The Saboteur: The Real Reason You Procrastinate

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60 Responses to “The Saboteur: The Real Reason You Procrastinate”

  1. Amy says:

    Dearest Robin,

    Just last 5 minutes prior to receiving your email I was wondering what would Robin say right about now regarding me and my lack of focus.. how do I break my cycle of getting in “my own way”.. and there was your iPod cast… and again tonight so thank you ever so much.. for the reminders..


  2. Harsha says:

    I liked your concept of how to improve productivity by changing myself. But I want to know how to induce such thought process into an adult person. (Who is my uncle) He is 50 years old guy. He won’t like listen these things because of his age. He thinks that he knew everything because he is the eldest of our family hence bit of monopoly in family decision making. but he is not realizing the reality. please suggest me something solution for this.

  3. Beth Reacher says:

    Hi Robin,
    Really diggin’ your vids on super-productivity- VERY relevant to me right now.
    It reminds me of one of my fave quotes that I have had to remind myself many times which is “Don’t Stop because your afraid, you’re never likely to be more wrong”. I found that when I took the plunge to develop my own biz, I had to constantly beat of that saboteur, but it was when I was closest to success that it came back with a vengeance! I feel that these experiences have been invaluable to me in making me a strong, perceptive coach and has taken me on a journey where I have got to understand my saboteur inside out so that I can now recognise when they raise their ugly head. You are so right, awareness is key. It’s not about ‘fighting’ them- in fact when you start to fight them that’s when they have control over you- it’s just about understanding when they are there and letting them do their own thing, but no longer listening or attaching meaning to what they say.
    Keep up the good work

    Beth Reacher, Life coach, London UK

  4. ANIL MALIK says:


  5. Zvi Doron says:

    Hi Robin,

    Great videos – much appreciated.

    A little constructive comment – I understand you would like them to be raw and immediate – straight from your computer’s camera – but the video and sound quality leave a lot to be desired. The content would not be harmed if slightly more polished result would be presented.

    Best regards


  6. Dost says:

    Great messages! You are doing great service.

    My 2 cents: 1) Improve the video and sound quality

    2) Present your special offer in different way. Definitely should not be done by you after delivering the high level message. People don’t like being sold, they love to buy though!

  7. Sunil says:

    The thoughts are very relevant and impressive but I am disappointed with the sales offer in the end….this affected your credibility in my mind…………I am a fan of yours for the last couple of years but you try to sale too hard….!!

  8. Dearest Robin,

    Very relevant video!

    If you Love something Let it go,
    If it comes back to you it’s yours, if it doesn’t, it never was.

    There is only one happyness in life: to love and be loved.

    Love You.

    Thank You for sharing best of You – with the World!

  9. Nav says:

    Procrastination – NEVER! Its the worst disease in the world. I was raised in an environment where a true leader “My Mom” – Principal of a School in New Delhi never ever left a stone unturned. The day started with discipline and ended with discipline. I used to call her a Hitler. Now I have become one, I owe this to her. I never ever procrastinate. Anyways, we all learn from examples, and we are learning from you Robin. Keep sending more and more and more, Lots of Love! Me.

  10. Nav says:

    Oops.. did u ask for Real Reason for procastrination – Not having a purpose in Life. Not knowing how to connect with your own self. Lack of exercise – And for some Lack of Love and attention.

  11. Robin Sharma says:

    Thank you all for your comments, insights and honest feedback

  12. Marco says:

    Great stuff Robin as usual, but you really, really need a video producer. The bad video quality and bad sound take away from your points. You’re in a league beyond the webcam on your computer!

  13. Diana says:

    Dear Robin,
    thank you SO much for your generous offer! I have just purchased your Success system. Its value is far greater than $277 I paid to get it. Thank you for the inspiration and priceless lessons that you teach.

    I see nothing wrong with the quality of your video message. I can see and hear everything clearly.
    By the way, the image and sound quality of the videos in the Robin Sharma Success system is fantastic! Thank you!

  14. sucheta bandyopadhyay says:

    Dear Robin,
    I feel blessed & loved every time I receive your guidance but please take care of the sound quality of the videos so that we all can hear your valuable messege very clearly.I really missed it.

  15. Murthy SN says:

    Hi Robin,

    Great message from you … I fully agree with you about the concept of the saboteur..and I have been a victim of this several I realize how to take charge REALLY !!

    Thanks once again.

  16. Robin,

    You have been telling us the same things our grandpa and ma used to say to us for free!

