Make Victory Your New Normal

By Robin Sharma

#1 bestselling author of The Leader Who Had No Title

I gave my heart and soul (and countless hours) making this new video for you

Those within my inner circle are saying it’s the single most life-changing video they’ve ever seen…

…but it’s taken a lot out of me…to share so much information, inspiration and visceral passion…

So in a few weeks, I’ll say goodbye for a while. It may be for a week or two. Or it may be longer. I just need time for myself…to renew, refuel and rethink…

Watch this video that I made with such devotion to awaken the bravest and best part of you

At my very core is my highest belief: that you are made to astonish, built to wow and designed to live a life that makes history.

This video will fuel your rise

With a ton of respect and true appreciation,

P.S. This epic video will expire soon so please watch it now before it comes down

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2 Responses to “Make Victory Your New Normal”

  1. Paruvaathini Balam says:

    Hi Robin, what a wonderful video I must say.. Not forgetting the webinar that I stayed up for.. Simply marvellous.. Thank you is just not enough.. I want to join your Success System programme.. Hope I can.. Have a good holiday.. Waiting for more videos to come.. Take care Robin.. :)

  2. Nishtha Gehija says:

    Totally transforming!

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