The Man Who Lost His Face

By Robin Sharma
#1 bestselling author of The Leader Who Had No Title

The place where failure happens is also the place where courage lives

Heroism is less about “pre-installed bravery” and more about what you do when you’re petrified.

The women and men we see as heroic are mostly good, ordinary people who found strength they didn’t know they had in moments of difficulty, threat or danger.

We all have untapped courage within us. You absolutely are much stronger than you know.

Which brings me to Niki Lauda, the past Formula One racing world champion…

…and what he experienced on August 1, 1976.

It was early in the race, at the German Grand Prix at Nurburgring. As Lauda made a turn at high speed, he lost control and hit the wall, his Ferrari exploding into flames.

Lauda was trapped in his car for nearly a minute at temperatures that neared 425C.

His scalp and face were dramatically burned.

“Another ten seconds and I would have died,” says Lauda.

At the hospital, a priest was called in to deliver last rites.

“When I came into the hospital. You feel like you are very tired, and you would like to go to sleep. But you know it’s not just go and sleeping. It’s something else. And you just fight with your brain. You hear noises and you hear voices, and you just try to listen to what they are saying and you try to keep your brain working to get the body ready to fight against illness… I did that and that way I survived,” Lauda explained to a reporter at History Versus

He added that when his wife at the time first walked into his hospital room, she fainted. “So I knew it could not have been good.”


remarkably, Lauda–with bloody bandages covering his damaged scalp–put on his racing helmet to compete only 6 weeks later at The Italian Grand Prix.

He placed fourth.

Lauda is now an aviation entrepreneur and successful ‎businessman.

And he rarely appears in public without his famous red cap. That covers his scars.

Our Takeaways:

#1. You’re Stronger Than You Know

Inner strength and personal toughness are not natural traits. No. They are character elements that get forged in the fire of hard conditions.

You really are stronger than you know. Difficult situations allow your power to express itself. And pushing yourself well past your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual limits only serves to expand them.

#2. Get Back into the Car Fast

Lauda admitted he was frightened to race again.

And to get back into the seat only 6 weeks after his near-collision with death strikes many as an act of insanity.

But Lauda knew that the longer he waited, the more his fear would become his way of being. And so he felt the pain, confronted his demons and got back into the game.

Same for you and I. When we fail, fall and stumble, get back up and keep on going as quickly as possible. As you know so well, the place where failure happens is also the place where courage lives.

#3. Never Stop Accelerating

Lauda kept on racing–even after he left the track.

After retirement, he started two airlines. He wrote a book. And he just continued his winning streak.

You see, for the epic performer, there is no top end.

The whole game is the process. For A-players, the end of one victory is the beginning of the next.

You just never want to coast. Never want to rest on your laurels. Never want to slow down, stagnate and base your self-identity on the trophies you won 20 years ago.

And so with sincere encouragement for your greatness, I wish you all green lights.

Your fan always,


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11 Responses to “The Man Who Lost His Face”

  1. Ambika apoor says:

    Thank you! I am getting better day by day. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  2. Amit Gupta says:

    Superb!! Superb!! Superb!!

    I am amazed with this story. Robin you are really putting hard yourself in uplifting the people. Searching Lauda type personality is difficult to find. My father have same story like Lauda.

    Love you so much :)

  3. Noushad says:

    Inspiring Story…
    This blog will definitely help me to keep my head high and mind fearless, the complete day… (I hope for others too!!!)
    Thanks Mr. Robin for sharing this.

  4. PJ says:

    Have been trying to change my life one step at a time based on your LWT book. Yet, times come in professional career where moments of self-doubt cloud the horizon. This post came in at just the right moment for me personally to make to re-focus on my Pole Star.

    Thanks a ton!

  5. Kamlesh Kantaria says:

    I am impressed with this story. Robin Sharma you are really putting your soul in uplifting the people. Similar story of Miss Arunima Sinha of Lucknow (born 1988) is the first Female Amputee of the world to climb Mount Everest. She is also the first Indian amputee to climb Mount Everest. She reached the summit of Mount Everest on 21st May, 2013 at 10.55 hours after a hard toil of 17 hours. She took 52 days to reach the summit. She was formerly national volleyball and football player. While travelling by train from Lucknow to New Delhi on 11th April, 2011, she was pushed out of the running train by the thieves wanting to snatch her bag and gold chain. About 50 trains passed over her as she was lying between the two
    tracks. She was rushed to hospital with serious injuries. The doctors amputated her leg to save her life, then she decided to climb Mount Everest.

  6. Rohit Rajgopal says:

    I am Rohit Rajgopal. I & my family are going through a tough phase in our lifes. Its the periods where its becoming tough day by day. I am confused whether to proceed with my Company Secretary Finals or to do a job so that I can help my parents. Its your articles which is helping me to keep going. After reading your books I am prepared to take the responsibilities that I was earlier afraid to take.
    I thanks u a loot for being the motivating factor in my life.

  7. jiggies mulenga says:

    You will always be my inspirational Robin coz ever since I started reading your writings I have never been the same

  8. Emma says:

    You know, today, I was struggling with my emotions and stress due to unable to decide firmly on things I want the most and things I’m afraid to let go. I decided to just leave the office works, doing what I love to do — that is my part time business and starting to write the resignation letter. One thing for sure, after completing the letter, I felt ease. I started to regain my strength, to held my head up high, to just risk everything for something I never had by doing something I (used to) afraid doing it.

    I read your books. I read your articles and today is a remarkable day for me. Though office keep calling me whole day, I just shut them off. Ignoring and just focus to get something better — focus 100% to my business and grow with it. Honestly, I don’t like myself being part time business person and part time office person. It’s just not right and the amount of stress is tremendous!

    Thank you for this beautiful article and your constant reminder to make us believe we are worth more than just being and live in mediocre way. One day, we shall meet, Mr Sharma. :)

  9. Dean Bergstedt says:

    Robin, I can only say thank you very much, it is as if you know that I was going through some tough times and reading this story only made my day as I have so much to be thankful for and if other people can go through something so tragic and get up and still continue with their lives nearly normally then my problem is small in comparison to their. What an inspiration he is to us today. Dean

  10. Ashutosh says:

    Thank you once again.It doesn’t really how high you go or low you fall, what matters is how high you bounce up when you fall down.Reading your classical masterpieces, I always felt getting a unique energy starts to flow within me…..!

  11. Edwin says:

    Thanks Robin was moved by Niki’s story. I too was burnt in the face and it’s been along journey always uplifting to hear such stories.

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