How to Achieve Your Goals Fast

By Robin Sharma
Author of the #1 International Bestseller “The Leader Who Had No Title”

Greetings from New York City. Please know how grateful I am to have you in this community.

So….someone on Twitter asked me “Does all of this leadership and success material really work? Or is it all (expletive deleted).” A little cynical, no? ;)

I haven’t replied as yet. But I wanted to use her tweet to make a point. With great respect…

“Nothing works (no book+online course+event+idea) until you make the time and commitment to DO THE WORK.”

Success is less about learning superb ideas and more about having the guts/patience/focus and smarts to get the ideas DONE.

Ultra-successful people are just uncommonly skilled at execution. And we all can get to this place. Via daily practice.

So to kickstart your best life, I wanted to show you how much I’m trying to help by giving you a wealth of free resources.

These have taken me a lot of time and money to create and edit and prepare. All I ask is that you share them with 3 people today. So I get to feel I’m making more of an impact on people’s lives. And that you ACT on them. With speed. Please.

Here you go:

#1: 103 training videos for elite performance+productivity+inspiration: Click to watch now

#2. Some of my best articles on leadership and personal development: Click to read now

#3: 10 of my most listened to podcasts: Click to listen now

Be amazing. Starting today.

Your fan always,

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46 Responses to “How to Achieve Your Goals Fast”

  1. I confirm that actually on putting the material advise into action, it does work. It is working for me as I have put it into practice.

    Thank you comrade Robin.

    Best regards,
    Agnetta Mumo Nyalita,.

  2. Kelly Crewson says:

    Hi Robin,

    I couldn’t disagree with that person on twitter more! To me using your tools and building on the foundation works, before I started working with you I didn’t know what I didn’t know. You can read all the diet books and plans in the world but if you’re not willing to put in the work and effort, you won’t lose the weight, I think the same can be said for your suggestions. Cheers, your fan!
    Kelly Crewson

  3. Una Finnucane says:

    Above it gives opportunity to get free black book but I did not get it when I signed up first time and when I typed info in now, it said I am registrered. I would like to receive the Black Book please.

  4. Hello Robin

    Hope u r doing awesome ;) . As always thanks a lot for awesome stuff in a link. Made it easy & helpful for me. Thanks a ton!

    To the absolute last breath standing for the best…. Committed to stay awesome ;)

    Best Regards,

  5. Hello Robin

    Hope u r doing awesome ;) . Loved the subject mentioned in latest mail ‘Action Required’ and yes it should be the focus point in life. Infact thinking to write it on a large piece of paper & put it on wall as a daily remainder. As always thanks a lot for awesome stuff in a link. Made it easy & helpful for me. Thanks a ton!

    To the absolute last breath standing for the best…. Committed to stay awesome ;)

    Best Regards,

  6. Ramin Mehregan says:

    Hi Robin
    Love your podcasts and all the e-mails I get. They inspire me daily. I use your material in my daily life whether in business, private or personal accomplishments. Your advise are to the point, clear and precise.
    You rock man…thank you

  7. Basavaraj patil says:

    Hi Robin,

    I think your words started working on me , I started understanding that there is a candle and a match stick too

    but not able to light it .

    started working on my negatives . eager to light it , sure of coming out of it .

    Thank You.



  8. Ram says:

    Today – I woke up for my morning workout, first time in my life. I have been going through the material and trying everything that I ccould, tweaking things that work for me but I wasn’t feeling it until I started my workout today. I wokeup at 5 a.m. started driving at 5:20 and had a fantastic workout till about 6:45. I was at work at 7.

    I noticed that my confidence level has gone up. My grasping has improved and hopefully, I will not have to take a nap at work :).

    Another thing I noticed was that I am concentrating on myself BEFORE going to work and not AFTER because I always went to gym after my work hours. This is an amazing feeling GO GET IT DONE and be prepared for game changing surprises today. Go Robin !

  9. Dirk says:

    Hi Robin,

    It all starts with what you think. If you believe you will achieve. But, it is true, this is work and a constant battle. The more positive things you put in front of yourself and the more you apply on a daily basis will achieve the results. I truly believe I am attracting the right people into my life and great things are coming my way and that is because I believe in what I’m learning and finding ways to apply it on a daly basis.

    Thank you for all you do.



  10. Hi Robin,
    I’ve been a great admirer of your’s,since your fiest book.And there are a couple of things that i believe in ,especially about positivity in life.The first and foremost is that it matters,and any one who spreads positivity in any fashion whatsoever,makes a dent.Somewhere or the other.Secondly ,all those apparent cynics are actually good guys themselves,with a little difference.They just want to be different,and stand apart from the pollyanna lot.often they realise the truth sometime later.If not in this life ,then a lifetime later.
    Well please keep up the good work.You inspire.And it makes a terrific difference.

