The 10 Best Personal Development Books?

By Robin Sharma
Author of the #1 International Bestseller “The Leader Who Had No Title”

Greetings from New York City.

Just did a light run through Soho (exercising FIRST thing in the morning has been such a game-changer). You owe it to yourself to try it for 7 days.

Now I’m settled into creative mode. Great Colombian coffee. Book-filled room. Fresh flowers. (Another tip: your environment dramatically influences your creativity).

So, I wanted to share some more good information with you in my ongoing OBSESSION to help you Lead Without a Title + build out a life THAT MAKES HISTORY.

I’m often asked which books are most transformational for people like us who want to do fantastic work and lead our best lives.

So here are 10 of the best. Read them. Share them. Study them. LIVE them…

  1. Jonathan Livingston Seagull. By Richard Bach.

    With lines like: “Don’t believe what your eyes are telling you. All they show is limitation,” this book will move you deeply. I re-read it in Thailand. Still amazingly good.

  2. Think and Grow Rich. By Napoleon Hill.

    Fantastic book. Not so much about financial wealth as it is about the making of a rich life. You’ll learn how important it is to have a burning desire (this galvanizes your focus and causes the release of your creativity) + the imperative of setting clear goals + the value of “a mastermind alliance”. This book truly changed my life when I was starting out as a self-published author with nothing but a dream in my hands. Times were tough. This book got me through.

  3. The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius. By–well, Marcus Aurelius.

    Marcus Aurelius was a warrior—who then became a Roman emperor. He wrote his lessons on greatness and a life well lived during a multi-year military campaign. Someone got his notes. And put it into this book. I go back to this book often. It strengthens my character. And resolve to help more people.

  4. Steve Jobs. By Walter Isaacson.

    One of the best books I’ve ever read. Period.

  5. Long Walk To Freedom. By Nelson Mandela.

    Nelson Mandela’s one of my heroes. Noble. Courageous. Focused. A visionary. If I could be 1/100 of who he is, I’d be overjoyed. This is his autobiography. You’ll walk with him through his days as a lawyer, his time as a disruptor, his prison years and his period as the positional leader of South Africa.

  6. Stop Acting Rich. By Thomas Stanley.

    Thomas Stanley became famous for “The Millionaire Next Door”. But this book–not so well known–is exceptional. He explains the concept of “The Glittering Rich”, shares how too many of us live beyond our means and how to create true financial freedom. Like most of the books I read, I listened to it.

  7. As You Think. By James Allen.

    Maybe 10 times. That’s at least how many times I’ve read this book. And like all great books, it seems better+wiser and deeper every time I read it. Of course, the book hasn’t changed. Just my ability to grasp the information. And understand the concepts. This book is all about the power of your daily thinking. And how it drives your life’s behavior. As you know so well: your behavior shows us your beliefs. And this awesome book will inspire you to build new ones.

  8. The Magic of Thinking Big. By David Schwartz.

    Uber-practical. Tons of value. Great concepts, like “Go Through Life First-Class.” Every student, teammate and human being should read this book (along with “How To Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie–that work should also be on my list. True.).

  9. Talent is Overrated. By Geoff Colvin.

    Read this one a few years ago. Changed the way I viewed Genius. Confirms a lot of the work of exceptional performance researchers like the famed Anders Ericsson that talent is less about natural gifts and far more about devotion to a skill, relentless practice and patience. Another superb audiobook.

  10. Spark. By John Ratey.

    One of the best books I’ve read in years. I’m on my 3rd reading. Shares the latest (and so fascinating) research on how exercise transforms the brain, our performance, our productivity and even builds a new type of brain that is excellent at resisting stress. Please do your life a giant favor. And read this book. Today!

Ok. So there you go. Some of my favorite books. Go study them. And use them.

Please remember, ideas–flawlessly translated into reality are the keys to breathtaking success. And you becoming more of who you truly are.

Oh–and definitely make some time each day to read. Small little advances in your knowledge base lead to quantum improvements in your performance over time.

Thanks for making the time to read my posts. I work hard to make them valuable for you. So we get you to your best. Sooner versus later.

Be great. And dream even bigger. The world needs you to shine.

Speak soon,

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100 Responses to “The 10 Best Personal Development Books?”

