11 Obsessions of Remarkable Entrepreneurs

11 Obsessions of Remarkable EntrepreneursRecently I delivered a three-hour presentation for the Entrepreneurs’ Organization in Vancouver. I was really delighted to share my ideas on what it takes to be a world-class entrepreneur. The productivity habits of best entrepreneurs, and ultimately how you build a fast growth company while actually cultivating a better lifestyle. A lifestyle where you have more fun and more balance.

And I wanted to share the 11 Obsessions of Remarkable Entrepreneurs with you. Because I shared a lot of the ideas with them and I wanted to offer them to you so you can multiply your profits, build a truly great small company while creating a truly exceptional lifestyle.

The 11 Obsessions of Remarkable Entrepreneurs

1. Remarkable Entrepreneurs understand the quality of the practice determines the caliber of the performance

The Pro Athlete Protocol: Prepare Yourself Mentally, Physically + Emotionally

2. Bureaucrats talk about people and problems, Remarkable Entrepreneurs talk about possibilities and solutions

Focus on results and get things done. Continually ask yourself, “What’s the opportunity here? How can we leverage this situation.” Focus on possibilities. Results. Results. Results.

3. Remarkable Entrepreneurs understand they are paid not just to work, but they are paid to be scared

The best entrepreneurs play out on the edges and take calculated risks. Challenge the way you performed yesterday. Take calculated risks.

4. To have what only 1% of the entrepreneurial population have, you must be willing to do what only 1% of the entrepreneurial population are willing to do

The best entrepreneurs do what’s difficult, what causes them to stretch and what requires commitment. Be committed. Be willing to do what the few do. Develop the leaders around you. Go into silence. Work on your customer experience. Have acute clarity on your 90 day goals. Work on your goals. Build relationships and trust. Persist.

5. Bureaucrats are threatened by change, Remarkable Entrepreneurs are inspired by change

The best entrepreneurs understand that a change is required to get to the next level of profits, success and fulfillment. Go through the confusion to get to the clarity.

6. Bureaucrats have jobs, Remarkable Entrepreneurs have crafts

Develop your talents and make a dent in the universe. Do something you are proud of. Elicit the best within you. The best entrepreneurs aren’t in it for the money, they’re in it for the pride they feel on creating world-class products and doing genius-level work.

7. Remarkable Entrepreneurs understand that an addiction to distraction is the death of creative production

The best entrepreneurs understand the key in business is to shift out of complexity + busy-ness to simplicity + focus. Focus on the few high leverage activities that will get you to where you want to be.

8. Bureaucrats wait until they get the energy, Remarkable Entrepreneurs understand that to get the energy you must first do the work

When you do the Work You Will Receive The 3 Entrepreneurial Gifts:
1. Release of more motivation 2. Release of confidence 3. Release of energy

9. Remarkable Entrepreneurs understand the bigger the dream the more important the team

Leadership is about influence – moving people to action by your example. Leadership is about impact – less talk more results. Leadership is about inspiration – grow other leaders

10. Remarkable Entrepreneurs populate their lives with people whose lives they want to be living

Surround yourself with people and environments that inspire you. Have an obsessive attention to excellence. Create worlds that inspire you.

11. Remarkable Entrepreneurs are obsessed fundamentally with giving

Ask yourself not what can I get, ask yourself who may I help. Business is about producing unusual value for as many people as possible.

Make Your Business Awesome.

Robin Sharma

P.S. Watch the video for The 11 Obsessions of Remarkable Entrepreneurs.

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32 Responses to “11 Obsessions of Remarkable Entrepreneurs”

  1. Olga says:

    Thank you Robbin!

  2. Rohit Singhal says:

    Hi Robin- this was very inspiring ok let me try this out…11OORE was simply awesome :-) saw your video also on this. Have also recently completed my indulgence with your LWT philosophy and I want to confess that both have provided me what i needed the most at this point in time- a great intellectual stimulation and an urgent bout of interospection actually seeing the light of the day. If success is a systematic series of behaviour then this code is definitely decoded. Particularly the aspects of ’embracing change’, ‘getting scared’, ‘Giving’ & ‘becoming a good person’. Not that I ain’t one…but focussing on these thinking patterns and imbibing them into day to day life will surely give me a reason to celebrate LIFE and achieve success – i believe. Have been looking for a mentor for a while and will be obliged to become your mentee. Wishing you very all the best in your endeavour to make a dent in the Universe !
    Warm Regards :: Rohit.

  3. Mallee says:

    Do the work to get the energy is a striking philosophy. ACTION is the key! Thanks for such a brilliant post, Robin!

  4. Girish says:

    Awesome post as usual. It’s really inspiring to read this in the morning as I am travelling to office.
    Point no 8 really hit me hard. Thnx for this.

  5. Christian says:

    Great inspiration about being a remarkable entrepreneur…Thanks Robin!
    I believe this is what we need to embodied as entrepreneurs to become unstoppable and leave a legacy.

