Fast Lessons for Smart Entrepreneurs

Fast Lessons For Smart Entrepreneurs

Hope you’re fantastic – and jumping all over the opportunities that this time of volatility and uncertainty has given to Remarkable Entrepreneurs.

I recorded a 3 minute training video for you from Moscow that not only will re-inspire you and give you some valuable insights to grow a great company – it’ll also show you how stunningly beautiful the city is:


Watch the “Fast Lessons for Smart Entrepreneurs” video right now:

I also wanted to remind you that the special early bird rate for The Remarkable Entrepreneur SuperConference 2012 is still available for a LIMITED period of time. This 2 day summit with me is widely considered one of the world’s best training programs for entrepreneurs who want to build fast growth companies in turbulent times. It’ll also transform your mindset and personal life. You definitely want to join me and the other entrepreneurs coming from over 50 countries.

We’re headed for a completely sold-out event so go ahead and click here to register at the special early bird price before it’s too late:

Stay great and speak soon,

Robin Sharma

P.S. Remember, ordinary entrepreneurs love leisure. Remarkable Entrepreneurs love leading. If you want to double your profits, triple your rate of learning – so you know more and do more. Grab a seat for The Remarkable Entrepreneur SuperConference while you still can:

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15 Responses to “Fast Lessons for Smart Entrepreneurs”

  1. Pushpendra says:

    Where was no. 3 in your video? From no. 2, you jumped to no. 4 !!!!!

  2. Kriti says:

    Pushpendra : See again.. 3rd is : Remember the Power of Ideas

  3. Dr jay says:

    Excellent job
    Very impressed and
    Must follow rules for life

  4. Brescia says:

    You are always so motivating. I look up to you. You are an inspiration in tough and turbulent times. When are you coming to South Africa????

  5. Felix says:

    Cool, Robin.

    Today, I have completely gathered the concept behind remarkable entrepreneurship. I want to put 24-month-by-month planning to practice.


  6. Milton says:

    Great insights, Robin. Thanks a lot..

  7. João Pedro says:

    Hello Robin, i’m brazillian… I’m sorry about my english, it isn’t good. But i’d like to say… Your book change my life, my form of living.
    Your book, here in Brazil it’s call The Leader without status. It’s wonderful!!! I’ll lead forever!

  8. shilpa says:

    fantastic,super fantastic video robin.keep sharing more vedios.hope to see in india soon.

  9. Pauline says:

    I love love the words you use and the way you describe things! Absolutely inspiring and instructing! I cant make it to your event but if I could I would sit front row :)

  10. Karl-Johan says:

    Thank you for your inspiration, i can’t get enough of your knowledge.

  11. Niranjan says:

    Hi Robin Sir, I am experincing great change in my life after learning LWT philosophy.My holy hour is making me ready for the day very posively.I am geting more soaked in to LWT philosophy i will be achiving more goals in my aspect of lige… Thank you for all this….
    My daughter is 3 year old i want her to learn this philosphy so she will be very good in this from chidhood.One way of teaching her is , she will watch me living my life on LWT philosophy, so she will learn by observing me..and any other methods are you sugesting for children to teach…Thank you, keep inspring us..

  12. Amit Gupta says:

    Hi! Robin I am just very excited after watching your video. It was just wonderful. I am living in India. I wanted to attend one of your event so, please come to India. Plz inform when are u coming?

  13. robin u r great!!!!!!!

  14. subhashini.k says:

    Hello, Mr.Robin Sharma Sir…. Thank you very much for your great inspiration videos and Books i read you few book .. would like to continue with same inspiration and energy. I am living in INDIA i wanted to attend one of your event, Please sir come to INDIA . I hope i gonna atten your event soon.. with hope and Regards Sir… You are really great .. wanna meet you soon… Take Care…

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