Random Insights On Exceptionalism

ExceptionalismI’m at 40,000 feet. Sunlight floods through the window. Flying home from beautiful Vancouver, Canada after a presentation to The Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) on game-changing moves that Remarkable Entrepreneurs are dedicated to. I do my best thinking on airplanes and wanted to download some random insights on leadership, business and living at world-class with you. This is where I’m at. On my own personal journey called a life. I’m grateful to you for being a part of The Lead Without a Title Community. It’s quickly growing into a movement. And together, we are making a difference in the world.

I hope these ideas enrich all you do. And that they inspire you to amp up the way you Work+Live+Lead.

36 Random Insights On Exceptionalism

1. Average people are dedicated to leisure. The best people are devoted to learning.

2. The ordinary wait for the energy to do a task. The exceptional do the task because that’s how they get the energy.

3. A job is just a job if all you see it as is a job. (Work is a vehicle to promote Full Self Expression of Your Creativity+Ingenuity+Talent).

4. The most precious asset of a businessperson isn’t time. It’s energy. Manage yours well.

5. Love your family. What’s the point of getting to uber-Success yet arriving alone?

6. From a participant at my recent Lead Without a Title event in Doha, Qatar: “The true measure of the greatness of a person is the length their shadow casts on the future.” Love it! Genius.

7. Manners matter.Here are 36 of my insights on exceptionalism that I hope will help you amp up the way you work, live and lead.

8. If you’re in business, you’re in show business. And every day’s a performance.

9. “Be yourself, everyone else is taken.” Oscar Wilde.

10. To double your income, triple your rate of learning. The best invest in their professional and personal development.

11. The primary purpose of business is the delivery of as much unusual value to as many people as possible.

12. Use music to boost your motivation.

13. Be ethical like Buffett. Rock the house like Bono. Innovate like Edison. Serve like Mandela.

14. You dishonor yourself when you play small with your talent.

15. Ideation without execution leads to delusion. What makes Google Google is not the idea behind Google but the culture of execution that is Google.

16. Don’t work at world-class for the money or the ovations. Do it for the pride you feel on a job brilliantly done.

17. Keep a journal.

18. Spend time in solitude. The only person you’ll be with your whole life is you. Why not get to know-and like-yourself?

19. Watch “The Fighter”.

20. Work hard. Industry stands at the foundation of Mastery.

21. Remember that the quality of your practice determines the caliber of the performance.

22. Speak your truth-even when your voice shakes.

23. Leaders leave a trail of leaders behind them. If you’re not developing the best in others, you’re not leading.

24. You know you’re doing genius-level work when people start to dislike you.

25. Jealousy is the tribute mediocrity pays to Mastery.

26. Develop your friendships. Respect your elders.

27. Make time to have fun. Life is short-enjoy the ride.

28. The bigger your dream, the more important your team.

29. If you have average people, you’ll have an average company. To have a great company, hire and coach great people.

30. Remember that your doubts are nothing more than the lies your fears have sold you.

31. Leadership is simple. It’s not easy. But it’s really really simple.

32. Leadership’s mostly about 3 things: Impact+Influence+Inspiration.

33. If you’re not inspiring those around you, you’re not Leading. You’re following.

34. Think for yourself.

35. “Potential unexpressed turns to pain.” From “The Leader Who Had No Title“.

36. Take brave risks. At your End, it’ll be the risks you didn’t take versus the ones you did that most fill you with regret.

Keep Leading Without A Title.

Robin Sharma

Please add your comments below so we all can learn from you.

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80 Responses to “Random Insights On Exceptionalism”

  1. Vasavi Srirangam says:

    Dear Mr. Sharma,

    You are awesome. Your teachings are beyond excellence. Your words have a great power to bring change in us. I see a great improvement in me after attending your Leadership programme in Chennai in February. I get lot of energy reading your books, specially Lead Without a Title. You are the true leader!

    Best always,

  2. Christine says:

    Your emails and inspiration arrive just when I need them. Thank you

  3. Godfrey Kiyemba says:

    Sharma,what an interesting collection of insights on exceptionalism, this is an effective way of leading life. many thanks

  4. bruce says:

    Dear Robin
    I am a lazy Indian like most of us are here in this great country; full of corruption, leaders with nil or less leadership, one state not caring another state’s issues, so and so forth. Most of the HODs(Heads of the Department) are more interested in taking commissions then working for the people and the nation. Hah ! a great nation,indeed ! We have guts to say ,’See, we are 6000 years old civilization’. Civilized to cheat and plunder- that is my country. Now I want to request you to come to India and give some moral lectures; ethics of business, fear of God, leaving the world a better for the children, and topics of such nature. I can assure you that no newspaper will carry your talks/sermon. Challenge. Just do it if you are really a good motivator ( otherwise you are !). Thank U.

  5. V.Gunasekaran says:

    Dear Robin,
    India is such a wonderful country, and our civilization is one of the oldest in the entire globe. Inspite of this why we have such a inequality. This shows that we need more and more Vivekandas or Robins for this country. Indians are shining well thorough out the world. But all these people should contribute for the betterment of our country. Our tamil culture has more than 2000 years of literature which details about essence of life which may suit to any person in the world.I have just started reading some of your books. Truly inspiring , workable .I am getting transformed day by day. Thanks for your efforts.