  11. Hema Hira says:

    Dear Robin,

    All I can say is all the good things happening in my life is because of you & your work. Life is good & the best part is everything is same but the only thing is that am able to see the positivity or goodess in everything. What I have learned is life is how we look at it. Although still problems or the hurdles come across & sometimes I get demotivated but I read you, get the fuel to carry on..I guess not giving up is the key. I have felt the difference..& I mean it..Life is awesome..

    Thanks a Ton..

    Your Fan forever..

  12. Obviously your friend on twitter is cynical. I feel like instantly judging this person but then I wonder, why? Why such a response, the person could be in a very difficult time in their life, over worked, beyond stressed, not functioning at their optimal best.

    I personally use your information as my fuel: Your words, they provide me with knowledge, but also they give me strength, inspiration and motivation. They create a fire inside my soul. However, if I’m not doing well physcially and mentally, the words, like glowing embers of wood, just smoulder before eventually burning out.

    The Universe respects action. However, to get to action, we must get our bodies and minds, first functioning at their best. This is the first, and most important fundamental rule, to success.

    “Action without knowledge, is like flying a plane, without eyes. Knowledge without action, is seeing the infinite sky, but choosing to stay safely on the ground.”

    Thank you Robin.

  13. Hi Robin.
    I soo agree with Ram. That stuff about being a 5am person rocks.
    It gets your energy up, the adrenaline and the feel good becomes such a routine painful to miss. Your stuff has changed how i do business, my person and relationships.

    Am you fan always,


  14. Mayur says:

    Robin sir your really great thank you for your such a kind support and shearing your great wisdoms.

  15. Kavita says:

    Have been your greatest fan since “The Monk…” Particularly on days when the going gets really tough, your toolkit of positivity helps me truly get back to “leading without a title”. I haven’t still cracked the 5am waking up though…very disappointed that I am not able to do that consistently but will keep trying. I know the gold lies at the end of that one critical change in behavior.
    I am thankful to your cynic…she succeeded in making you unleash a ton more positivity out into the world :)
    Thank you for inspiring so many of us each day! I really look forward to meeting you in person one of these days.


  16. Junior February says:

    My Pastor shared with me the following quote this evening :the biggest gap in the world is the gap between knowing and doing! A few of us from my church including our pastor attended the Lead without a title in Cape Town, and we use and make reference of the wisdom you have sown to us all the time. God Bless you

  17. Ajay says:

    Hi Robin,

    Your books are master piece for people who have a deep desire to grow out of the daily needs of life and start to realize their dreams, by this I mean a lot of things put to into action, just the books no they don’t yet what does the wonder is having a monk like attitude towards time :)

    Once the books content is into action in daily life I become a positive magnet and then everything else like the bits and pieces from the entire universe does the wonder.

    The experience of having achieved something in life is so priceless that i can never have a doubt that yes this is the stepping stone of success, from there life is in your hands you get to choose what you want from life.

    Basically the books are like tools to make life more productive yet you got to make use of the tools, try try try.


  18. Sharon Oliver says:

    Thank you Robin,

    I think it’s ok that she asks the question…. For she certainly asked the right person! You came into my life several years ago when my chiropractic coaching team had you as a guest speaker at our Seminar. We devoured the books and cd’s. Meditated as a group at our staff meeting. At home, I read more and joined the 5:00 o’clock club. Getting up at 5 am to have my hour of power. I raised my 4 children on your greatness guide and leading without a title.

    I will forgo my free stuff and you send it to her :) thank you from the bottom of my heart! Thoughts lead to Action!


  19. Suresh Balasubramanian says:

    Dear Robin,
    I am reminded of something that Arnold Schwarzenegger once said – “Nobody ever built biceps watching me do pushups!!”. I fully agree that unless one acts on the advice nothing will change. I am thankful to you for inspiring me with your very practical advice.

  20. juan carlos says:

    Dear Robin:
    i write from México, and would like to be with all of you,… so, you know what? my english is really por. I need to improve it, ´cause if not, i´ll not undestand or take advantage of all thay you (i´m sure of that) can teach us.
    i agree with you… our fears is our worst limit to be absolutely happy, or succesful.
    meanwhile, I would like to thank you for all your mails… i know that i need to act more… so… by now (not for so much time) i´m may be going so slow… firs step is may be get conscious…
    i´m planing to improve my english during this year, and then may be could go to meet all of you.
    what do you think about it? da ya think i´m so fearful?
    Best regards and…really deep thaks.

