Do What’s Most Difficult

Do what's most difficultSam Keen had a great line, “You are caught by what you are running from.” Genius.

We attempt to structure our lives to avoid our fears but that’s about as intelligent as straightening the deck chairs on the Titanic. The best way to overcome a fear is to face your fear. As a matter of fact, every time we do something we’ve been avoiding, we take back the power that seemingly scary or difficult thing had over us.

Every Leader Without a Title and world-class Productive runs toward what they are most resisting versus toward the exit door. They feel the fear of tackling a game changing project and do the project anyway. They acknowledge the sweaty palms before the high-stakes presentation, and give the presentation anyway. They experience the runaway heartbeats accompanying asking for the biggest order in the history of their company, and they ask anyway. And that’s what makes them great.

Keep Leading Without A Title.

Robin Sharma

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33 Responses to “Do What’s Most Difficult”

  1. Ashima Basak says:

    Thank you sir for this motivating tonic… We should challange our weaknesses.. Fear is the cloak of this devil.. As Swami Vivekananda said, “THE EARTH IS ENJOYED BY HEROES- this is the unfailing truth.. Be a hero. Always say, ‘I HAVE NO FEAR’ .”.. Really we are the heroes.. We should not be afraid of anything.. All power is within us.. We can do anything.. Fear is our weakness.. Weakness indeed a sign of death.. Its true ,by improving our manner step by step – by challanging the obstacles, we will reach the enormous height of LWT..
    Have a great time ahead.. Take care.. Bye bye..-ASHIMA

  2. Hi, Robin.

    Great blog post and great reminder.

    Everytime we don’t embrace our fears, we give our power away and we escape from our Soul’s expansion. Diving in the blue ocean of the unknown increases our comfort zone and helps us to have more personal power.

    During my stay here in Sicily, I created a t-shirt in which I wrote: Fearless Soul = Powerful Soul

    Cheers from Palermo.

    Thanks a lot for your inspiration. Keep up the great job you are doing.

    Wishing you a fab week, full of adventure, fun, productivity, inspiration and focus.

    With great respect,

    Linda Lattuca

  3. The Greatest Herpetologist in the World says:

    Hi Robin ! Thanks for everything you do ! Your books,ideology,podcasts and videos have changed my life….oops transformed my life like many millions…you make me feel a lot better..because you sound so focused and hopeful !

    Best wishes to you
    The Greatest Herpetologist in the World(in making)

  4. Tushar says:

    very dear- robin
    i am going through a tough time in life.
    tough enough to have a moderate to severe episode of depression,and a thought of suicide.
    but then ,i came across your book.
    and i am ready to give my life a much needed positive transformation

    i have quiet a lot of fears.
    fear of failures is amongst the top at this point of my life.
    i want to overpower it.

    my friend, philosopher,my guide
    can you bother yourself to put that positive light on my darkness.

    thankyou from heart ‘s bottom for something that you have already done.

    Tushar bhutada.

  5. lekha says:

    hello sir,

    Very well said sir , its the courage to do what we fear can make a lot of difference.A little bit of hesitation at start is ok but once conqured then no turning back.

  6. Mallee says:

    Great blog Robin! Crisp but very meaningful.

  7. anoop kumar says:

    feeling your fears is a great way to know your self. It is an oppertunity to understand your lifes purpose . The things you fear in life are probably the things that your soul needs most to experience.
    Dont hide behind other names and people- show yourself to this world for


  8. Vanya says:

    hi robin,
    What you’ve said is obviously true. As i have been following your books, it sounds all the more right.
    But, tell me something, what is the cure for a person who is OVERTHINKING about these philosophies of life and thats why not able tp be in the NOW, the present. Your thought provoking words are peace-giving yet they create turbulence in the mind. They force me to think, am i on the right track?? AM I PURSUING MY DREAM?? Bcz i dnt kno my dream.. I have lots of them n i want to be lots of things in life.. What if i want to be a singer and also write books and also want to complete the academin course of Chartered Accountancy that I am currently pursuing..???
    Whats the answer to this question???

