    To Robin

    Thank you for your praying for us in Japan!!!

    We got interruption of power supply for several hours after the first big earthquake in Yokohama.

    We still have small frequent earthquakes…

    This historical one made me think what the most important thigns for me, so this would be a good opportunity to improve my life.

    I’ll support my family and others as much as I can for them to go for it.

  9. pooja lakhanpal says:

    Thank you Robin for these good words.. and the prayers and wishes of the entire world is with them.. God let Japan come out strongly and bravely from this moment of tragedy Om Shivaya

  10. Dhananjayan says:

    A real leadership comes out in times of disaster. Hope our friends in Japan will show their skill in managing this calamity. Your words will come as great help to them. Our prayers are with them.

  11. Yashwant says:

    my sincere prayers from bottom most corner of the heart to everyone in Japan who are struggling from this devastating earthquake & tsunami

    this quick podcast from Robin sir should be a great inspiration to look towards what needs to be done in such turbulent time, we at the LWT community are all with you & should we be of any help, please let us know. i am sure not everyone over there would be hearing this podcast, but as sir says, would be nice if you can share with others whomever you get in touch out there.

    @ shoko – liked the attitude, keep going!!

    regards & best wishes to tackle the nature’s fury


  12. SMHK says:

    Any message from you fro the MENA People

  13. Ravish Jhala says:

    We were deeply saddened to hear of the tragic loss of life caused by the earthquake which struck Japan yesterday. The entire family & collesgues from Mumbai joins me in extending our heartfelt sympathy to the people of Japan.

    Our prayers and thoughts are with everyone who has been affected by this disaster.

    Start new day with new time as opportunity came to change which was awaited from long. Smile and Keep walking.

    Ravish Jhala.

  14. kamal aziz says:

    we pray and hope that all our friends be strong and circumstances reveal us.May our friends withstand with help from God.
    we pray together here from the bottom of our heart to the people in Japan.

  15. Chhavi says:

    This disaster news really vibrating the whole world in every aspect, whether its economical, environmental or concerned to human race. Everyone should make his/her contribution the way they can,,,,lets pray to for the people how are suffering from this natural calamity. Hope,..that all will be well soon.

  16. KKKK says:

    May be it wont be possible for all of us to make are presence and help Japan Friends but definately we can pray for them.,request you all….please….

  17. andis says:

    Dear Friends in Japan! We are sending our prayers from Latvia. It is not so easy for us to understand all disaster what earthquake brings to the world since it is not so typical for our region, but we do understand your feelings about loosing family members, friends and other great people….God Bless Them!

  18. Monika sharma says:

    Great message,highly motivating .God bless you.

  19. Dr.parveen says:

    My thoughts are with the people of Japan.
    Hoping for the best as they recover from this tragic event.

  20. Maki says:

    Thank you so much for your prayers Robin and friends.

    I live in Shizuoka, Japan and tt was just like a little seasickness. But it was very slow and continued so long that I felt it is serious.
    Although my family and friends are safe, too, Tohoku area is literally destruction. It is heart breaking to hear growing number of victims and nuclear plant blast (not reactor container and no large radioactive contamination 21:20 JST 12th Mar 2011)

    Prayers, helps and supports from all over the world encourage Japanese very much.
    I appreciate from the bottom of my heart and hope no more harmful damage on earth.

    There are no ways we can fall.

  21. S-land says:

    Merci pour ce beau message de soutien qui nous invite à offrir le meilleur de nous dans ce moment difficile. Comme le souligne d’autres commentaires, ton podcast est une action pour améliorer les choses. Tu es passé du simple spectateur à un acteur qui agit pour changer positivement les évènements. Pour moi, c’est un exemple à suivre.

    Même si je n’ai pas été touché par ce terrible évènement, il m’a profondément bouleversé. Prendre conscience que l’homme ne peut pas toujours maîtriser son environnement. Prendre conscience qu’aujourd’hui plus que jamais, l’humanité doit s’ouvrir et aller à la rencontre de l’autre, dans le respect et avec la volonté de partager, aider, enrichir et construire ensemble.

