30 Insights for a Life of Acute Brilliance

By Robin Sharma

#1 bestselling author of The Leader Who Had No Title

Robin Sharma shares 30 quick and valuable insights on what to focus on as you continue your rise to world-class.

I’m on summer break. Reading wonderful books like Stephen King’s On Writing and Florence Scovel Shinn’s The Game of Life along with thought-enriching magazines like Monocle and Porter

…savoring long mountain bike rides and introspective walks in nature…

…and spending time with my loved ones in the mountains or talking well into the evening over simple meals, as the sun gently sets like a child ready for peaceful sleep.

During these days, my heart is often filled with deeply humbling gratitude…for your generous faith in my work (may I keep earning it)…

…for the team that helps me (may we keep growing–and serving–together)…

…for the opportunity this unremarkable person from a small town has somehow been blessed with to make a contribution to those who dream of a better life–and a greater world.

The Autumn will bring me back onto the road…with events in places like Romania + Monaco + Amman + Vegas + Rome (for my private coaching group IconX), as well as see the launch of my new online program The Game-Changer’s Blueprint. And, of course, the year will end with my flagship 4-day annual gathering, The Titan Summit, where I hope we will meet.

I just wanted to send you this note, thank you, share a little on what’s coming up so you’re in the know and offer you these 30 quick (but hopefully valuable) insights on what to focus on as you continue your rise to world-class:

30 Insights for a Life of Acute Brilliance

#1. The great call on our lives is to do our part to make other lives better.

#2. Get enough rest. It’s a key factor in high performance + longevity.

#3. Focus on how far you’ve come versus how far you still have to go.

#4. Make the time to thank those who have encouraged you along the way.

#5. Remind yourself relentlessly that mastery comes from going to your edges rather than clinging to what’s known.

#6. Do more things that make you happy.

#7. Practice removing complaint from your vocabulary (bonus tip: complaint is often frozen anger).

#8. See your work as your craft. And devote yourself to knowing more about what you do than anyone who has ever done what you do.

#9. Remember that creativity + peak productivity are seasonal: there’s a time to plant and a time to harvest.

#10. Be kind to strangers. You just might save a life this way.

#11. Regularly rewrite how you will have wished you will have lived on the last day of your life in your journal. This heightens your focus on doing what counts. And trains your brain to get it done.

#12. Read for an hour a day. This ritual opens up frontiers that will make you a better producer, a deeper thinker and a richer human.

#13. Walk into the situations that terrify you. This is how bravery grows. And the finest way I know of to take your power back.

#14. Know that internal power, cultivated via years of inner work (reading + visualizing + contemplating + affirming + journaling + discussing + meditating + going to conferences etc.) is exponentially more valuable (and fulfilling) than external power (titles/status/cash)…a strong character always beats a large bank account…and decency lasts longer than fame.

#15. When you stumble, just say “I am sorry”.

#16. When you hurt, just feel the hurt.

#17. When you love, just trust in it fully.

#18. When you dream, know it’s the wisest part of you suggesting the next level available to you. Take the hint.

#19. Remind yourself that health is wealth. And should you lose yours, nothing will be more important than getting it back.

#20. Protect your mindset. Negative stimuli have never been so everywhere. So please: Less news and more beauty. Less gossip and more art. Less grumbling and more gratitude.

#21. Learn from the past but don’t wallow in it.

#22. Remember that your income will never exceed your self-identity. And that your outer results mirror your inner story.

#23. When you fall, get back up. When you win, decide how you’ll make it even better.

#24. Work hard on being more present. Presence is rare these days–and a phenomenal gift to give those who intersect your days.

#25. Laugh at yourself. Life’s too short to take yourself too seriously.

#26. Trust that blaming others is excusing yourself.

#27. Know that success lies around a brilliant execution on the fundamentals.

#28. Having a grand vision is cool. Being amazing at getting it done is far hipper.

#29. Be good at living your own life + values versus great at living everyone else’s.

#30. Don’t miss the so-called ordinary pleasures every day brings to the wise soul who notices them…the singing birds or the beautiful coffee or the inspirational poem or the laughing child or the clean water or breezes winding through the lush trees…witnessing these forges a life gorgeously lived…

…that is my great wish for you.

With love + respect,

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7 Responses to “30 Insights for a Life of Acute Brilliance”

  1. Radhika Singh says:

    Very practical, yet profound thoughts and actions
    to inspire & encourage us to focus on working consistently
    to improve ourselves.

  2. tejas shetty says:

    Great Robin sir was waiting for your tips n motivation from many days
    thank u very much for being great part of my an many others lifes
    thank you

  3. Sambhav Jain says:

    It’s been 2 years since I’m following Robin Sharma & I can say it with experience that your blogs are real blessings for me & thousand others. Quite practical & you can simply follow them & reach your next best level.
    Robin, I’m also waiting for your new book, 5 AM Club! Please let us know when will that be available for us? I have read all Robin Sharma Series books & quite patient waiting for another one.

    I would also like to take the opportunity to thank you to inspire us & making this world a better place by putting forward your rational thoughts.

    Your fan always,
    Jain Sambhav

  4. ola says:

    Peace on you Robin;
    I want to share with you my beliefs about one of these insights+ to thank you , you always provide what I Really need, THANK YOU and thanks for the emails I am always waiting for it.
    My Strong beliefs that our two Greatest natures within us that we can never ever able to alter it are ; taking our worshipiping to the One who created us + our next life Seriously,what protect us to take ourselves+ this life Too Seriously.really hope to read this and I wish for you the best always.

  5. Nihal says:

    When I engage myself in something low, I myself deprived of something higher

  6. Shivam Singh Tiwari says:

    Robin is next Vivekanand……. With love and respect….

  7. Yasmeen says:

    Yasmeen & sawsan & maria & nawal

    #30 and this sentence (may I keep earning it)…are excellant :) .I wait to read next
    article soon

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