    “There is so much that i want to do in life that do decide upon one thing, to play just a single role in life, Would kill large parts of me.”

    This quote describes me best… solution pls..

  9. Louie Danuser says:

    Love the post…reminds me of one of my favorite sections in your book where Ty is talking about leaning into your fears and how it relates to skiing. I’ve been in both places; on a radically steep slope (the chutes at Pallavicni – A-Basin, CO) and the feeling of what happens when you finally step over your skis and trust your inner self AND when you respectfully speak with candor in a business setting.

    I also wanted to share that in the past 6 weeks, I have spread the word and now have over a dozen people reading your book (I bought 10 copies myself and have distributed to not only my managers but anybody who even shows the slightest interest). I just received an email this evening from a vendor I recently had lunch with and was sharing the Leadership word and he mentioned he had bought the book and was very grateful – he has since told another friend.

    I’ve been very pleased with the results to date by actually practicing your message, not just reading it. I’m at a place now (both in the material and most importantly, my own self awareness) that I’m ready to share with my larger extended staff of a few hundred. I’m also blogging internally about it (internal audience is roughly 150k employees so the potential is huge here!)

    Just wanted to share with you all that if you internalize Robin’s message and lean into your fears, great things WILL

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  11. L I L I J A says:

    “The best way to overcome a fear is to face your fear. As a matter of fact, every time we do something we’ve been avoiding, we take back the power that seemingly scary or difficult thing had over us.”

    So true! Before I read your books I was so afraid of facing my fears (and I had alot of them!). I isolated myself & was a very week person. After reading your books I started to challenge myself by facing some of my fears and came out stronger & happier. Because I made it – it was never as difficult and frightening as I thought it would be.

    Now I focus on seeing the possibilities in every problem!
    And I never would have gotten the strenght to do so if it wasn’t for you!

    ♥ ♥ ♥

  12. George M Jumah says:

    hi Robin,

    I have come to learn that fear is the greatest enemy to success.Ironically,even those who succeeded feared certain challenges but the only difference between them and the failures is that their fear was insubordinate to their desire to accomplish that which they believed in.This makes them great and adorable men that ever lived.I believe the beginning of greatness is to realize that “courage is not the absence of fear but the triumph over it ” as Nelson Mandela puts it.

    I must confess that ever since i started reading your books,my life has never remain the same. i try to give the best of myself to everything i do and the outcome is great! i live fully every day as if it was my last moment and i really appreciate you, God just bless you.
    Long live great man!love you.
    J M George

  13. Somnath Bera says:

    Hi Robin,
    Great words. I wish I could blow myself up like a thousand suns to dazzle the universe with my quality , service and good work.

  14. ramaa says:

    Hi ROBIN SIR, really i ws scared n in need of such words. tnQQQQQ

  15. Tshepo says:

    I have decided to cut ties with my business partners without a confirmed job opportunity. I feel like I am leaving the comfort zone. This reminded me of the ” Turbulent Times Build Great Leaders” philosophy. I have become stronger that I have read your book.

  16. robin says:

    thanks for the posts. this topic has spoken to a lot of people. Fear’s just an illusion that keeps us small and diminishes our talent. Grateful for all our support. Lead Without a Title. Robin

  17. Julia Hidy says:

    Yes, for many, facing their fears and moving beyond resistance into a situation – despite their trepidation – is the best way to overcome and create great business and personal results.

    I realize your comment is more for individuals. But I’ve worked with entrepreneurial billionaires who banished their fears but made horrible mistakes as a result. Their fearless approach to projects literally cost hundreds of thousands their jobs, pensions and billions in lost life savings. They and their advisors’ project ideas pulled down banks, other corporations and small investors with them.

