My 3 Best Keys To Super Productivity

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93 Responses to “My 3 Best Keys To Super Productivity”

  1. Rahul says:

    Dear Sir,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, I realise that how important to know your values & remembering those.

    Thank you.


  2. Nagaraj says:

    Dear Mr. Robin,

    Incredible you’re. Your ’60 steps to success’ has really worked out miracles for me. They are gradually bringing about a remarkable change in my work, thoughts and thereby my working style. Thank u very much for the yeomen service of yours.

    NAGARAJ, Khammam, India.

  3. Ajit says:

    I can read your thoughts for many hours without blinking even once, you could imagine how fascinated I am to read everything you share. We have lot in common Robin when it comes to making a positive difference in everyone’s life & leaving everyone we meet better than we found them. I have been reading your books since last I was 15 (Did not know where my next meal was coming from) when I migrated to a city from a village, I started as a paper boy thats when i started reading books, I used to work in a book stall for free as it gave me a chance to read your books (that was my salary which was priceless) & i can proudly say one of the reason I am treated as a role model by many at work & home is purely because of the values which got stronger after reading your books. You nailed it Robin, Now I have grown to be in a a leadership role. i need your help to strengthen my ability to inspire people to unlock their potential & reach a whole new level.

  4. Chetan Deshmukh says:

    Amazing insights ! Thank you.

  5. Santhosh says:

    Hi Robin,

    Thanks a lot . Even i can’t express in words how i enjoy while i am reading your books , even my friends too became
    great followers of you. Thank you so much…………………..

  6. sumathy says:

    WoW, Robin… thank you so much… this is what I needed at the moment! Thank you, thank you…

  7. Manoj from Mauritius says:

    Dear Mr Robin

    You are great.

    Your books have inspired me a lot and now I’m on the right track on my job as a true leader. I’m putting all the points concerning leaderships and I must say it’s awesome.

    Thank you

  8. Bala says:

    Dear Mr Robin,

    Fantastic, very useful and practical information…

    Thank you

  9. Sule, T.Michael says:

    Dear Robin,
    The Video on 3 best keys to super productivity is really nice and i trust will enhance my performance in work Place- thank you

  10. Vijay says:

    Thanks Mr. Robin for valuble tips

  11. Tarique Anawar says:


    Many of the things you say like getting up at 5 am, reflects that you have read koran is it true.

  12. Razia Sylvester says:

    Dear Mr Sharma, Thank you for your inspiration, motivation and sharing your gifts with us. I learn so much from you. I appreciate you greatly.
    Enjoy every day.

  13. Arvind says:

    Hi Robin,
    You are making your mark and improving lives !
    and you are helping me do the same

    Thank you so much !

  14. surender says:

    Thank u Mr. sharma,
    making a unique change in people percpetion through your
    experiences of life.
    God bless you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Your fan

  15. Vivek M.V. says:

    Thanks a ton….for improving my life.

  16. Jhilik S says:

    This one is really helpful….and I am happy that I get to watch this video at a time when i need it the most.. Thank you so much for your valuable inputs…God Bless.

  17. Tim says:


    I read this every Monday morning before I start my week and it has been amazing. God bless you.

  18. ranjan says:

    Hi Robin,
    Its really rocking to read ur posts. I enjoy each and every word u share .everyone wants u like leader to lead their life.a great appreciation.good bye.

  19. Anil says:

    Thank you much Robin for your incredibly valuable tips. Just visiting your website in the morning for few minutes sets the tone for the day. Really appreciate your contributions.

    Thank you once again !!

  20. Almitra says:

    Robin Sir,

    This was simply kickass !!!! It made me realize that I waste so much time on twitter, facebook and hence cannot put in the required amount of focus on anything I am doing for a long period of time to yield more productivity.

    Thanks a million :)


  21. logapragassen SORNUM says:

    Thanks for all you are doing. I am learning a lot from you Robin.

  22. praveen chaturvedi says:

    your words are of incredable strength,those allways heals my body mind and soul
    you have a wondertfull insight

    thanks & regards
    praveen chaturvedi
    New delhi

  23. Shyni says:

    Master Robin,

    How u n family doing?

