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  1. vivek lavhat says:

    thanks 4 ur valuable tips. i read some of ur books. to b like dat in some manner wil b d most convenient way to show thank and respect about u.

  2. Pawan Kumar says:

    I always love to have your memory. It is always very inspiring and beneficial on going through through your books and tips. Really a very positive thinking stimulator.- Pawan Kumar, New Delhi

  3. Pawan Kumar says:

    I always love to have your memory. It is always very inspiring and beneficial on going through through your books/tips. Really a very positive thinking stimulator.

  4. reader says:

    I loved it. I can use lots of the tips mentioned.

  5. mark raman says:

    Excellent , I love every bit of it. CHEERS!


    Thks for being in Trinidad. I took the opportunity to introuce my son 2 u. He was thrilled.
    I also find the matter of choosing between important and urgent things to be really helpful.
    A distraction, for example is usually noisy to our thinking, and is generally totally not important -but its urgent.


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  8. Mayurdhwajsinh Dodiya says:

    Dear Robin Sir,

    Sir, you are a Pillar of my carrier. through reading your books and articles, there is great improvement in my thoughts and life. i always shared these knowledge and comments derived by you to my friends. its create a visionary thinking in me. always be with me as my “Guruji”.

  9. alok kumar says:


  10. s p verma says:

    sir..thanks a lot for the inspiring work,,,regards
    s p verma

  11. shel says:

    Hi sir….as is many ppl here in this blog, have written so much abt u and ur books…and its so perfect! I hardly read books…but i got this oppurtunity of reading ur books when a frnd of mine suggested to read it….and i m so thankful for the same…
    I started wid “Monk who sold his ferrari’..and reading greatness guide…and i m sure i m not gonna stop now….
    Your books simply rocks…..i m short of words after reading through

  12. alex says:

    Sharma! you are such a blessing to the world. keep up the good work. I have three of your books and listened to three tapes and Itell you that you are awesome.

  13. Naved says:

    One word-awesome

  14. devendranath says:

    Just superb. You doing a fantastic job Robin. Its great to teach us all so many common logics and common sense that these make things around us more livable.Thanks. Dev.

  15. G Angela says:

    Truly inspiring and motivating, appreciate you for sharing your insights !

    Thanks, enjoyed reading your post ..

  16. M Haroon says:

    sir great tips for great life to enjoy with joy.sometimes we are angry from our that time we need some one who guide us.and you are the man who guide.

  17. tewodros mengistu says:

    I learned many thing from this thank you!!!

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