    Also, many women and men have a need to express themselves as more introverted beings. To them, they need to take time to assess a situation, and will then step, not jump, into it. Perhaps in past lives, they moved too quickly and didn’t learn that to play with fire is not necessarily being a master of it. There are those who ‘know no fear’ who would be better served by cultivating patience, respect for everyone involved in their endeavors, and the art of timing.

    Equally great results can be achieved while taking different approaches. The key is for folks to not get, rely on, or avoid their fears. It’s also important to not fall into procrastination, avoidance, time-wasting or self-doubt.

    Whenever a person’s actions and intentions engage their intuition, they can comfortably align themselves with their spiritual purpose and move into a place of balance and harmony that aids their relationships, personal unfoldment and gives them exactly the experiences their soul requires. We need whatever it takes to karmically float our boats, is happiness-generating and hurts no one else in the process.

  18. I am facing shortcomings and fears every minute of everyday.
    The 05 of may 2011 is a marked day.

    Thank you for your inspiring words, they make me a better me.

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  20. Priyank Shah says:

    Hi! Robin, your books very helpful they give me immense motivation and positive energy. I have inculcated one of you insight “Do whats right rather then what you like” it has surely improved the way I live my days and when ever I get tempted to do things I like I remember this quote. Though I am just half your age I have learned one thing “when you start speaking TRUTH, you know when other person is lying”

  21. isha says:

    Well, very true sir… even i have experienced it. Whenever i feared frm anything i actually have to face it some or other day. But if we try our best to overcome that fear we would attain the real success and in that success, one can get the utter happiness. Sometimes we do fail to overcome it but we shuldnt give up frm trying. Thats what life is all about… thanx for you taught me this.

    Maybe this might be your first blog i might be replying to but i have read your books and they are helping me alot.
    Im grateful to you for ur everlasting words.

    Keep rocking! take care.

    Isha :)

  22. mahadev says:

    Dear Robin
    You are a great source of inspiration to millions of your fans. Your writings are in simple language and short, but meaningful in message. Keep inspiring us. One must see opportuinity in every adversity as you rightly wrote “Do what you fear the most”. Thanks a lot for Inspiring and Educating me and such millions.

  23. Zorinda Ali-Baksh says:

    Dear Robin,
    You continue to be a source of inspiration! A life coach…….
    The best news! You are coming to my country in the Caribbean for a seminar! Trinidad and Tobago. Will surely be there!


  24. Dear Robinsir,
    We are fortunate to have a leader like you , you are our inspiration
    . Thanx for motivating us from time time and giving us doses in regular intervals. from the bottom of my heart i thanx you and God gives you loads and loads of happiness, good health unity in family and lot more.

  25. Veeni says:

    From personal experience this really is true, had been a failure in math subject but because i ran back to it
    I am now an A grade student for maths.

  26. Dear Robin
    Its good.. Thanks for this.

  27. Hi Robin
    Very nice…
    I like it

  28. Thank u Robin. It is great and Easy to follow article.

  29. sneha says:

    thank you sir… your books are good and motivating…

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  31. G Angela says:

    Thank you very much for sharing your insight sir, i totally agree with you, fear cripples and binds us from within, it is ultimately the desire that helps to over come fear. when I took up a new assignment in the university this year, I was frightened, whether I would be able handle the kind of work that was expected,at the same time, I was also sad, because I lost my son was was feeling depressed.

    In this state of mind, I wondered whether, I would be able to be of service to anyone. Hence, very reluctantly I took up fighting both fear & sadness for 3 days a week, and I am surprised that I could deal with myself so well, and reach out to students in the campus that i was requested to work for all the days of the week – I am still learning to do what’s most difficult, thanks again for sharing, you are truly an inspiration!

  32. gil nim says:

    all this tabs is awesome ,the best i think is about the fear. i like you man.

  33. Rahul says:

    hello sir.Thank you so much for wonderfull books it’s keeps me motivated.I have started applying and practicing all the essential things which you have mentioned in your books.Once again Thank you so much Sir

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