The 7 Beautiful Things Excellent Leaders Do

By Robin Sharma
#1 bestselling author of The Leader Who Had No Title

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I’m up here in the mountains with my loved ones post-tour. Refueling. Reviewing 2014 year-to-date results. And doing some early Spring skiing.

Been thinking so much about what my team and I need to take the Lead Without a Title movement that’s exploding around the world to the next level of virality.

So more people show leadership. So many more unleash their brilliance on an unsuspecting marketplace. And so the world has more Picassos walking within it.

Which also got me thinking about the 7 things excellent leaders do.

Let’s run through them together…

#1. Excellent Leaders Focus on The Vital Few

Too many amongst us fill our lives with more complexity–missing out on the key fact that genius resides in the realm of simplicity.

Pick that one thing you can be BIW (Best in World) at and then have the discipline to say no to everything else. Picasso didn’t practice the piano. And Beckham didn’t study bookkeeping.

Seriously–for the next 90 days, clear the decks and focus on that one project or opportunity that will be the game changer.

And do the same for your personal life. Simplify. Become pristinely focused on just the few, most important, things.

#2. Excellent Leaders are Masters of Their Crafts

Oh–what an awesome opportunity. Most businesses and most business people operate at average.

Walk into their restaurant and no one smiles, the room’s a mess, the food is mediocre, the details are undone and there’s zero element of utter surprise.

Hop onto most airplanes. Or observe most retailers. All average. No wow. Underwhelming passion. Bankrupt innovation. Just a bunch of companies copying everyone else and playing not to lose versus aiming to win.

This leaves a gorgeous chance for you and your business to stand for Mastery. To know more about what you do than anyone who has ever done what you do. To dazzle by acumen and skill. To leave us–as your customers–with tears in our eyes by the exceptionalism that you model.

Please remember: a job’s only a job when seen as a job. See your job as your craft. And your chance to leave your mark on the world.

#3. Excellent Leaders Cherish Time

Ordinary people watch time. Exceptional people leverage time…to create epic results, financial fortunes and global impact.

When I think of the celebrity CEOS, famed billionaires and superstar entrepreneurs I’ve served as the private advisor to, I think of people who don’t waste time gossiping about people, who would never think of waiting in line for an hour to get into a restaurant and who have a ferocious respect for the value of every passing moment.

These excellent leaders decide with speed, delegate everything but what they do best and have gigantic execution intelligence.

Please remember…time is such a special asset. Use it to fuel your dreams, realize your ideals and elevate society for the generations who follow.

#4. Excellent Leaders Forge Human Connections

The bigger the dream, the more key the team.

Swift and superb companies understand that a brilliant vision without an effective team is a delusion.

Make the time to develop your teammates. Invest in growing a high-performance team. And dedicate yourself to building a culture within your organization where people can bring their best selves into the office every morning.

#5. Excellent Leaders Have Optimization Mindsets

When Microsoft released their first version of MS-DOS, it was filled with over 300 bugs. But they just kept iterating it until the product got better and better.

When Cirque du Soleil first launched, the big tent collapsed at a press conference. But they just kept making things better. Consistently. Daily.

Here’s my point: what makes a great company, career or personal life isn’t some great win. Nope. What makes outright greatness are those small steady supertiny wins when done each day with focus and resolve lead to world-class over time.

So make innovation, iteration and optimization your obsession. Over the long run, you’ll arrive at a place where your firm is the dominant player in your industry. And where your peers revere you as a legend.

#6. Excellent Leaders Don’t Surrender

The #1 factor that determines success isn’t intelligence or creativity. It’s “grit”–that ability to stay with your goal longer than the world thinks is reasonable to stay with your goal.

It’s stunning–and sad–how quickly ordinary performers give up on an objective on the first sign of failure.

Excellent leaders are different. They get knocked down or laughed at or disappointed. And they stay in the game. They persist. They keep the faith. They rise even higher.

And so, in the end, they win.

#7. Excellent Leaders Have Impressive Habits

Study anyone who is at the top of her game. And guess what you’ll see? An individual who has installed strikingly strong habits of success.

These often include:

–an early morning workout

–a meticulous daily plan

–an hour a day for learning

–attending a conference every 90 days

–consume smaller amounts of food

–a weekly period of renewal and reflection

–scheduled family dates and dinners

–nature walks

–associating with positive, A-performers

–little or no TV

So make Leadership your way of being. You know leadership has less to do with a title and more to do with your mindset, performance and dedication to making a difference.

If you’d like to turn your teammates into Leaders Without Titles who create world-class results, checkout the details of my new train the trainer program right here

My team and I will help your company become a “victim-free company” where everyone shows leadership and excellence in all they do.

All green lights. Bye.

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40 Responses to “The 7 Beautiful Things Excellent Leaders Do”

  1. Karthik says:

    Good Night Robin

  2. Brin says:

    Dear Robin,
    been working through the weekend and I see the number of “habits” i missed. Straddling two careers is no joke, but no excuse is valid. Thank you for the reminder. I am going back to two kids that I have neglected shamefully. Thank you for bringing me back on track.

  3. HELENA says:


  4. Rob says:

    Wise words as ever, Robin.

    So important to keep focused in challenging times such as these but also “schedule” quality time for loved ones – great mantra, please keep up the great work !

  5. Anu says:

    Thank you Robin !

  6. Janice says:

    Lovely post..a wonderful reminder..thank you so much,robin.

  7. Nikhil says:

    Ur each and every line motivates me a lot and each day i learn new lessons from u. thanks a lot.

