How To Get Up Early

Leaders get that the real fight is the fight against time. So much to achieve/innovate and influence. And so few hours in a day. The solution? Get up uber-early. That way you have your day – versus your day having you.

I was up early this am. One of the gifts I give myself. As I mentioned on Twitter, I spent time reviewing my Core Values. And building out a template for an "on game" day.

I thought it might be helpful to you if I shared what I do to help me get up between 4 and 5 am on most days (aside from travel days):

1. I try to workout daily. This dramatically drives energy levels. You’ll feel more inspired. And you’ll need less sleep.

2. A massage each week. This isn’t an expense – it’s an investment in your full creative expression/productivity/passion and sustained excellent health. And you’ll find you need far less sleep.

3. Do your Holy Hour. If you’ve read The Greatness Guide , you know about this key leadership practice. Take 60 minutes from 5-6 am and get inspired. Read superb books. Write about your hopes, goals and dreams within your journal. Say your mantras. Hit the gym. You’ll start feeling so good/energetic, getting up early will be effortless.

4. Meditation. I just find that 30 minutes of meditation in the morning clears out my mind. And with less worry and more clarity, I sleep more deeply. So I need less.

5. Remember The 40 Day Rule. Any new practice will feel foreign/stressful/hard for the first 40 days as you repattern. Stick with the 5 am rise. Have the courage and persistence to get this habit installed. After 40 days, you’ll have a new protocol in place that – I promise you – will boost your leadership and pour far more passion/success/happiness into every area of your life.

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13 Responses to “How To Get Up Early”

  1. Anupsar says:

    Some people can not wake up early even with 40/400 days of practice, this is because they are built to be so called “with moon” people. Such would have their hours of deep sleep (which is just 2 -3 hours for every human being) after 4am. The “with sun” people are the ones who feel sleepy with the rise of moon(deep sleep hours is early hours of night for them) and feel energetic with sun rise. So if someone can not feel energetic in spite of practicing “early to rise” for many days, don’t be disappointed with yourself. Just because it works for someone, doesn’t necessarily have to be for another. The key is to be the master of oneself, to know what suits you. I do all what is said here, work out, meditation, reflection, at my own ease in the wee hours and feel the same amount of inspiration/motivation if I stay up late with my TV and wake up late.. (Not sure if this comment will be approved:D yet thought its important to share this bit)

  2. Kumar Iyer says:

    Good ONE Anupsar!!

  3. Ken says:

    I think your suggestions and comments are quite on point. Yet, as I tried to focus on most of those points at the inset of the formation of these new habits I found myself failing. It was simply one point of mis focus. I kept on focusing on waking up early instead of going to sleep early. Thus, every night I would work late, eat late, and hence, fall asleep late. Consequently, all my efforts to waking early in the AM would fail. Since, I have switched my focus to an earlier sleep hour I have been more succesful at rising early and following through on my intended goals. The important point is to not give up on the stated goal; sometimes we need to refocus on the goal from a different vantage point.

    Thanks again for all your sage advice .


  4. Saravanan Raman says:

    When I got up early in the morning I felt tiered in the afternoon. More over I can not go to bed early in night.
    Some time I d0‰9¢ã6¾4t get deep sleep in the night too.
    But this idea sounds good and I will try my level best for better life style

  5. Elodie says:

    not sure what time you need to go to bed to wake up at 5am…??

  6. Boris says:

    5am might be a bit too early for start. I started waking up at 6am after reading 0‰9¢ã0¹0The Monk0‰9¢ã0„70‰9¢ã6¾4 five years ago. For this to work, I need to go to bed at 11pm latest (yes, this means no drinking, late dinners and parties). What works for me in the morning is: a) 20 minutes meditation, b) 30 minutes yoga and then c) 40 minutes reading spiritual books, so that I can be at work at 9am. Hope it helps.

  7. Harshi says:

    Thank you Robin for some great insights into things that might help us follow this practice. It is my aim to wake up very early and get a head-start. I love to be up early – provided, I have had a goodnight’s rest. I will keep in mind the 40 days of wont be easy, but it’s completely worth it to try to be disciplined. What’s important is we keep trying and not give up thinking we can’t. Robin, thanks again. You are SUPERB.

  8. Arvind says:

    Hi Robin,

    Question regarding the 40-day rule, you mentioned in ‘the monk who sold his ferrari’ its a 21-day rule; whereby it takes 21 days to install a new habit or behavior and we need to stick to it for that period.

    How come it is now called the 40-day rule?

  9. navi says:

    tussi great ho robin bhai.b cpoz of ur advice able to get up to say my morning prayers n do yoga. signed a big deal yesterday.

  10. Eric says:

    I’ve been getting up around 7h30AM for the last 3 years and I’m still not used to it. I go to bed around midnight.

    I have a theory. Until I can convert my 7 hours of sleep into good quality sleep, waking up earlier will only make me more tired.

    And I also have to admit that I don’t do any yoga, journal writting, gym or meditation either… Woh.. I just got an eye opener moment.

  11. Harshi says:

    Some great insights on when our bodies might need less sleep. Really very useful. Thanks Robin.

  12. rohit says:

    i also do agree with ken.
    same happens with me..
    but waking up early gives u much time to reflect upon.

  13. Jeremie Landweer says:

    Question regarding the 40-day rule.
    In the monk who sold his Ferrari, it’s a 21-day rule.
    Can this be explained please.
    And how many hours do you need to sleep?
    I am a big fan, and thank you very much.

    Jeremie Landweer

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