  6. Zorinda Ali-Baksh says:

    I’m a big big fan of Robin Sharma. Just learnt he is coming to my country, Trinidad and Tobago for a seminar, won”t miss it for sure!

  7. Hans says:

    Robin, this is very inspiring. I need to start thinking about business in these ways. I can’t say much more until I Do The Work! I’m putting your blog into my Google Reader.

  8. Ilka Flood says:

    Hi Robin,

    This is my first time here and what an absolute inspiring post to greet me. Very cool! I especially like #4. So very true, but I think that’s exactly what makes a remarkable entrepreneur.

    To you massive success!


  9. Eric Wong says:

    Simply brilliant, Robin! Thank you so much for sharing. God Bless.

  10. manoj says:

    Dear Robin,

    every time i read your blog and maxims , i m extremely impressed with your wisdom. thank you so much for sharing with us. GOd bless you, your family and friends.


  11. Tim Butt says:

    Can only committed and successful entrepreneurs relate to these 11 truths? Not embracing these is why 95+% of new businesses fail in their first year. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Roopa says:

    Hi Robin,

    I am Doctor and very big fan of your blogs. I am going to apply all the above 11Obsessions, soon I am going to appear for Royal College fellowship exams and was not having motivation to study while I am practicing at the same time.
    By reading your Blog, it has totally changed my perception. Thanks for influencing me and others with your noble thoughts and wisdom, will take print out of your above 11 points and stick it in front of my study table.
    Praying god to give you good health, happiness to you and your family.

  13. Thanks Robin. We enjoyed meeting you a couple years ago in Reno, and have been loyal readers of yours since. Love your philosophies !! This outstanding list is so very true , and we thank you for your incredible influence in our lives.

  14. Akshay says:

    Thank You Robin!!Such helpful insights!!

  15. Shaji says:

    thank you for sharing this great obsessions of entrepreneurs. As an entrepreneur it its Very useful and informative to me. It is very essential in order to become successful.

  16. mamta says:

    Bureaucrats have jobs, Remarkable Entrepreneurs have crafts

    Develop your talents and make a dent in the universe. Do something you are proud of. Elicit the best within you. The best entrepreneurs aren’t in it for the money, they’re in it for the pride they feel on creating world-class products and doing genius-level work.

    totally in love with this point….always complain noone appreciates me …now i know you appreciate yourself…. ur craft is not dependable on others appreciation but is dependant on your confidence and courage of tryin!!! hopefully this will bring the smile back!!!

  17. Fazl says:

    Wonderful thoughts. Wish you could talk more on people who are ‘stuck in the middle’, people who are caught in a trance where the environment is too over-whelming than the being and struggle to make a difference in the materialistic world of people who value materialism more than the value of life.

  18. Malay Bajaj says:

    simply superb…. LOVED IT..!!!

  19. prime style says:

    hey you can find reviews and feedbacks about primestyle…

  20. Samkih Nestor says:

    “Create worlds that inspire you”, this has been the most inspiring phrase for me in the article but I’ll also like to say that the whole article touched and inspired me deeply. Thanks for putting together and sharing this philosophies.

  21. densi says:

    …the boy who flies
    will sleep better once
    he leaves the earth.
    /Ray Gonzalez/

  22. Sanjoy K Sau says:

    Wonderful Ronin.

  23. Thank you!
    To be an entrepreneur one should live his dreams and projects!!! And your 11 obsessions just showed me how…

  24. fahret arnaut-faks says:

    dobar dan ili dobro veče g-dine sharma.pročitao sam puno vaših knjiga i moram priznati da su mi puno pomogle u životu.dosta ste popularan i dosta čitan pisac kod nas u bosni i hercegovini i u širem regionu jugoistočne evrope.nadam se skorom susretu na vašim seminarima i predavanjima.svako dobro i puno uspjeha u daljem radu.lijep pozdrav.

  25. Tapety na Androida Heya nice website, I was wondering what anti-spam program you use for feedback since i recieve a ton of spam on my web-site….

    Heya nice website, I was wondering what anti-spam program you use for feedback since i recieve a ton of spam on my web-site….

  26. anindita says:

    dear robin, excellent collection, each one is unique and will brew a seeking mind to its ultimate strenght.

  27. Amit Jhalani says:

    whenever I found any problem or get confused, I read you.
    solution is there, always.

  28. Shawn says:

    Hello there! Would you mind if I share your blog with my twitter group?
    There’s a lot of people that I think would really appreciate your content. Please let me know. Thanks

  29. likhitha ponnam says:

    hi i will definitely hire u for my company its my word. bye

  30. biplab says:

    Recenty I have started enrepreneural advance. Looking out some kind of guide and inspiration from various sources. This kind of blogs are of great help for me, specially summarize what to be focused on. Thank you.

  31. Ladawn Amsley says:

    I extremely love the information you include on your web site it really has helped me out a great deal thanks

  32. Sridhar Melarkode says:

    Thanks Robin. Your words keep me inspired everyday.

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