How Remarkable Entrepreneurs Build Winning Teams

Build Winning Teams – 5 Best Practices

Make Your Business Awesome.
Robin Sharma

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20 Responses to “How Remarkable Entrepreneurs Build Winning Teams”

  1. Shyam says:

    Hi Robin,
    Awesome stuff. I love your messages and it is surely inspiring. Continue to rock and change the world. Lead without a title is the most revolutionary thought and something i truly beleive in.

  2. SARANG KOLI says:

    Hello sir,

    I have read your book DISCOVER YOUR DESTINY, it was awesome and now I have saw your video of “lead without title” it was tremendous inspirational message, which i got in such a critical situation. I am persuing MBA in INDIA and Its my dream to meet you once in my life, and i will get my dream i m sure.

    Love form Sarang.

  3. Sanjib Kumar Deo says:

    Dear sir,
    I have read MEGA LIVING, WHO WILL CRY WHEN YOU DIE, which not only brings motivation but also recognises the true potentioality to identify the inner world to perform better and bigger. i am pursuing ACCA in nepal and i wants to meet you once in my life time, and i am sure that our thoughts shape our destinity.

  4. Mona Ramesar says:

    You are truly remarkable.I just love the way you think and I can see that you teach with a passion.Your knowledge on leadership, building business and teams is profound.Your knowledge of the human mind is superb….wow!I have read some of your books and found them to be simple yet enlightening and in par with the way I feel.You are a genius at what you do and a blessing to whoever you cross paths with.

  5. Lekha Ajith says:

    Hi Robin.

    Your words are so inspiring and motivating that I make it a point to start my day either seeing some of your videos or reading some of your books. I have found that, it makes me feel so confident that I feel I can do many things which at some point in my life I thought would never do or reach. You are doing a wonderful and I truely feel that you are an inspiration to the new generations. Keep writing. God Bless


    Hi mr.Robin.i am a regular reader of yr books.realy these books are very motivating and fool of knowledge.great going.GOD bless “u”.

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  8. Urmimala Datta says:


    I am a regular reader of your articles to an extent that I start my day with reading your articles. I must say- IT HELPS!. Thanks for the motivation and inspiration

  9. Ravichandran says:

    Dear Robin,

    Excellent stuff you are delivering. Keep delivering more articles. Every time when I listen your speeches, I get charged. Thank you very much Robin.

    Love to meet you once in person, when you are in India.

  10. Nyakiti says:

    This is an excellent presentation Robin. Learnt a great deal from this and it would help improve on my skills to grow my team.

  11. Umair Rajput says:

    Dear Mr. Sharma,
    I have read your book Greatness Guide. It is just a great book itself.. I think only a GREAT book can teach you GREAT things.. the best thing about your teachings is that it ENCOURAGES people to dare to THINK, BEHAVE and ACT differently… Your doing a noble job man… as in your own words please K.M.F (Keep Moving Forward)
    !!! Wish you best of luck !!!

  12. Suman says:

    Dear Robin

    Amazaing! that’s how I describe your videos, your posts and blog. Your inspirational words and tips have really made a big difference in my life. My team is doing well, my organisation is doing well, and we are lookig forward to do even better going forward.
    Thanks again!

  13. Rakesh Poddar says:

    How do you recoup from the emotional betrayal after following and succeding from the above ideas and go to next level called life i.e work.

  14. Martin says:

    Despite, all the great stuff that you post. I have a bit of criticism to add to this positive replies. I have read a good few of your books, and saw and read a lot of your posts. I understand that on one hand repeating the same thing on and on helps to engrave it into the brain, and that that it is all that is to that. On the other hand, that leads you no where, since you stop challenging your self, just repeating same thing on and on. Anyway, i am doing business in Russian market and the culture is very different from the rest of western world. And unfortunately, many of those techniques do not work. Of course you might say that human nature is universal and so on, but reality this, the more you are polite,generous, friendly, appreciative, encouraging and supportive leader, the more are the chances that the whole team or people fro the team will try to kick you off and take over the business or try damaging your business. They start to think that everything is allowed and that they can do anything they are willing. Usually it end’s like a disaster. The mentality here is 180 degrees opposite to common sense. The stricter you are, the more pushy,the badder, that makes them (for some strange reason)to respect you more, to work better, to think more.What would be your advice for that kind of scenario?

  15. Rebecca Hill says:

    When will Robin be conducting events in Florida?

  16. Umair Rajput says:

    TO: Mr. Martin,

    Your thought: “The more you are polite,generous, friendly, appreciative, encouraging and supportive leader, the more are the chances that the whole team or people fro the team will try to kick you off…”

    In my opinion you should be polite and friendly besides being COURAGEOUS. Of course every time you may not use the friendly policy .. u should be friendly to those who r self-motivated and honest .. and you should be a tough person for those who are negative people and are not putting their best into the work… The IDEA here is that you neither compromise PRINCIPLES yourself nor allow anyone (specially your subordinates) to violate the principles..
    Still when you are showing your toughness to such FEW people who are negative people, still as a leader without title you should (in your mind and heart) keep finding the good things in these people and appreciate them whenever appropriate… Give them the message that “YOU APPRECIATE GOOD STUFF AND DISCOURAGE THE BAD ONE”

    Your thought: The stricter you are, the more pushy,the badder, that makes them (for some strange reason) to respect you more, to work better, to think more…

    You are right that if you are stricter and pushy then people will be doing work… but my dear how can you build leaders without title in that way.. if you bound people alot they will do the work (no doubt) but with very little self motivation and will hardly add value to things.. i.e. you will win their HANDS but will loose their HEARTS… Try to build leaders not followers..

    Always remember only a great leader will have courage enough to build more leaders…

    Last thing, an advise to you, plz review / revise your thoughts when you are alone… See inside you that what things cause you to REACT . Write those things / people / situations that make you angry.. then write down how you react to them … next, write other possible responses that you can CHOOSE in these TURBULENT times… try one or two of them in your organization (plz ensure that the CHOICE that you opt must be the MOST positive ones). With the time you would see you can get how much productivity from your people by using the POSITIVE alternatives v/s the strict, pushy approach….

    If strict approach give you 30% performance then the positive one will give you THRICE of that..

    Plz read my words as a HELPER not as a CRITIC.. God bless you

  17. zipporah says:

    You are a very valuable vessel,God bless you

  18. Mazhar Khan says:

    I completely agree with Mr Rajput Great Understanding about the new Culture Sir, and for you Robin you are the best I am in Plans of calling you to India for a workshop or a Seminar

  19. Jatinder Singh says:

    Dear Robin,

    I am regular reader of your books, articles. you have changed by life with your inspiring books. I am really thankfull to you for making my life so meaningful.

    thanks a lot


    Jatinder Singh

  20. papaz büyüsü says:

    Spot on with this write-up, I truly think this website needs much more consideration. I’ll probably be again to read much more, thanks for that info.

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