  6. Just recently I read your fist book and it inspired me to recommend it to others – who bought it.
    I have just started my own little business and its very scary. Your thoughts help me enormously to fight my own fears and replace them with strong and positive ones.

  7. Thank you for some fantastic quotes again and all so true!
    Kind regards, John

  8. Azat Abdyldaev says:

    Dear Mr. Sharma,

    I can’t help but express my admiration and never-ending gratitude to you. Your inspiration and advice really work. Many thanks and respect.

  9. umaashankarr says:

    Hi Sharma,

    The above listed things are really awesome ,very important for the guys who wants a high end life in society,following this is not done by in a day or two ,it takes days to prictise and involve in that activities ,kindly takes this to the people who are wrong to their profession and stimulate them ,it is really a good article ,keep on publishing

    no words ,you are contributing your best to this world ,greate deed Sharma

    Thanks for your deeds to move the dead hearts to work thier best
    Sharma unlimited

  10. Ramesh says:

    Dear Robin,
    The idea of the leaders without title has not sunk in
    enough among the people ie people who run organisations
    or institutions or governments big or small. The day it
    happens and people realise the true import of this concept,
    the world will see great change in the way life is lived in
    work place. It will be a revolution unprecedented in
    the history of the humankind. The border between workplace
    familylife will disappear and it will be a beautiful planet to
    inhabit. It may also impact our prejudices of religions, casts etc
    etc. But it cannot happen overnight and will take a generation or two
    to take place. But it can start today.

  11. Ruwi says:

    simply amazing.Thank you very much Robin…..

  12. dr ak sharma says:

    into self culture since 1956/read almost all leading writers and seminars in uk /usa/australia/ksa/at 70 and still reading 8 hrs daily can say KUNDALINI rising gives whole universal collective consciousness and is ULTIMATE/if you missed pl seek /you deserve this for this earth/god bless/drak

  13. anuj narula says:

    I lead and inspire and make mistakes. Ur thoughts help me reflect and improve. I believe it works. simple not easy. thank u robin

  14. Denis says:

    Thank you very much Robin for these and the rest of your work – they have been helping me to live a much better life.

  15. Roma says:

    Hey Robin, I missed both your presentations in SA. I am a fan, period! I’m trying to practice all that you teach but heaven forbid, it ain’t that easy. Life happens inbetween all of this.
    We need more Robin Sharma’s in this world simply because you are such an inspiration. Keep those emails coming. It seems to land in my inbox when I need it most.

  16. Luis Colon says:

    Hi Robin

    I’m leading without title everyday at work. I listen to you everyday in YouTube, the Picasso Story is FANTASTIC. When I’m working, walking, or driving I’m always thinking about LWT and the great things that we can do to help ourselves and the rest of the world.

    Keep Leading without a title…. Take Care

  17. Kartik Rao says:

    As you say, people like Gandhi, Bono & Mandelas left the world better than they found them, Robin you too are doing the same. “You make difference”, “The Monk makes a difference” “Greatness Guide” makes a Difference.

    Awesome article. Loved it as always! Keep writing, Keep inspiring.

    God Speed!

    With a lots of regards and love
    Kartik Rao
    Human Resources, United Colors of Benetton

  18. awesome points to start the day!!! thanx a ton mr.robin sharma……. i not nly enjoy listening to ur tapes while driving ..but i also enjoyed discovering ur blog!!!

  19. damodar says:

    Awesome Thoughts… I have been reading your books since years… Your inspirational thoughts have changed I look at my life. Keep inspiring!!!!.. Love it :)

    Take care Robin


  20. Ankur says:

    Dear Sir.
    Your ideas are just so simple and obvious yet so powerful and effective!
    Thanks and respect.

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  22. Aarti Kapoor says:

    I used to listen “WORDS HAVE POWER”…but when I read your blogs, books…I come to know that it is so true. The moment I read your writings…i feel quite energized. Thanks for what you are doing…not for yourself…but for the world…!!!!

  23. Ramkumar says:

    The second point is just life changing.

  24. Josef says:

    Hi Robin,

    what’s the purpose of this line:

    “5. Love your family. What’s the point of getting to uber-Success yet arriving alone?”

    I would say the reward is the same, or even greater for those without family or loved ones, or for those like me, who prefer a life alone (still not lonely).

    Good work Robin, keep it up.

  25. Payal Shah says:

    great ROBIN sir .. as always !

  26. Milena says:

    Dear Sharma, I read your book week ago. And I must say that left on me good reaction. I will continue to read your books. Lot of solute from Serbia.

  27. Niren says:

    awesome and inspiring is the only words to describe the book

  28. Pranoti says:

    thank u Robin.. that stuff is very helpful.. u are helping us live our life par excellence. . great work …u are truly helping us shine through ur work..I ll inculcate each n every teaching of u…

  29. Vennela says:

    Thank you once again. . .

  30. Nikita says:

    Thanks Robin Sir.

    Your insights on life is like a drug for living.

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