    My teacher CRK referred ur books. Read them. It’s worthy. So gifted to my dear ones also. Thanks a lot. Umpteen thanx for my teacher too for introducing u.

    May God bless u, family n ur vision.


  24. Naiya says:

    Hey Robin!
    You’re doing a fabulous job…!
    I dont mean to be anti- religious ….over here – but at least you are giving us a direct message on how we should be living, appreciating our lives , help others around us through us by being happy and satisfied within…. rather than preaching under the lords banner, considering yourself too supreme than the rest.

    We appreciate your effort, to strive and reach out to us and make sure your message reaches the wide world and just not the ”higher class”.(Twitter, blogging, facebook….i try to get all of that …:) )
    My first self development book was ” the monk who sold the ferrari” when i was 16 Yrs, and till todate whenver i go through that book, i still find something that i havent accomplished ,- something that can make me a better person than what i am…

    Well anyway, Thank you Robin!


  25. iranga siriwardana says:

    hi robin,
    Many thanks for sharing your thoughts with us to encourage us in many ways. I hope this will help me to reach the climax .Once again I thank you for your valuable tips which are incredibly amazing. You have a strong insight. May god bless you, your family and vision.


    Attorney at law
    sri lanka

  26. Raj says:

    Thanks for the insights & inspiration, Robin.

    I’ve read your book “The Monk who sold his Ferrari” in both English and my native language – Telugu. It’s a phenomenal book.

    I’ve to accept, I am yet to act on the rituals, etc. I feel I’m moving slowly, probably because I don’t have clearly set and well defined goals for further motivation.

    But I will definitely follow my path. And someday in my success story, you’ll read and be proud that you helped me achieve it :)

    Thank you,

  27. Pranav says:

    Thanks a lot sir! Your advice is no-nonsense, to-the-point and extremely practical which makes it the best available anywhere. Thanks for guiding millions of lives towards greatness! :-)

  28. andrea says:

    grazie mille Robin!

  29. Rupika says:

    Thank you Robin!

  30. Sangeetha Lakshmi says:

    Thank you soo much sir!!! All your advise is simple and easy to follow , practical . Once again thank you sir

  31. Tikila Munashimwe says:

    Robin why are you hoping the keys would be helpful? They ARE!

    You’re a genius. You actually have me feeling like a student all over again (Pen and notepad mode).

    Time to put the 3 keys into action.



  32. Medha says:

    Wow! Robin, wonderful tips to keep the wandering mind focused during office hours!! Thanks to U!

  33. esmie says:

    Thank you very much for your generosity.
    Your thoughts have helped me.

  34. Sundeep says:

    Its said that when ever there has been crises on the earth, lord himself has come down for its salvation.

    Now its you!!!!

  35. mishra says:

    great stuff

  36. Mohan says:

    I really inspired by your 3 key steps to improve productivity. I am following it seeing great change. Thanks for sharing with us.

  37. Arush Singh says:

    Sir, your tips are very valuable but tell us that how one must manage time and keep our burning desire for success as we use to have it in starting the task…

  38. Gloria says:

    Okkkk, no more twitter….I know and I decided to turn off my cell when I teach. Thankss!!!

  39. Rajnish says:

    thanks for the stuff sir, i can’t express how motivated i fell now. thanks a lot…..

  40. Yogesh Limkar says:

    Hi Robin ,

    Your books are great work & source of inspiration to all. I have read all the books & also watch your videos.
    These have helped me to improve in all the fields of life.
    Once again ,thanks a lot.


  41. Atul Deshmukh from akola says:

    hey Robin your books and writing put enthusiasm in us , I am always grateful to you
    thank you so much god bless you always


    Very Nice

  43. ADITI says:

    hello sir

    i want to thank you for writting such great and inspiring books … really inspried me and all that you shared from your book “THE MONK WHO SOLD HIS FERRARI “and from the book” WHO WILL CRY WHEN YOU DIE ” gave me another chance to live my life to the fullest
    and all the exercises and technics of spiritual development are being practices by me…..which made my life happy…and now im really very happy
    once again thank you …..

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