    Merci pour tous ces articles, ces podcasts et ces vlogs qui nous aident à grandir. Merci de parcourir le monde et de partager des principes simples qui permettent aux gens de se développer sur le plan personnel dans le cadre de tes séminaires.

  22. Rita says:

    Sir your magical words are wonderful ,healing,soothing and guiding people at the right moment by your words you embark on a beautiful journey to serve the mankind great to have you in this world

  23. Harshi says:

    Dear Tarun,
    You may have missed… Robin’s message included everyone affected by the earthquake.
    Take care, and we are all hoping the situation is improving there for everyone..

  24. Bharatesh Suvarna says:

    Dear Robin,

    Indeed a beautiful message – Our thoughts and prayers are with Japan and with all those who have lost their loved ones in this dreadful earthquake and Tsunami.


    As rightly said by you, This too will pass.

    Knowing the Japanese, unlike a lot of others, they possess strong will power and have believed that nothing can keep them down……. Absolutely Nothing. When the rest of the world believes in TALKING, they believe in action.
    Whether it was the Hiroshima Nagasaki Disaster or the multiple Earth Quake that they live with, or the Volcanic Eruption, they just know how to come out of everything – They don’t believe in sympathizing with them-self but have learnt from everything that has happened in their lives.

    For me, Japan is an inspiration. Have learnt a lot in my management style through them.

    I am sure, This too will pass

    God bless them and all of us.

    PS: By the way, you were in Dubai and I missed out your event as I was out of town. Do let me know about your next visit.

  25. rehan mumbai says:

    Great words by legend…This Too Shall Pass” ….Will improve life…take care of yourself then only u can tk cr of others..Salute to you Robin Sir

  26. aruna madiraju says:

    kind words keep us warm for three winter months. Kindred by concern and love your words echo our sentiments for the tsunami stricken Japan. I have no doubt that Japanese given their steely timbre and iron resolve will tide over predicaments like this in no time. Hiroshima and Nagasaki was worse than this. But Japan like sphinx always rises from its ashes stronger, firmer and finer. My sincere prayers to see a better Japan sooner .

  27. Arun Mukhopadhyay says:

    I have liked the message of Robin Sharma–whose book I like very much & get inspiration from. I have written a poetry–“Me at suffering Japan”–which I like to share;-

    Me at Suffering Japan
    Will it not be like Nero if I now go to thee,
    When scores are dying in Nature’s fury?

    No, it will not be;–
    When you say, you cannot reach & work there,
    Do not have coins adequate enough to spare,
    Its time I come and soothe those blank stare.
    Two black August days of nineteen forty five,
    You were at glee, your plane unsheathed nuclear knife,
    On the same place, destroying many more human life.

    No, not your plane carrying Little Boy this time,
    Its Nature’s fury, tectonic plates collide &scream.
    Imagine the fury—
    Sixteen thousand N-Bomb exploding beneath the sea,
    The violence of shake & surge of waves that could be!

    The wall of foaming water gathering momentum
    Hitting the shore with lightning speed
    Burst radiating out from undersea in all directions.
    Violent tremors shaking land, felling all that swings;
    Clamor of men women and children, hapless helpless.

    But what tale shall we tell?
    Is it of a world
    Locked in its trance
    Of studied indifference?

    Is it the thinly disguised hate
    Of a random taxi driver
    Rationalizing a cull of humanity
    As long as it isn’t our
    Very parochial own?

    Or is it of one world, at last
    That can reach out with open arms
    Like another wave, rising and spreading
    From all of our hearts?

    Can a killer wave show us the way,
    The only way?
    Arun Kumar Mukhopadhyay, Uttarpara, 13.03.2011
    (It is a poetry that I penned today (13.03.2011), but I must acknowledge some shadow of ‘Jay Ramsay’ in it)

  28. spyphone says:

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  29. Sawsan says:

    I’m just thinking why people always trying to find any mistake to blame other instead focusing on positive side. We are a human and we usually do mistakes.

  30. sexy says:

    WOW just what I was searching for. Came here by searching for reflection

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