How To Build A Movement Around Your Business

Build A MovementIn 10 years, we’ll look back at this time as one of the greatest periods in history to be in business. It’s never been so easy to deliver original value for massive amounts of people. It’s never been so important to show leadership in all that you do. And there’s never been a better time to grow a full-blown movement around the products and services that you offer to the people who put food on your table every night.

Smart entrepreneurs (and even people working in companies need to think and perform like entrepreneurs within their jobs if they want to excel) do the following 4 things to grow communities of fanatical followers around their brands:

1. They understand that every moment in front of a customer is a moment of truth. You either live the values your advertising sells. Or you don’t.

2. They avoid “Copycat Syndrome”. Starbucks and NIKE and Zappos and Google became iconic because they were unique. Not because they tried to be a better clone of a successful competitior.

3. The best entrepreneurs never lose the human touch. Yes, technology’s an awesome lever to build relationships and scale your business. But ultimately, people do business with human beings – not companies.

4. The best entrepreneurs grow movements by asing themselves “how may I best serve the most people” vs “how may I make the quickest money doing the least effort.” Helping people get to their dreams via the superb product you offer still remains the single best marketing strategy in this uncertain work of business we play in.

Grow a fantastic business!

Robin Sharma

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20 Responses to “How To Build A Movement Around Your Business”

  1. Ashima Basak says:

    My adorable Robin sir,

    Thank you for your four amazing tips about Business… I am not a business woman in some point.. But the adventure and excitement of business attracts me most..
    Business is the Fruitful-Dealing with human beings.. It is a fact that all human beings are attracted towards the lovliness , truthness and politeness of any other man/woman.. So if you want to get a lot of people in your life or business, you should be honest,lovely and polite to everyone.. Then the graph of your business will be going upwards forever..

    You are right sir, if we want to continue our relation with other customers or associate workers, we should always keep in touch with them.. That closeness is one of the most important things in business..

    Your words are as usual great sir.. Thank you.. Have a fab day ahead.. Take Care..:-)

  2. Olga says:

    Thank you Robin. I love to read your tips. You always give something worth thinking about.

  3. Amer AL-Bader says:

    Thank you Robin, thanks for being a part of my success journey.

  4. Anupama says:


  5. uday says:

    what is said by sir is 100% true we should have a emotional touch with our client is a best solution to keep our client in our basket

  6. Amit Bhuvankar says:

    Thank you Robin, thanks for being a part of my success journey.

  7. Kevin says:

    You are always an inspiration. Thank you very much.

  8. Amar says:

    Dear Mr.Robin,

    First of all you are such a human, I have no words to explain. Thanx for being so. Life has changed since i have read your book “WHO WILL CRY WHEN YOU DIE”. So when i saw getting that FERRARI coming to me, i changed the path immediately, Instead getting it & then selling it. True life is growing more & more trees on the mother earth for our kids to breathe in fresh air.

    Life is beautiful making people happier around us. The “KING” is born to give….So you are the true KING….
    God bless you….

    Amar Raval

  9. Venugopal says:

    Dear Robin,
    You are really extraordinary! Its amazing how you make complex issues into simple yet clear guidelines for us to understand and practice!
    You are really Great! I am not the first one to say not will be the last!
    Thanks for sharing such wonderful thoughts with us!
    God Bless!
    Venugoal, Hyderabad, India

  10. Sridhar says:

    Dear Robin,

    Its amazing how nicely you express your words in simple language for every ones understanding.Your books have changed my way of doing business for my company and i could see a gr8 difference . I thank you from the core and pray for your sucess,we look forward see more wonderfull books from your end. Thanks

    Ramdas Sridhar, K.S.A

  11. Bhavin says:

    Dear Robin

    Great ! You always bring different things to think about . I enjoy reading your mail every time it drops my mail box , warm regards – Bhavin

  12. Daphne says:

    You have shaped my thoughts.Im eager to action your insights.Thank you.

  13. ragu says:

    I’ts great pleasure to read your motivation every now and then,thank you sir for upkeeping with me. Reading your words keeps me to do daily business more happly. “Lead without Titiles” give us to handled our stress well. Thank you.

  14. Rutega says:

    Dear Robin
    thanks for the guidance …
    its true, the value of man should be seen in what he gives (human touch) not in what is able to receive
    the 4 helps , more you care about them , more you grow what you are busy with…..

    thank you

  15. Bidhubhushan Bhattacharjee says:

    Dear Robin
    Thank you for the excellent philosophy.

  16. Muthu says:

    Great one!!!!!!!!!!. thanks for you valuabe info…….

  17. ARVIND says:

    dear sir
    thanks for your valuable thaughts…
    you are like simple version of bhagwat gita …

  18. Abdul Jaleel R S says:

    Dear Robin,
    Your ideas (rather, i should call it as advices) are just amazing..
    It influenced me in many ways..
    keep going

    Abdul Jaleel R S
    Head, Department of Business and Management Studies
    Ibra College of Technology, Sultanate of Oman

  19. shiv hseja says:

    you’re superpower of the world. my life give you sir.

  20. Kishore Mondkar says:

    Dear Robin,

    You are really roockstar and Guru for me for my business as well as for my personal life. You’r all blogs are really amazing and every times gives me new inspiration which boost my life energy.

    You are simply great Guru & Once again thank you for your excellent philosophy toward life as well as for business.

    Stay Wow & Stay Connected :)

    Mr,Kishore Mondkar

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