My 3 Best Keys To Super Productivity

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93 Responses to “My 3 Best Keys To Super Productivity”

  1. Jozsef Czirjek says:

    Hi Robin,

    I`m the Operations manager for a manufacturing factory, having around 300 employees under my supervision. I`ve watched your videos, all are great. However some of those things you`ve said doesn`t fit to this job. You see as ops mng the job is to interact with people on a continuous changing environment and situations. I`m involved in planning, coordination and control of manufacturing and logistics processes, one of the things related to this job is to be always up to date with news and information’s. One every day I receive around 100 emails, most of them related to production or customers and not counted phone calls also. Not checking my email is not a good idea, I might lose valuable information ignoring emails or phone calls. On a daily basis, my job is splitted between shop floor, meetings and analyses of the current or future situation. My question to you is, how should I work as you`ve said on 90 min shifts, if the activity in a factory is a challenge for 10 – 12 hours per day?


  2. Elizaveta says:

    Dear Robin!
    Thank you very much for your video! I’m really inspired with your techniques of great life, stress is a real problem for me, so thank you for your advices how to reduce it, because your advices always help me a lot!
    Sincerely yours,Betty.

  3. Yateesh Kumar V says:

    Hi Robin,
    I bought your 21 days Program “Success System” in Jun 2010. It is really good.
    In the mean time I like to mention that “The Life Audit Tool” is missing.
    Can you make it available.?

  4. santosh says:

    great job robin…kepp it up….have a nice day

  5. LT Gandhi says:

    I am a great fan of yours. I have read and have all your 10 books in my personal library at home; incl 2CDs of audio books. In US$ terms all Indians can’t afford 277 $. Hence If I may, make a request for a free access to the 21 videos.

  6. Hi.Robin,
    Eustress is always good for progress. I appreciate your 90 mts focus on a task uninterrupted activity which enhance the overall productivity. I practice your tips on Stress recovery mechanism. Best of Luck. I will be happy if you offer your 21 Videos in India as well as most of us can not offered to take it in $ price.

  7. Romanus says:

    Robin, you are amazing!

  8. ido weiss says:

    great tips robin

  9. sucheta bandyopadhyay says:

    Dear Robin,
    My thanks to you are beyond ordinary words. I had to almost lip read the whole video lesson since the audio quality was quite low but I somehow managed to get the essence of the three best Keys.This will help me to focus more on my journey back “HOME”.

  10. Piyush says:

    Sir Robin…..i jst luv d tips that u give to us ..but the thing i want to know is to how to maintain that attitude that u r asking us to maintain…means focusing on the most importan etc…

  11. suv says:

    thnag god or robin !! i received this info. on right time in my life… thnx robin

  12. Yolanda says:

    Dear Robin: I attended your conference here in Guatemala City. My daughter paid it for me. I am a 69 years old lady and I am a vicentian volunteer that works and helps poor people in the countryside. I need to elevate the self esteem of low income volunteers that help my Association to carry on their work. We do not receive any money for the work we do. I am always looking for readings and people that can elevate my energy to go on with this payless job which I do not mind. What I need is to re enforce my leadership capabilities with these type of people. If you have any leftover literature that we can use, I will appreciate to send it and I need to refuel these people and even myself. Your lecture and your videos broades my mind to another clear level of my work. Thanks and good luck. Try to share your knowledge with those not have the means to afford. Bye

  13. Mira says:

    Hello Robin,
    My question is: will we have an access for this info only for 21 days?
    I have purchased a leadership for everyone programm and it onle has 3 months access, so I thought may be this program has only 21 days access?
    Thank you for your reply

  14. Sanjeet Soni says:

    Dear Sir,
    Thanks for this video sir….. Sir, presently I am have a vision to develop a world class school in India in my locality……. I have shortage of funds … so i fell a little demotivated … If u can guide me and help me in some ways I will be obliged and will be thankful to u sir…………
    Sanjeet Soni

  15. kavi says:

    Hi Robin,

    I am facing an issue which i’m nt able to solve.