  17. cheryl says:

    hi Robin
    Am appreciating all the lessons i draw and connect from all walks of life including small and great and Nature itself for what i am and who am i? Once i sent your commentment of letters and advertisment of offers on books and the course to my brothers who reacted negatively because of their perspiration concepts of beliefs and called me a **** and wasted their time. They who know better their way they are brought up without breakthrough. i did try best to help brothers doing their business well because they also supported me to do well at work and at home to benefit myself and others too. So i leave them to their own chosen fields. Remembering of the Schrodinger’s cat telling us that it is all about the consciousness , it is about us. So i move to take a jump out of logjam systems. Why not?

  18. Neel says:

    @Natalitya – assuming you are a woman – sensitive, warm, passionate – A tip – Dont take your bird for granted :)

  19. Dear Robin

    Great Video

    To be aware of NOW is the key- the awareness on the VERY NOW- THE VIBRANT AND ALL IMPORTANT NOW

    As you have rightly said this awarenss itself will take you our od distractions

    We need to constantly remind ourselves AM I HERE or nOT?

    Thanks A lot

  20. Mevin says:

    Hi Robin

    Procrastination is like driving a Formula 1 car at 10 km per hr because we are afraid of pushing buttons … its all about willingness to make things happen as too many people tend to fall in the trap of complaining on futile things rather than turning problems into opprotunities, hope your message reach out to the maximimum of readers … thanks for the good work as an effective eye opener

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  22. Vanya says:

    your words are amazing and true BUT what if I have done so much introspection that now i have lost the way inside my being.. I seem too have gone so deep that i cant come out and relate these principles of life in my daily living.. You talk of dreaming big, without fear.. what if I have dreamed about so any things in life that now i dont even recognise what is the ONE thing I would like to make a career out of..???

  23. Mani Bagga says:

    Amazing……………….Thanks, looking fowrd for your next tip.

  24. Lakshminarayana says:

    Dear Robin,

    I’m a lucky that I follow your twitter. Today I have decided to improve my English Language. Instead of working on it I just started checking mails and eating something. But now I saw this excellent video. Really helpful. I think it is good start for me to work on English Language, Communication Skills & MBA.

    Thanks a lot

  25. Sagar Kumar says:

    Hmm I will try this out for some days and will get back to this website :D

  26. Vishal Kumar says:

    Dear Robin,

    I am following you from last two years, We have around 150 Associate,managers, Leaders in our company and we have a community on face book only limited to the office, I always post your videos, messages and blog on that community, You are famous in my office and i am loving it…….You owe me this :)….God Bless you….Keep Rocking

    With Love
    Vishal Kumar
    Relationship manager

  27. Stacy Gomez says:

    Small video, Great insight! I’m a new fan. Thank you Robin!

  28. elizabeth paul says:

    Hello sir,
    its been so wonderful watching your video and understanding what keeps me away from giving out the best…i have always been so scared to face any challenges in life, watever they may be,even as simple as driving to a new place or going to a new store, coz i have had a childhood where i have always been told that i wont be able to do a particular thing or im just not good at im a mother of 2 children and i dont want them to be like me and i want them to learn to face every challenge in their life and i have succeeded to some extent but i feel very sad that i have not been able to acheive anything for myself in life..i want to prove myself to everyone who made me feel like a failure and above all i want to prove myself to MY OWN SELF..i will try to follow ur ideals and principles..thank u sir..God bless

  29. preeya padaruth says:

    hello sir,

    I have appreciated all what you have said and I will try to focus on my job. As I have been sabotaging my own productivity during the past years.

    thanks for all

  30. Susanna says:

    Dear Robin,

    I love your message and coaching tip on reminding myself to manipulate my mind with purpose! But I really appreciate not only what you are saying in this video, but how you are delivering it with so much enthusiasm and conviction! You are an awesome coach. Thank you again for helping so many lives – you’re inspirational words are very much appreciated, always!

    Have a wonderful day!

  31. Hermant says:

    Hello. Robin. I agree with you 110% it is fear which holds back in your success and dreams, if you get aware of this weakness of procrastination habits it is possible to overcome, Thanks for sharing

  32. Troy says:

    Thanks. So true! So many distractions makes it so hard to stay focused. Really benefited from your suggestions in the ‘9 strategies of ultra successful entreprenuers’ to work in 90 minute bursts and do the most difficult things first to derive more energy. Switching off or blocking out the distractions is a constant challenge! Kind Regards

  33. Sanjay M Jain says:

    Dear Robin,
    I owe you a lot.
    Especially for this video, which relates to my life at present.
    I am full of great ideas, great tasks but some how I am not able to execute.
    Now I exactly know the reason and the remedy.

    Love you so much, Sir!


