Why Not You?

By Robin Sharma
#1 bestselling author of The Leader Who Had No Title

The question is not can you. It's will you?

Someone will do something fresh, new and brave today…why not you?

Someone will befriend a stranger, deliver hope to the hopeless and model decency…why not you?

Someone will turn pain into power, fear into fortune and confusion into clarity…why not you?

Someone will be recognized for their mastery, celebrated for their acumen and praised for their excellence…why not you?

Someone will forge a new start, install a new habit and build a better routine…why not you?

Someone will let go of their past, rewire their present and rewrite their future…why not you?

Someone will get the sale, finish the book or close the deal…why not you?

Someone will set larger goals, take bigger risks and go to their limits…why not you?

Someone will show uncommon kindness, be a giver not a taker and leave people better than they found them…why not you?

Someone will discover their “Mighty Why”, reconnect with their purpose and so radiate their passion…why not you?

Someone will release their excuses, shatter their doubts and break free of their chains…why not you?

Someone will experience true gratitude, speak real appreciation and feel sincere happiness… why not you?

Yes—why not you?

Let’s be honest…you were born into genius. You’ve been built to amaze. And you’re designed to make history.

The question’s not can you. Nope. It’s will you?

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35 Responses to “Why Not You?”

  1. Brin says:

    Dear Robin, hi, tears in my eyes as I reread the blog, beautiful, awesomely beautiful. and I m glad today I did show up and following ” be kind” path. And yes why not me? Stay awesome, not enough superlatives. Brin

  2. Preeti says:

    Hii sir, as the first 90 days come to an end I have cleared my first goal of the life I always wanted to live. I know still there are mainy constraints but I ‘ll get them right too. I’ll turn my fear into failure and I’ll write my future
    Thankyou so much for your wonderful support.

  3. Gil says:

    I so glad when I see in my mail your
    Letters man,you inspire me,so good that you have
    Someone that send a encouragement sentence.thanks

  4. abdul says:

    Robin, you are really great and the words are really influencing and has the ability to make people chenge themselves. Thanks, Abdul.

  5. gouraja says:

    Thanks robin sir. I am truly grateful to you.

  6. Joan Manuel says:

    Magic words that bring inspiring messages to live life full.
    Thank you Robin for your daily remainder.

  7. Ivo says:

    Dear Robin,
    thank you for the inspiration and enlighten the life of so many people around the Globe.

  8. parwez khan says:

    You are really Rocking Sharma (Robin) thanks bro it helps alot I never miss chance to share your words with kith and kins.

  9. Jayrani Dorsamy says:

    Dear Robin
    You are the Most Amazing…Awesome Person i ve come across in my whole life..and i would like
    To thank for having drastically changed my life…i.e 5years back when u made me discover n unleash these hidden potentials…secrets within my soul..u inspired me..motivated ..instilled in me the drive to value myself.!!i was lost n u showed me the way..i was broken and u guided me to rebuild the pieces.words not enough to describe my feelings…but thn the simple qestion pop in! Why not Me!!? N today i made it all by myself with gods help n in his fath.im here..settling down slowly with my 2daughters..words not enough to.Thank u!iwill not miss that opportunity for sure!THANKS FOR BEING HERE AT The right time!

  10. Anand says:

    Hi Robin, I got introduces to you blog through a colleague few years back. I have followed you on and off. Your messages are simple and effective. They push a person. To think and act. Congratulations on all the good work and ma y thanks for your sustained help to so many people like me.

  11. Rohit Pandey says:

    Hats off to Mr. Robin Sharma.

  12. Asha says:

    Thank you for such meaningful questions.
    Amazing. Triggered to think in broad spectrum.

    Your BIG Fan,

  13. akshay says:

    beautiful post.
    brings tears in my eyes as i reread this.
    simply thanks…..

  14. Moin Sattar says:

    Robin.. you are so up to the mark!!!
    Thanks for revitalizng my energy and spirits.
    May God bless you.

  15. Tikila says:

    Why not me? So damn true! Procrastination is the biggest problem I’m dealing with. It’s hard work and perseverance from here on.

  16. Sudipta Narayan Roy says:

    Hi Robin,
    It was really inspiring, I have forwarded this mail to my friends! Keep inspiring us like this. Thank you Robin, you are amazing.

  17. Tsholofelo Maureen Pule says:

    Wow! thank you Robin..Such great inspiration is motivation enough to get us going and do something.

  18. Mourine says:

    Very great, very inspiring

  19. Harish Sharma says:

    Robin u r really a great blessing to human being… my first book in life which i have read is ” who will Cry when u die” after that i have read all ur books and still reading again and again. My life have so much change. My God bless u for your efforts. We proud u as an Indian.. thank u Robin.

  20. Gangotri says:

    Really nice one sir… Since last two weeks I was planning to take a step for community work and was asking myself why not I.. Your “why not you” provided fule to my “why not I”.. Thank you.

  21. Shweta says:

    Hi Robin

    Thanks a lot. These makes me to move toward my dreams.
    They give me a spark that why don’t you think about yourself in that way…?
    These competitive Statements make me challenger.
    Thanks. Thank you.

    Your Fan


  22. Geetha says:

    Thank you Robin , it is really inspiring & motivating. For the past 20 days I have been very much disturbed by the missing flight MH370.My country is going through a toughest time ever.It’s heart breaking looking at the passengers family going trough. I’m very much greatful to you sir for keeping me motivated in this very difficult moment. Thank you.

  23. Cornelius says:

    Words of ignition!…
    they have ignited my potential….Thanks Robin.

  24. pradhnya says:

    Yes.Why not ME

  25. Nokuthula says:

    Inspiring as always..Thank you Sir,I really appreciate your efforts and love for human beings.

  26. robin says:

    Thanks everyone. I am humbled and honored by your words. I live to serve. I love to inspire. I want you to be great. And then go make a difference. Thanks for your guts, bravery and talent. Your fan always, Robin

  27. rajeshwari says:

    really its awesome.. ur books made to change myself a lot. but still after some days again my mind is going to its previous track.. am blessed by each and everything and I want to enjoy each and every moment of my life.. but am not doing that… your little help may change my whole life… I want to share my personal weaknesses and want to get relief from your words how do I connect to you… please reply me robin sir…

  28. Nishtha Gehija says:

    Thanks a ton Robin…your words walk with me day in and day out to enable me live the moment and also make the best of myself. You have changed my life and also the life of my family members in unimaginable ways.

  29. John Nhlanhla says:

    Thank you Mr Sharma for making time to post everything that will awake my inner leader to be a LWT,real why not me.I hope one day I will make enough money to attend your seminars.Thanx a million for your time to empower us.

  30. Ndaba says:

    Sir Robin Sharma,u remain the best,u transform lives.

  31. Siphamandla says:

    Wow Robin, what ant inspiring question “WHY NOT YOU “

  32. Siphamandla says:

    Wow now i’m feeling free,

  33. Tuan says:

    Dear Robin,

    Your post is so simple, but it’s so true & really powerful. Bottom-line, it will take people to the higher level of performing in our day to day life.


  34. shanky says:

    sir, You are awesome. I have read so many books but your book have a flow; flow of interest and flow of change. I m seeing the changes in me.

  35. Sambasiva Rao says:

    Hi Robin,

    I am a 51 Year Old Trainer from Hyderabd (India) working in an Automobile Dealership. Am an ardent follower of you. I got a taste of Robin Sharma when I read your TMHSHF just a month ago….What an amazing Book? It is a treatise on personal mastery and no less than the Bhagavad Gita. Thanks a lot for the motivation…….

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