    I work in a bank, now been 3 yrs after leaving the university.

    My work is appreciated by my boss but the latter is just keep making false promise to me.

    I really do not know how to face that.



  16. Ajinkya says:

    robin, i m studant and i m working too(part-time)_Animation.
    whenever i get the time, i do my work with listing to ur VLOG. u r an amazing…
    ur books r realy good…
    THANK YOU……..

  17. Dr.K.Prabhakar says:

    Dear Robin, Thank you very much for highlighting the point that for every eleven minutes we are distracted. However, i want you to answer a question. You have told that 90 minute is a right time frame to work on a task. I am Professor of management and should schedule my classes for 90 minutes? What is your suggestion for management subjects?

  18. Aniseh, Toronto says:

    Perfect! I sure needed to hear you speak on 3 keys to Productivity! It’s been hectic at work and the worst thing is that I keep going without that power break! Thanks for your very valuable ideas and I will make sure I include this system in my day to day business.

    Thanks so much!

  19. Alberto Rojas says:

    Mr. Sharma sus consejos me permiten ser más asertivo en mis relaciones con mis compañerops de trabajo. pero tengo dificultad para conseguir que ellos se comprometan en sus tareas.
    Como ayudo a mis compañeros y jefes a que sean líderes , sin tener que decirselos?
    me enfoco en mis habilidades de convencimiento, pero no está calando hondo en sus deseos e intereses.
    Observo mi ambiente de trabajo y no veo resultados a corto plazo.
    Presionar a los demás, es una clave para conseguir ciertas cosas, pero quiero enfrentar cara a cara con mis compañeros impilsarlos día a día, trabajar más y que lo intenten. Gracias por su consejo

  20. mamta says:

    thanks robin i always try to learn something from ur lectures…great jo done robin sir


  21. Nav says:

    3 keys to super-productivity: Thats not hard. 1) 5K walk everyday in the morning – that too first thing in the morning 2) Driving my dream car to work 3) Reading Self-Help – a couple pages everyday 4) No news first thing in the morning – keeps me away from negativity 5) No TV – 30 mins a week at the max 6) Connecting only with the right people – I am very picky when it comes to company.

  22. Nav says:

    @Alberto Sea un modelo a seguir. I am getting to practise Spanish, finally Dora the explorer :)

  23. Mukesk Agarwal says:

    HELLO, Mr.Robin Sharma,

    Very happy finding a way to Thank you for writing such thoughts .I have read a few of them ….
    Your books were a big part of help in my regaining of a bit of my confidence, trust and all I have lost by a evil/bad exper ience intentionally given to me by a few…… ….
    Not that much I planned for, aimed for, emensesively worked for, to achive in less age & faster in life, but I am today with a small hope again to atleast try it again, and one of the reason for change im me is your sharing of such wonderful superbe thinking in a fantastic way.
    Please suggest me a book you then wrote to steady my initial thinking and widen it to correct directions………..

    AND ofcourse –
    Thank You So Very Much R O B I N S H A R M A
    MUKESH Agarwal

  24. Nickolay says:

    Thank you, Robin, for your work!

  25. Mira says:

    Dear Robin.
    I really would like to buy the Success System.
    However, I would like to know: Will I have a lifetime access to the system or only 21 days?
    I hope to get your answer

    Thank you very much

  26. Ramesh says:

    Those who have been able to bring a change in their life-style
    and mind set by reading your books or listening to your videos
    or live shows are blessed. Individual circumstances are sometimes
    so debilitating that all the motivating talk and suggestions fall flat
    and the reader or listener finds it hard to come out of his shell and
    start a new life. Perhaps only divine help comes to his rescue. People
    like Robin Sharma are facilitating a silent revolution in the lives of many
    unfortunate souls. God bless you Mr Sharma.