  21. E. Persad says:

    Dear Robbin,
    Good news and bad news..I read your book The Monk who sold… inspirational, I shared the book but never got it back.

    Robbin my greatest of gratitude to you for sharing your talent of inspiration, motivation and education.
    You are very kind, just your words inspire me, thank you for this gift.

    Thank You, I love your work

  22. shrikant gupta says:

    Hi Robin,
    feel great to see your consistent mails……. thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, wisdom and unique ideas….
    love you so much……..

  23. ronald says:

    Hi Robin
    it is a great pleasure and privilege reading your books and the regular inspirational emails.
    i always look forward every morning whenever i wake up to finding an email from you in my inbox. it has inspired me alot and as i share with colleagues and friends they also get inspired.
    i have one problem, i did not get the Little Black Blook of Stunning Sucess. whenever i enter my email address above, i get the message that i am already registered.
    please send me one.
    continue inspiring and blessing people all over the whole world.

  24. felix simiyu says:

    hi Robin,

    your work has changed my life. i have read three of your books and my life has shifted, keep up with the good work,



  25. Sudha says:


    I am your fan since I read “The Monk who sold his Ferrari”.. And later I read n gifted “Family wisdom” to many of my friends n collegues.It is working for me as I have put few and trying to put more it into practice.Particularly on days when the going gets really tough, your book Family Wisdom helped me in bringing up my child.


  26. Shweta says:

    Dear Sir ,

    I really like this fact. In fact YOU are the one , help me to change my life and give me energy to achieve my goals [ I’m trying to achieve my dreams ]. It’s all because of your lessons about life and from your energetic books . specially “Who Will Cry When You Die?” THIS book inspire me a lot. THANK YOU VERY MUCH .

    Your Fan


  27. Dr Khyathi Rao says:

    Hi Robin,
    Thank you for all the awesome mails that I receive everyday:) I have finally joined the “5 am club” and I feel great!!:) Any plan without action is as good as not having it al all. And I can’t agree with you more on it. I have read all your inspiring books and it helps me help myself and others. Thanks a ton.

    Your fan,
    Khyathi Rao.

  28. subhankar says:

    hi robin
    its amazing to read all the things & stuff whatever u say about being a human and its mind power. your effort of putting every sensible human in the line of success is rare.
    i need a little help. i have a son, named rohit, aged 16 years and studying in std-IX. he is a black belt in KEN-EI-MABUNI SHITO-RYU branch of Karate school of India. i will not be wrong or exaggerated, to say that he is hugely talented & in terms of knowledge, understanding and other curricular activities. he has definitely a huge potential to be a controller of his own life, but all these good quality are not getting transformed in to marks on school academic result sheet. and this is bothering. he suffers from “lack of concentration”.
    will u please suggest something, which may help my son to improve his concentration. i shall be be immensely thankful. good day and bye.

  29. Tania Siddiqi says:

    Well, I am certainly glad I inspired this whole discussion :) To be honest, I did feel bad about the way I phrased my question and sent a tweet apologizing the next morning but I dont regret questioning the intention and success of the process. I have bumped into a lot of closed doors lately and while I wouldnt call myself a cynic, optimism in the face of constant failure and sour experiences is extremely challenging.

    I recently went to a very reputable hypno therapist with testimonials and awards very much like the comments on this blog. I trusted the individual with my deepest fears and darkest moments and the first couple of sessions were fine and then I received an email asking me to make an investment of ridiculous amounts as thats how much it would take to “cure” me. I didnt like the phrasing of the email and didnt want to spend anymore without seeing results and told him so. He didnt say anything at the time but as I was in a trance state during hypnosis and couldnt answer one of his questions, he said to me “Well, Tania you cant be helped. You dont want to be helped.” Those words ring in my ears most days and I actually came to a point where I couldnt even drive because I thought I was incapable to do so. Despite the negative chatter in my head, I have picked myself and as always will not let the actions of one ruin my trust in humanity. My husband is a fan of Robin Sharma’s and encouraged me to read his books. My first response was the tweet! And expressing myself honestly did make me feel better and I have started reading the Monk & will then read the leader with no title and will also be flying in from the UAE to attend the 48 hour seminar in Toronto. The rest time will tell for me. I am glad the process has worked for so many of you. Its encouraging to read & I wish you all the best in your life.