  8. robin says:

    Most welcome and thanks for the comments everyone. Be great. Robin

  9. Mary says:

    I look forward to your messages Robin. They bring my motivation back on track and reinforce positive aspects particularly when things seem to go pear shaped. You are on my daily ‘gratitude’ list!…Many thanks…Mary

  10. Aspari says:

    Great suggestions. One could become so good you could scare yourself.

  11. Kirti says:

    Brilliant stuff Robin. I planning on buying all your books. Someday I will give them to my children.

  12. Ashwathi says:

    Thank you for the reminder robin. Stay happy everyone.

  13. Ravichandran says:

    Very inspiring and good stuff. Thank you Robin

  14. Prashant Tripathi says:

    Sir you’r as fuel in my life.Thank you.

  15. suresh says:

    Hi Robin,

    Real inspirations ! your messages recharge my day, keep up the great effort ! Thank You.

  16. Rupesh says:

    Very Inspirational and Priceless. Thank you Robin

  17. Brijveer singh says:

    Dear Robin,

    I have been reading your mails, watching your videos and you have always concentrated on focusing the energy to do the things in the most simple way with passion. You never miss to say spend good time with family, this is the most vital part which many of us miss and regret later. Thanks for your always encouraging mails. With lots of best wishes and thank.

  18. Manjula Marimuthu says:

    I just quit my well paying comfortable job for a world of possibilities ….I so believe in myself :) !!! the best decision yet …. I have already started practicing all seven beautiful things and am on my path of success …. and feel absolutely proud of myself and my decision :)

  19. Joan Manuel says:

    Robin, you are great. Really inspiring person. Hope I will master my life some time soon :)

  20. Thomas says:

    Hi Robin,
    many thanks for your iterate experience of enlightenment. I really appreciate your words. As I had read the comment of Brin 5 minutes ago I was deeply touched, because my whole weekend was even the same… It is not so easy to do the right thing and establish better habits… Don’t stop shaking up the people… It is worth it… the real success belongs to the people who accept the existence of innermost power

  21. Tikila Munashimwe says:

    Thanks Robin…

  22. Noreen Aldridge says:

    Thanks so much Robin! Your inspirational words have given my day the kick start that has been lacking in my life lately!

  23. ola says:

    Peace on you,my teacher robin
    Thank you so much for these great values i will work on it ( insha’ Allah), you use a difficult words but that is so good because we learned it and that what i’am looking forward to beside learning these great values,i’am really grateful and i do not know what to do versus that .

  24. Manabendra says:

    It was really an amazing piece of leadership tricks. Thank you.

  25. Dhara says:

    Well said robin sharma!! Forever ur fan…keep spreadin the wisdom! Thanks:-)

  26. Shankar says:

    I liked tip #1 – “….for 90 days, clear the deck…”.
    thanks Robin. I have started doing it.

  27. Niraj Karelia says:

    Thank you very much Robinsir.

    These thoughts have made my day. I am fully charged up by reading these in the early morning. I will share the same with team today itself.

    Thank you once again.

  28. Lakshmi says:

    Hi Robin,

    You have inspired me to take the biggest and most difficult decision of my life. To believe in myself. I have resigned a high paying Banking job to give more time to my 6yr old daughter. Without guilt I feel it is more satisfying to observe my little angel grow up to be an independent, strong, compassionate and Best In the World. Thanks to you for all the help you have provided throught your writings Robin:)

  29. ravinder says:

    Hi Robin,

    now I feel more positive with all day to day things. feeling great.
    keep going & daily try to improve myself.

  30. Aman says:

    Why should I become a legend. What is the use and focus of it ? Do a person becomes legend just to be better than others?

  31. Neetu says:

    Thanks Robin for the wonderful post!!
    You’ve always been an inspiration to me & I look forward for the amazing posts soon..

    God bless you :-)

  32. Akash Wankar says:

    Greate leader has greate mind set

  33. mmakwe cyril says:

    Thanks for being a blessing to this generation. You will always be remenbered

  34. Damodaran.b says:

    Hi Inspiration(Robin),

    I Madlly Belive In Your Words, ur words Made Me To Wakeup from My Problem.. Recently , Just i Stuck Ur Quotes in my Desk. One Of Our Company director Noticed And Gave Appreciation mail. Stating That He Will Start Follow ur Quotes Here After….


  35. buddy says:

    How to focus on my gate preparation…means how to get self motivation daily

  36. Annabelle Calvert says:

    I am so motivated to practice everyday, read everyday no matter what time of day, to re arrange my day to spend time in solitude, and silence, to exercise, to read, to not check my emails first thing, today I decided not to read an email that I knew I had from a very pessimistic, negative person in my team as I chose not to start my day that way, instead left it to the last thing of my working day and the words just flowed with my answer, I may have answered quite differently if I had done it in the the morning, it did not effect my day and I achieved a lot because I didn’t allow this person to interfere with my being world class at the things I needed to achieve, everyday I learn more from you Robin and this journey with you as my guide and coach is changing my life, so much more to do but feeling the changes is such a good feeling, making a difference to a lot of people’s lives in the work that Ido is amazingly rewarding but keeping things and time in perspective to allow time for all of the eight areas of wealth is so good, thankyou my friend, Annabelle

  37. Preeti says:

    Thank you so much for the Amazing article…
    I Am Back On The Track!

  38. Devang says:

    Thanks Robin!!

    Your news letters always inspire and keep me on the track..I have started following your advises from November,2013 and since than life is like a whole new episode..Thanks again keep it up…

  39. Anurag says:

    Robin u r great. U have helped me soo muchin every sphere of my life . Thank u soo much.. I really love & respect u sir..

  40. Tushar says:

    Thanks this busy schedules, your message reminds of the key tasks which we miss in our daily life. Thanks k u very much.

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