  27. balaji parge says:

    Jozsef Czirjek
    hey friend,the 90 minutes shift is all about for mentally relaxing purpose.the hard work to be done is needed to be done at any cost..just include relaxment of mind.

  28. Robin Sharma says:

    @ Yateesh we just checked and the Life Audit Tool is live and available. @ Mira you will have lifetime access.

  29. Aasheesh Bhatnagar says:

    Hi Robin,

    Great Video!!, Thanks for these valuable inputs.

  30. patrick says:

    thanks a lot

  31. noushad says:

    great robin first time i hered ur sound nice

  32. rohit joshi says:


    i use to get real world class inspiration from your videos i used your tips in daily life and they worked really well.if i’m not giving you any kind of trouble i just want to ask a question that i’m an engineering student my lecture in collage is of 50 min soo how should i refuel myself in between the lectures..

    your great fan
    rohit joshi

  33. Anuradha says:

    Hey Robin,
    Great work and fabolous suggestions. I have read all your books and your work and books have inspired me and shown best directions.

    Thanks for writing great books and sharing videos

  34. Sheetal Deepak Sinha says:

    Hi Robin,

    My sincere thanks to you are beyond words. Trust me since the time i have been reading your books and listening and pratcising your lessons my life/thoughts and attitude has change magnificently.

    I was earlier with P&G and now with Nokia i see myself closure to my dream, thanks and please keep up the good work.

    You are an ANGEL!

    With Best Regards,

  35. Herman Rajoria says:

    Robin i m really impressed by ur thinking, now i do work with enjoy and enjoy the work, would u suggest me i started my own bussiness in student visa, hw i can increase my bussiness nd what is the basic things i have to do….

  36. Layton says:

    Thanks for your teachings , some companies pay motivational speakers to sensitise their staff but iam greatly honoured to be receiving this information for free.God bless you Robin

  37. vera says:


  38. M.AMAR says:

    hi Robin,

    Thanks for your great works


  39. sagender parmar says:

    Robin sir ,

    i have maintain the collection of your eight books .The book “THE MONK WHO SOLD HIS FERRARE” is my most favourite .thank you for super productivity video. its always inspirational to listen to you.

  40. Dr Surya says:

    Dear Robin,
    what ever you tell its outstanding,i always n always learn some thing great when i read your books or listen to your lectures, thanks a lot and i admit thank you is a small word for your mission of leading without title.

  41. MaryAnn Aikins says:

    Hi Robin, You should have one of my books on the shelf behind you!

  42. yash says:

    hey ROBIN u are awesom………

  43. yash says:

    hey ROBIN u r awesom……………..

  44. vinay says:

    Nice video Robin.
    Keep going .
    Best Luck

  45. aparna says:

    Thank u so much robin sir for this awesome tips for productivity.
    Expecting more.. Thumbs up 4 U….

  46. Hey Robin!

    Of course your nuggets never expire….they are more like nice summonses which we require daily. Following your advice is great but I notice to roll out these various practices is where the deal trully lies….Perhaps this is your most honorable gift.

    I absolutely agree bulkanising work in blocks of time is tremendous consolidation. I thrush musch from 5pm – around 8pm. It works.

  47. Mohan Gamage says:

    Hi Robin

    You have always been a great source of energy. Thought provoking tips from you have always helped me to recharge.

    Keep up the GREAT WORK!

  48. Normand Franey says:

    Hello there, just became aware of your blog through Google, and found that it’s really informative. I’m gonna watch out for brussels. I’ll be grateful if you continue this in future. Many people will be benefited from your writing. Cheers!

  49. dr rajedra shah says:



    try to speak slowly and clearly for Indian or those have English is second language. SO THEY UNDERSTAND WELL.



  50. Girish says:

    Dear Robin,

    I am following you constantly and working on these skills. Thanks for changing the world and making it a movement.


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