  30. Uchechukwu says:

    After reading “The Monk who sold his Ferrari” and “The Leader who had no title”, I have changed my perception about life and have followed most of what i gathered from the books as commandments and truth is…”It works”. Thank you so much Robin for being this great teacher and in reaching out to me, I have reached out to many. You are indeed a Leder without a title.
    Your fan,

  31. sanjib says:

    well, to be honest “who will cry when you die” it was my first book of your publication after reading this book, I felt good and think about the life,what i used to live before and now how to change the way i am living. Then after The Monk who sold his ferrari, Mega Living, The greatness Guide 2 read. It really helps me to realize my true potential.Thank you so much Robin being my guru in my life and taught me how to act the way i am living & respond the every circumstances in materialistic Wolrd in a better way.
    Your every words touches my inner spirits to reach next level

    Your Fan,

  32. Hi Robin

    Who will cry when you die, was the first motivational & inspiring writing of yours which was gifted by one of my well wisher to me for realizing my true potential & the purpose of life!!!

    It’s a great pleasure and privilege reading your writings…

    Thanks Robin…thanks for being an inspiration…thanks for motivating me to follow my purpose…thanks for giving me courage to do what I wanted to do in my life…thanks for strengthening my inner world…thanks for infusing Towering wisdoms…thanks for very thing!

    After working on various profiles in various industries for 18 yrs, I could take a courageously call to quit & start my long perceived dream of Entrepreneurial venture Nelumbo…the success of 3 yrs young Nelumbo can be summarized with 25+ WOW customers around the globe…

    To wrap it…Ones destiny is upshot of actions on perceived Goals & Thoughts

    With profound regards,
    Pankaj K Rajput

  33. The ultimate formula!!! guts/patience/focus Thanks so much for sharing this. I just need to have more guts to face the challenges of each day and dont be afraid to fail. Be patient with results on focus on things that matter.

  34. VIPUL GOR says:


    I started my new venture one year back only and was under terrific pressure. It is helping me great extent on continues basis.

    I have no doubt your writing is changing millions life for ever.

  35. rajkumar says:

    hi brother….
    i’m really inspired after reading your book …… complete change my philosophy …… teach me what is life?
    and who m I?what’s is my duty?????

    thank u vry much…….

  36. Jayasree says:

    Your podcasts and e-mails inspire me. I use your valuable advise when both at work and at home.Thank you.

  37. Definitely agree to this: “Nothing works (no book+online course+event+idea) until you make the time and commitment to DO THE WORK.” Great post, Robin!

  38. maryam mansha says:

    `I am learning very effectively the ways to improve life from your books and mails.`Thanks for this.

  39. Haytham says:

    Thank you Robin!! you’re my all days inspiring companion. through your constant emails and your famous books, through the wisdom you tell, you’re re-empowering me when am weak, you’re brightening my way, enriching my knowledge, and helping me extract the most of what i am!

  40. Anup sahoo says:

    Dear Robin

    I used to listen your video and read various online materials quite frequently, which generally ignite me to think about my life and my goal. And as you said about execution is completely precise and also the ultimate thing that everybody have to remember.

  41. Aspiring Anuraj says:

    Dear Sir

    Thanks a lot for sending me emails .You are doing a fabulous job in this planet .The lessons i learn from you helped me to accomplish significant success in life ! Robin your words and advices changed my life .I don’t know how to thank you .I have read all your books, and gifted them to my friends! I felt, i should read all your books again .And i had placed order for (Robin Sharma pack ) !! And I will enjoy reading your books once again!!!
    Thanks Robin. God bless you and your family

    Aspiring Anuraj

  42. uman says:

    Hi Robin,

    Thank you. I am learning effectively :) Undoubedly your writing and sharing is changing millions and millions of life :)

    Thanks sharing.

  43. Suja says:

    I am extremely thankful to u for helping me to grow in many ways through your books and videos, very inspiring!!. I can see tremendous changes taking place in me and in my outlook and approach towards others.
    thanks a lot.

  44. pradeep ( Dubai) says:

    HI, Robin,

    your techniques, methods, simple truths and quotes are inspiring and great.
    just received a promotion, it has help me to do my best for my family, my team , my company.

    grateful and appreciate your books, website .thank you robin

  45. mayank says:

    Hi Robin,
    Started to follow the principles those were discussed in your book “D.Y.D”. Just 3 months have been passed and all that i would notice is a Magical Change in my life.

    Thanks Julian (Robin)

  46. Georgine says:

    Hi Robin Sharma,

    My children and I are very grateful to the lessons you teach and all the wisdom you transmit through your books.
    I have constituted a master mind alliance with my children in which we discuss your lessons. We gave it a name that I found in one of your books:”wake up call”. This meeting we are having is changing my children for better. They are becoming more responsible, they have reduced watching television, talking much, and are fithing against eating much. I’m so glad since with you they are learning a positive way of living. We have our slogans like: remove weeds, and others.
    Thanks and warm reagrds,

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