Radio Star Syndrome and The Death of Great Teams

Death of great teams

Much of this gift of a day was dedicated to interviews with the media. Some were with national newspapers. Some were with influential thought leaders. And some were with talk radio stars. Which brings me to the deeply valuable leadership skill of keeping it real.

One radio host fascinated me. Before we went live, she was warm, funny and clearly speaking with the voice that was truly hers. “Three……” she counted. And then the transformation appeared. She assumed a personality. She talked like she thought radio people are expected to talk. She sounded artificial. She’d lost her soul.

What makes a great team (and a winning culture) is a bunch of ordinary people who come together, strip away their social masks and devote the best hours of their best days to the building of a bold and breathtaking dream. The choice we all have is to be plastic. Or authentic. May I suggest you don’t let Radio Star Syndrome happen to you.

Keep Leading Without A Title.

Robin Sharma

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16 Responses to “Radio Star Syndrome and The Death of Great Teams”

  1. Ajit Anandan says:

    Dear Robinji,

    Yes being originally creative and avoiding aping can bring out the distinct charm in the performance of a person in an extraordinary manner. The outcome of a team of such positive thinking mates who go out of the way to applaud ,uplift and inspire each other results in alongwith peak results in their individual creative excellence also outstanding performance of the Team as a whole with synergy too at work. …

    Ajit Anandan

  2. Ashima Basak says:

    My adorable Robin sir,

    ‘Radio Star Syndrom’ = The lose of one’s own self

    If we lose our own self, if we become an artifical product which is decorated or made according to other’s likes or dislikes then our life will become a machine which only breathes.. And our life will become a vain dream..
    Thank you sir for awaring us of this ‘Radio Star Syndrom’…

  3. Nav says:

    Do Authentic people fit in today’s world Robin? Please suggest the survival strategy. I feel like an “alien” on some days simply because I am plain, simple and authentic.

  4. Girish says:

    Thanks for reminding me about this.

  5. sucheta bandyopadhyay says:

    Dear Robin,
    Thanks a lot for guiding us all like a SUPER DAD who is creating a whole family(world) of leaders.Wish u more success ahead.

  6. Robin Sharma says:

    @ Nav keep being true to yourself. Thank you everyone for your amazing comments.

  7. nataliya valentinovna ladokhina says:

    My Dear Passion. Love) Y are so right!
    From begin til the eind of the time just be yourself. The best way to know your real self.
    Self confident being authentic important gift to yourself. Sey no to the stage Syndrome..!
    Thank you my Sweet Love. Thank you Robin.

  8. Randhir kamble says:

    dear Robin sir

    i always get some differnt kind of thougt line fm ur every book or blog… i realising this things happen in urban culture .tnx of this message which help to keep original of everyone’s


  9. Nav says:

    Nataliya, Your message is so full of passion and love. Good for you and those around you :) Keep it up and stay authentic!!

  10. People often feel the need to try and fit themselves into ‘stereotypes’ of what they have heard about people in their profession. But what they forget, is the fact that the most successful people are the ones who have broken out of stereotypes.
    Staying true to yourself adds individuality to your work. And it is this individuality that will put you above the rest.

    – Girish

  11. Roxy says:

    I’m a radio presenter… i think my style of speech sometimes changes but my personality stays the same..ish… sometimes its hard to just be your whole self on air,(you’re more conscious of yourself i think) everyones listening and peoples judgment can be harsh.. it can be easier to hide behind the ”radio personality” than to take that people actually don’t like you directly. Although i do realize we cant please them all.. Its tough .. other peoples judgment.

  12. Rajesh says:

    hey you always have some examples which connect people with reality .you are guru but a modern guru which believe not to giving some belief but a path of light. thankssss

  13. shalini says:

    ya it is true that being actual what u are is always helps you but what about if i am being free in my nature that i like sexuality personally and i don’t want to bounded then y this society is looking me as a bad person doing wrong things i myself very much dedicated to work doing everything which is good in my view then y to adopt world view i am not being naked in front of others but if someone asking me what i feel then y they are changing there way of thinking towards me .
    may be you are getting confused what to say . but if u understand it pl reply i admire you alot . u have help me to live my own life i don’t want to live in the images others have created for me i want to create my own image . as free , wisdom , and clear in everything i heart is now free of burden when i started understanding life .

  14. shalini says:

    @ nav , really it is not possible for all to be authentic and be in front of all as they are . but i am happy when i started being so. do what u like , say what u want to . feel the wisdom .

  15. Daman Ahluwalia says:

    You are right Robin. Most people go through their entire lives wearing their masks or a facade. It Is difficult to be spontaneous and ‘real’. Most of us are scared of being judged and found lacking. i have started to be ‘me’ the real me.And frankly it is a relief.

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