5 One Minute Productivity Moves

productivity movesIn the last two days I’ve shared with you some of my personal best “Nail my To Do List” practices to play at world-class and produce your best work fast.

Today, in an effort to help you win the war against distraction and interruption I’ll give you “5 One Minute Productivity Tactics” to help you amp up your game and do your best work.

5 One Minute Productivity Tactics

1. Have the courage to get great at saying “No Thanks” to any activities that don’t advance your priorities.

2. Take 60 seconds every morning to do a written game plan for a productive day. “The things that get scheduled are the things that get done.”, from The Greatness Guide.

3. Take a few seconds each day to turn off all your technology and work deeply on a key project with zero distraction.

4. Take 60 seconds to breathe deeply and focus on your progress. This will re-energize and refuel you.

5. Take 60 seconds to un-clutter your work area so you create space for your creativity to flow.

Keep Leading Without A Title! And thanks.

Robin Sharma

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30 Responses to “5 One Minute Productivity Moves”

  1. sucheta bandyopadhyay says:

    Thank you Robin, for your quick response through this written blog specially to people like us who could not hear your video lesson properly but still video lessons are always more effective & lively.so will look forward to receive more from you.wish u more success ahead.

  2. robin says:

    thanks so much Sucheta. from the response it seems so many of us are struggling with too many distractions which limit our effectiveness and productivity

  3. Leela G says:

    Great key points for a productive day, they are on 3 x 5 card to get them in action repetitively. Thank you Robin.

  4. Mangai says:

    Really effective, Thank you Robin. Im a die hard fan of your “Monk who sold his Ferrari” – Mangai

  5. That is neat & simple for anyone to practice. Thanks Robin.

  6. Robin,

    You are just brilliant!
    I have been following your books, podcasts and (now your blog) for the last few years and I am a better person in every sense of the word because of you. God bless you, always.

    I urge everyone to read and listen to you if they want to their life to change for the better.

    Keep inspiring…
    Keep motivating…
    Remember who said this…”If people are not laughing at your dreams at least once a week, you are aiming too low!”

    Love and prayers,

    Nuruddin Abjani

  7. Neel says:

    Trying to write again, unable to write to the blog Robin.

  8. Nav says:

    Thanks Robin.

    Another 1-minute productivity move – Think of your loved one.

    Its never too late to fall in love. Esp. if there is a higher force working for you!

    A tip to readers, stop surviving in relationships, fall in love and start living a true life -> will automatically lead to a higher productivity.

  9. Mohit Chauhan says:

    Thanks Robin for this amazing quick fix which promotes peace and hence makes us more productive and effective for the day. Thanks a lot. God Bless u.

  10. Deep SHekhar Acharya says:

    Thank you so much Sir,

    I have just finished reading The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari and am trying to emulate it in my life. I have now started reading Who Will Cry When You Die?….Really Inspiring and motivating…..Thanks a lot Sir for such motivation and guidance

    These 5 One Minute Productivity Moves are surely going to be a driving force in my life…thanking you from the bottom of my heart….waiting for more such moves…

  11. Vanita says:

    Dear Robin,
    Happy fathers Day! I am sure you are a wonderful dad to Kolbi and Bianca as every child deserves to have one.

    A father is a prominent figure in a child’s life esp. to younger pre-schoolers, should never be the one who spreads negativity around them.

    Wish for peace around all the fathers in the world today and always! Live and let live!

    Thanks Robin :) and Enjoy your day with your precious ones.

  12. Kunal Sengupta says:

    Hii Robin,
    Its always something innovative and motivatibg that we get from you!. I am working as an HR in a company. so always focus to keep people motivated. your writings really help me to motivate myself & others. currently reading your book The Leader who had no title’. Its fantastic. Really it has changed my view on Leadership. Now i feel even i can lead too!

  13. arnavaz says:

    How does one learn a new language like norwegian…. Do you have any great tips on how to learn a new language effectively at 37 years.


  14. nataliya valentinovna ladokhina says:

    Simplicity in a clear view, les tolking more doing. Speechless not breathless. Just a tree words 1* I 2* Love 3* You

  15. Soniya says:

    too good sir! will try to implement …

  16. sravan says:

    hi thanks alot robin for your tips

  17. Hemanth says:

    Hello Sir

    I am a big fan of yours….I read James Allen’s book per your tips. It was a wonderful read. Thank you for that.
    On the above content, I feel the Point number 2: Needs to state ‘Take 60 minutes’ to do a game plan for the day…

    Please correct me if I am wrong because 60 seconds seems too less a time to frame a day’s game plan.

    Thanks again

  18. kunal says:

    i daily wasted my tym to some unwanted distraction but now m havin control over my thoughts through ur very famous book of monk….thanx a lot….keep shining likethis always for those in need…

  19. G Angela says:

    Thank you sir ! what you stated is perfect ! need to learn a lot more from you !

  20. Adhya Shivhare says:

    These moves sound good. I am going to put them to my life and hope they make it better. I shall write to you after i get well acquainted with these tactics.

  21. densi says:

    very suitable access to UP reality :)

  22. ravi says:

    this man change my life thanks to robin sharma

  23. Muhammad Zoabi says:

    Thank you Robin for your continues efforts for making a better world.
    Your advises inspire me and make me feel better and more productive.

  24. ameen says:

    thank you sir its very useful

  25. ram says:

    Hi Robin
    Thanks ..you and your thoughts are very
    Clear and impressive.

  26. Praveen says:

    Robin, just want to share one more tip which worksfor me – Take some time to just consiously , love and share laughter with your family. Sometimes in the run of life we are not able to give suffecient time to them. Looking at their eyes reminds me my responsibilities and thus avoids distracted. It quickly brings me back on track.

  27. Vimal says:

    Sir, your books and ideas inspire me a lot. I’ve also started implementing your suggestions in my life which helps me to be focused on my goals. Thanks a ton!

  28. ranjan says:

    Thanks robin

  29. sisira says:

    Hi Robin,

    i want meet sometime in banglore .

    you are too gentle to make laugh other through your sprit.Keep smile ,Keep moving….

  30. Baskar says:

    Thanks robin for for the wonderful post. I realizes the importance of 1 minute when I close my eyes and think how much time I have taken to complete the activity

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