  1. Ashen Amaranayake says:

    Thanks Robin for sharing this wonderful list.. please post another list like this with lot of good books

  2. Manish says:

    Steve Jobs by Walter Isaccson was just a bad book for me. All it showed was what a dickhead Steve Jobs was to people and how controlling his personality was. The rest are good.

  3. jeshan says:

    I’m surprised that you didn’t mention The 7 Habits. What is your opinion of it?

  4. Julaayi says:

    I wonder how I didn’t come across this wonderful post. Never late than before. Will start reading all of them.

    Thanks Robin. You are just awesome.

  5. RIYA says:

    Hi robin

    sincere thanks to you for all your efforts . You have created a different world for us where we can live happily and cherish all moments of life. My husband was going throgh major crisis in life and your books have helped him a lot to face the failure and convert them into success. God Bless you and your family. Like you have changed my family life , i promise you that this process will go on from my side also.

    Thank you very much Robin. Be Blessed and happy.

  6. Surya says:

    Hi Robin,

    I have read some of the books you mentioned but learning that you have read those books not only once but several times really amazes and inspires me. Now I should follow what you do.

    With thanks,

  7. Uma says:

    Hi robin it took me so long to get my hands on one of your books, I don,t know why but now I just can’t put it down. It’s life ‘s lessons fantastic book thanks.

  8. Dhilip says:

    Thanks Robin !!!

    I love to read books but i dont know what are good books that make a man perfect.. Today i just buy a book ” Who will cry when you die ” by Robin Sharma .. if i visit this page earlier definitely i ll bought one from this 10..\


  9. Priti Dhruva says:

    Hi Robin !

    Would like to thank you sincerely for your good work and the positive impact which you are making on the mind of people. Currently I am reading ‘Who will cry when you die’ and i have learnt how to bring positivity in my life.

    Thanks a ton !


  10. Ekta pundir says:

    Hello Robin sharma,
    I have read your books the monk who sold his ferari, The grea tnessguide2, Who will cry when you die, Megliving,
    I want to ask that i should next book.
    These books change my life.

  11. Usman says:

    totally inspiring books by the author that reshapes our life

  12. MARAMU SATHISH says:

    hi robin sharma
    iam one of the biggest fan of you because the way you write books is inspired me a lot …especially “when you die, who will cry” is roadworthy … thank you very much robin for writing such great books…

  13. anindita dasi says:

    read Jonathan Livingstone SEAGULL…..GREATBOOK.Have you read’MY EXPERIMENTS WITH TRUTH?by M.K.Gandhi.I admire Nelson Mandela too.thank you Robin.How is your lovely family?Anindita.

  14. Ankur says:

    Thank you so much.

  15. Divya says:

    Robinji is the best….there’s none better than him…..the real game changer…..

    thanks a lot for serving us the best….thanks for the list…..thankyou robinji…..

  16. Kara says:

    What a great, trans-generational list! I have read many of these, but not all; I have some work to do.

    I would add “Simply Successful” by Evan Dorren; I just finished it. It’s an easy, yet meaty read; heavy on personal responsibility, and emphasizing a well-tuned balance of effort in our pursuits of health, relationships, and financial success.

  17. Armina says:

    Dear Robin, thank you very much!

  18. aruna says:

    thank you Rabinji..

  19. Amol says:

    I came across your website and this is what i am looking for….
    Thanks a lot for sharing this.

  20. Varun pruthi says:

    Respected Robin sir ,
    Your book ‘who will cry when you die’ truly an amazing book….i am truly very lucky to have this book . It helps me to be a great person in several ways .
    Thankful to you from the core of my heart ..
    I am speechless..don’t know what should i say …
    Just in simple ways … I am truly thankful
    May God bless you & your family ….

  21. saurabh baheti says:

    Robin sharma

    “the secret” whats your views for this book.
    And thanks for this list.

    Warm regards

  22. Chetan says:

    I think these are just not the 10 books but surely are 10 possibilities of making your life super high. Thanks Robin.

