We Did This Together

By Robin Sharma
#1 bestselling author of The Leader Who Had No Title

we did this together

Together, we’re building a movement of people in nearly 100 nations who are breaking free of their limits, doing work that matters and living lives that inspire.

The world is full of possibility yet still filled with a ton of negativity.

You, me and all the others in our global community of brave dreamers and game-changers continue to have a call on our lives…

…to rise up, model mastery and encourage all those around us to do the same.

Almost 20 years ago I self-published a book in a Kinko’s copy shop while I was still a litigation lawyer. I was ridiculed for my vision, mocked for my passion and discouraged for my enthusiasm.

But thanks to your support–and that of so many others– I’ve continued. And you’ll never know how much I appreciate you for the faith.

To help you make this new month the greatest month of the year to date, here are 6 key resources I invite you to jump all over:

#1. My YouTube Channel

I’ve posted nearly 126 free content-rich videos on peak mindset, work mastery, elite productivity and personal happiness.

With over 3,500,000 views, watching the training videos is worth the investment of your time. Share them with your team and friends as well so we spread the message.

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#2. My Facebook Page

I put in a ton of effort to get this right and to serve you strongly here each day. And there are some big things happening on this platform that you really need to be a part of…

From inspirational quotes with powerful images to keep you fired up to quotes from my bestsellers like The Leader Who Had No Title and The Greatness Guide to real-life tips to win, this page is a constant stream of insights for your best life.

Join the over 700,000 people who like the page here

#3. 51 Ways Ordinary People Reached World-Class

Many in our community have found this article to be valuable. I thought I should offer it to you. Read it here

#4. The Little Black Book of Stunning Success

This is a free eBook I wrote to express my gratitude. Full of ideas on superb performance. Nice and inspiring. Zero cost. With my thanks…

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#5. My App

This app will deliver my videos, tweets and push other pieces of fast content on best performance to you elegantly and simply.

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#6. The 48 Hour Transformation

This is my annual live personal mastery/peak achievement event. You’ll never be the same after being with me over this weekend where I share my advanced tactics on success, happiness and prosperity.

The event’s in June and the early bird special is on for a limited time.

Please note: The first two blocks of seating have already sold out so if you want to join us, definitely don’t delay.

And definitely sign up for the VIP day so we have dinner together and mastermind on the Monday.

Here are all the details


We’re now into the second quarter of 2014. Please don’t let this year be just another year…

…use these resources to make the changes you need to make. So you CRUSH the goals you need to crush.

Your fan always,

7 Responses to “We Did This Together”

  1. Mohit says:

    Hi, Robin sir I am a little fan of yours and could not get connected to you even after my tries I dont have that much money to login to any of your subscription. This is the fact that you make my soul happy whenever I feel low and just one reply of yours can make my life so please revert back I would always be greatfull to you.
    And lots and lots of love

  2. robin says:

    Thanks for your kind words Mohit. I wish you every success. Stay great. Robin

  3. Swapnil Kalshetty says:

    Swapnil Kalshetty (solapur, india) …..Hi Robin sir….u changed my own entire life…..coz i was in dippresion since last 5 yrs and i wasn’t able to come out from that mental condition but when i red ur (megaliving and the ‘monk who… ) OMG! WHAT A BOOK IT IS SIR? Now i smile from the soul and enjoying every second in my own life I really thank GOD that he sent u on the earth…… THANK U SIR……

  4. Maria Alvarez says:

    Thank you Robin! My life has changed since I jointed this program, as I look back I can tell you that I’m now focus and my life has a meaning, I often used to feel useless, I do NOT feel like that at all anymore, I have a purpose now, it was actually always there but I wasn’t able to see it, and this program is helping me realize that I have a lot to give, no matter where I am, there are no excuses!

  5. mallesh says:

    Nice robin……

  6. Brin says:

    You do believe in your mission, don’t you? Most of us on your Fb page cannot access your programs yet you continue to offer your help and your some of your precious resources for free. You remind me of Dumbledore, and his saying about help will be given to those who seek it ( a rough translation). Keep shining bright Robin and thank you for your continuous support. We did it? No! You did it.

  7. Aliya says:

    Hello Sir!

    hope you are fine.
    Your words of inspiration have helped me through many obstacles in my life, but i still face problem in being motivated or being in full spirit for long time.
    I watch a video or read some quotes and get inspired, but it fades aways soon.

    Could you suggest or help me out in being positive about my goals and not lose hope soon!

    Thanks in advance and Thanks for all the help till now!

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