The Saboteur: The Real Reason You Procrastinate

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58 Responses to “The Saboteur: The Real Reason You Procrastinate”

  1. Tanu says:

    Hi Robin Sir,

    Your lessons on getting world class at work are just the best. This video was really an eye opener to me, as whenever I am working for my best to be done I get distracted by my own thoughts and my focus is just not the same again.

    But through this video I got an idea why it happens and the solution to it.

    Thank You for all your Inspirational and Great Words!!!

    Your Fan Always,

  2. Prachi Srivastava Sahni says:

    Hi Sir

    I have been regularly reading your blogs / books / newsletters / have been watching your videos etc. & am trully a big fan of yours!!

    I am ever so inspired & motivated. I know I can bring out the best in me.

    Thanks for all the guidance & support.

    You rock!

    Regards & Thanks
    Prachi Srivastava Sahni

  3. kruthika says:

    I think u r doing a tremendeously great job by uplifting people all around the world……!!!! my sincere thanks to u sir.

  4. mishra says:


  5. Sambasiva Rao says:

    Robin! You are mind blowing. Your Inputs are so powerful and are so practical that even if executed 10%, they would improve one’s Producitivity by Leaps and Bounds. Ever Grateful for your Inspiring Stuff……

    Sambasiva Rao.

  6. sita says:

    Hello Mr. Robin…Thank you so much for this wonderful insight. I have been trying to work on my
    procrastination for a long time without success. Now reading your article, I realize why..I can connect
    with all those distractions you have mentioned. With this insight I am sure to break the habit. Thank you
    so much……

  7. Joan says:

    I just came across your publishings from a friend over face book. Am inspired by your awesome ideas. I want to learn more……….

  8. Esther says:

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you Robin! For your wonderful work all around the world.
    Also I feel that you are the only person in the world who believe in my greateness as the greateness of all other people in the world!! All my relatives doesn’t!!

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