  23. Stephen says:

    The book by Dale Carnegie is a very inspiring one .i have it and I’m about to finish reading it… Good one , I love it…

  24. SUBROTO ROY says:

    Thank you sir for this much needed help.
    I’ll start today with the first one.
    Wish me luck. :)

  25. vijay sharma says:

    thanks sir fr sharing…….i just finished reading…who will cry when u die …it was superb

  26. Annabelle Calvert says:

    Thanks you this new list, I remember reading Johnathon Livingston Seagull when I was very young, just read it again, Long walk to freedom the same, I,ve got reading coming out my ears, so good, thanks for the knowledge you share Robin, you have given me the light

  27. Ajay Kala says:

    Thanks… I read Seagull by Richard Bach in 1980 gifted by ny wife before marriage.
    Now because of your list I could appreciate her choice and taste…

  28. Raghav says:

    Dear Robin Sir,

    Thanks for sharing this list.
    I have read few books (All written by you) but not anyone from the list above.
    So this gives me my TO DO LIST. Will read them soon.

    Also inspired by your multiple readings of same book. I will incorporate this in my life.

    It has been few months since i started reading your books and following you.
    And my life has already changed so much and i have achieved and continuing to achieve more and more.

    Thanks a lot for your inspiration.
    Stay Happy and Blessed !

  29. says:

    When it comes to PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT, I’m not sure how come the 21 irrefutable laws of leadership by John C Maxwell is not on that list.
    I’d also add Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

  30. Tongai Manomano says:

    hi Robin.
    thanx for sharing these great books with the world.I personally read only two from that list number 2 & 8.and I agree with u about Napoleon hill’s book that its one of the greatest.I read it twice but I actually listened to the audio more than 10 times.
    l salute u Robin.

  31. Swapnil Gavade says:

    Thanks Robin . For recommending such grate books with us . Definetly it will help to living dreams. Once again thank you. God bless you.

  32. Sunil samuel says:

    Thanks robin, for sharing such a wonderful.list of books,you are terrific, you have made things moving for lakes of people like us. Appreciate your effort in sharing such knowledge with people at large.

  33. Andrés says:

    Thanks you. I Will put them on my list. I follow you and i have to say that The Monk Who sold his Ferrari it is just AMAZING. Change my life. Enjoy your coffee from here(Colombia).

  34. Sayani Mondal says:

    Thanks for sharing them. I have two books, Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill and Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson :)

  35. Fatih dz says:

    Thank you so much mr sharma for your efforts of making this world better
    I really like your posts thank you again

  36. Tudor says:

    Hi Robin,

    Thank you for sharing some of your favorite books. I was quite in the process of trying to find my next book to read, and your list gave me the answer. :)

    Have an awesome day,

  37. Tatiana Ivleva says:

    Thank you rrrRobin23`

  38. Norlia says:

    Thank you Robin for your sharing your list. Looking forward to reading these.

  39. Felix says:

    Thanks Robin,
    Hey, you’re in my city! Enjoy it!
    Thank you so much for the list of books to read. At the moment I’m reading, “The One Thing” highly recommended it.
    You’re so inspirational.

  40. roma says:

    You’ve made a significant impact upon my perception of things Robin, for which I’ll forever remain grateful. I’ll read these books as soon as I can get my hands on them.

  41. sowmiya nehru durai says:

    thx fr the nic post :-)

  42. Amit says:

    Thanks Robin for sharing this….

  43. Gaurav says:

    Thankss Robin u have always been a great inspiration for me n great piece of info. i’ll read all of them

  44. Dinakaran says:

    Hi robin sir.

    Thanks for inspiring us to lead without a title….
    Thank u very much….
    God bless u…

  45. SUDHAKAR JHA says:

    I just texted to say….”I thank you.”

  46. Azman Tahir says:

    Thanks you Robin…for the sharing…i really greatful for it…sharing is carring…thanks

  47. Muzeyi Steven says:

    Thanks Robin, u had just started reading your posts and Ofcorse books,
    But I found them productive.
    Therefore my request to you would be ; please keep that good work going
    We do really appreciate.

  48. Muzeyi Steven says:

    Thanks Robin, I had just started reading your posts and Ofcorse books,
    But I found them productive.
    Therefore my request to you would be ; please keep that good work going
    We do really appreciate.

  49. Abhijit Ghorpade says:

    Hi Robin,
    Love all your books and quotes if inspiration! It’s a life changer for me after getting associated with you through your lovely posts and books!
    God bless for all the good work you do ..


  50. Preeti says:

    Thanks Robin, thats so kind of you, stay blessed!

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