  34. Munro says:

    I really do appreciate the message in this video. You’ve described me in that video. Deep down I have had this feeling that I am not giving my life the best of me but I could not put a finger precisely of what I wasn’t doing right. You have given me a glimpse. Sometimes I discover something wonderful about myself in the middle of a lesson(I am a Physics teacher) when I am tutoring one of my students. These ‘flashes’ come for very brief moments. I have tried to share these with colleagues but non seems to understand me perhaps because I can’t put it as clearly as it appears in my mind. So I keep it to myself. A month ago I decided to put it into practice. I started preparing lessons along this lines. I have just discovered that I am very creative and innovative in my teaching. Three days ago I bought a digital video camera and taped a lesson. I captured a video of the lesson. I can hardly believe it! All over a sudden, I discover areas that I appreciate about myself and those where I need to improve. For instance, I realized I need to put on a smile as I explain a concept and many other things. It is not yet clear how this new idea will translate into financial benefit but one thing is clear: I find that I am now enjoying teaching more than before. Ideas of setting up a website where I can direct students to download lessons has occurred in my mind and although I am new to internet, I have started designing my website. I am also thinking of how I can attract students and teachers to this site. How about sending some of my video lessons to facebook ? I live in Kenya and as we speak the Kenya goverment is rolling out an ICT program for all secondary schools next year. Its just over a month that my school benefited from a three day training on this area. I found it really useful. Then today I come across your video. Somehow these things are happening so fast but I am determined to keep up with the pace and even travel faster.

    Thanks for the video!

  35. Pawan says:

    Hello Sir,

    Your video was inspiring as always….thank you,


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  37. Prad says:

    Hello Sir! Big fan :) .. Well, Listening to this I wanna say how I understand it.

    A story , briefly : Once a grandfather n grandson were walking in snow.
    They met with storm n it got worse.
    Grandfather then made attempts n successfully managed to get out.
    When they were later sitting at a warm fireplace the grandson asked grandfather how he manages to overcome everything always.
    To this grandfather said , “There are 2 wolves within us, One is good n represents all the good things in us, like love , competence, courage, belief and the other is the bad wolf which identifies with all things wrong like disbelief, jealousy, procrastination, hatred. And both of them are in constant fight with each other.”
    To which the boy asked , “So which wolf wins??”
    Grandfather replied, “Whichever one you feed!”

    I think what u have described here is the bad wolf. Gotts start supressing him n feeding the good one .. at evry such distracting or such instance just fight the bad wolf by feeding the good one. :)

    Best wishes!

  38. Holly Turner says:

    This is great, great stuff!! Thank you!!!

  39. Rob Moore says:

    What an awesome video! I can relate to this very much and sometimes have to battle myself to get out of my comfort zone and hit my goals. Thanks for sharing this!

  40. sharad gupta says:

    Hi robin
    I listen to your podcast on my drive to work.they were casually passed to be by one of my patient.
    Ii jus hope you keep going
    Its great to listen to you

  41. DB says:

    This is really true for me!!! I really thought that this tendency to push myself back was something unique to me…. Hope that the awareness about it will really make me not repeat me being in the control of the ‘saboteur’ ever again!!!!

    Thank you so much!!!

  42. Kim says:

    Well Roin, We are nearly ending 2012 and I hold much anticipation for the success of the new year. I have so very often be motivated by you and appreciative of your words of wisdom. I work in customer service and really enjoy the experience and your newsletter always have something wonderful that I can apply to my work ethic and personal life. I share your newsletters with many along my path as well as your books. Interestingly, I found those that have the most blatant need for what you have to say and offer so freely are the people in command of the businesses that I have worked for.
    Thank you again for all that you do in this world for all who are willing to put the focus on improving where we can.
    I wish you a joyous and healthy year for 2013.

  43. suganya says:

    awesome video sir…excellent one…thank u soooooooo much…u have brought a grt change within me…i thank god,for giving me such an awesome writer…u r grt…

  44. Shankar says:

    Hello Robin,
    It looked as though you are listing out my “reasons” for not being productive. It was an eye-opener.
    Thanks for the message.
    Shankar, India

  45. Krutika says:

    Hi robin … I just look forward to the reads that get published by you…. It gives a real boost to my motivation levels

  46. Sharad says:

    Dear Robin,

    Thanks a million for all the help. The video is excellent. I am definitely going to improve myself and show this to all my relatives. Keep up the good work. The world need more “Doers” than “Dreamers”, who actually never see action.

    Full of Regards for you

  47. praveen says:

    I do thankfull to you a lot,becouse you fill the enough Confidence to win the world

  48. praveen says:

    Now i really understand the secrete of all kind of success becouse of your teaching.

    thank & regards

    praveen chaturvedi
    New delhi

  49. Lahcen says:

    Hi Robin,

    You are really “making a dent in the universe” with your work. This video is short but tremendously powerful. To everyone who aspire and desire to be productive, one word: AWARENESS.

    Thank you Robin.

  50. vijay says:

    short but very effective

    Thanks Robin I am your great fan ,after reading who will cry when you die

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