7 Black Belt Insights for Elite Achievement

Success in September

By Robin Sharma
Author of the #1 International Bestseller “The Leader Who Had No Title”

Hope all’s superb.

Sorry I haven’t been in touch with a blog post or training video for a while. I was on vacation with my family at a pretty little town by the sea.

Needed it. This year’s been intense so far with presentations in about 20 countries, writing a new book, a new train the trainer program and a hot new self-mastery summit my team and I kicked off in June…

If you’ve read my book “The Leader Who Had No Title” you know I strongly believe that a giant key to best performance is alternating periods of intense productivity with periods of deep renewal. So I was out by the ocean walking my talk.

Ok. So I’ve got some REALLY juicy + provocative insights for you today. To fuel the last 6 months of 2013. And to help you make sure this becomes your absolute best year yet…

…As mentioned, in June, over one truly unforgettable weekend in beautiful Toronto, Canada (one of the world’s great cities), people from over 30 countries attended my new self-mastery event called “The 48 Hour Transformation” (T48T).

Blew me away what unfolded…

We had a few billionaires with us, top executives, tons of entrepreneurs, peak athletes, artists, authors and other brave dreamers from so many walks of life ready to shatter their limits and achieve 20X the results they’d ever seen before.

Deeply held fears were released, all-new levels of confidence were installed, ridiculously positive mindsets were constructed and childhood dreams were rekindled.

What could be cooler than being a part of that?

And the transformations I witnessed by Sunday really were truly phenomenal. I feel BLESSED to have just been there.

Such inspiration, positive energy, devotion to world-class and commitment to making the world a better place.

So to be of service to your highest ambitions, I wanted to share 7 of the “black belt” ideas that were so valuable to the hundreds of people who attended, based on what they told me after the event.

My real hope is they will serve as catalysts for you to start making some radical changes in your own life:


Look, the only thing that’s rocket science is rocket science.

The material, systems and daily performance rituals I taught at The 48 Hour Transformation work beautifully. But like anything, you need to make the commitment and then do the work. Not once a quarter. Not once a month. Daily. When you’re tired. When you don’t feel like it. When you want to give up. That’s how champions play.

And please also remember that consistency is the essence of mastery. Show up, practice hard, stay at it and awesome results will come.


You can follow the herd or you can transform your world. But you can’t do both.

The majority of people have given up on living a “rare air life”. Sad.

They’ve been smacked down, told “no” to and hypnotized into performing at average so long they don’t believe in their genius any more.

What I helped people at the event to rewire as a core belief is that to have uncommon results, you need to start doing uncommon things. I then listed the 20+ best tactics including:

–being a part of a mastermind group of people who are exceptional
–joining The 5 am Club and running the 20/20/20 Rule
–seeing work as a craft and an opportunity for Mastery
–doing a “second wind workout” at the end of every day to kickstart energy and creativity
–getting a massage every week to stay strong and focused
–60 minutes a day without technology to think and plan
–journalling every night


Failure’s got a bad rap.

Failure’s necessary to win.

Failure is part of the learning process. It’s valuable. It’s helpful. It’s massively instructive.

But society teaches us that failure’s a mistake. It’s not. Da Vinci and Picasso and Jobs and Meg Whitman all understood that you can’t make progress without “beautiful setbacks.”

Understand that failure’s a kind teacher. Just leverage the data it delivers for even more success.


This idea really moved people at T48T. Inspired them. Helped them to viscerally get that change is a process.

At the beginning of any change (from losing weight to stopping worry to multiplying your sales to saving more money), you’re fighting the gravitational pull of your old habits.

And if you’ve practised those habits every day for decades, how can we expect them to be replaced in a day (the latest research from University College of London says it takes 66 days to install a new habit).

So it’s hard at first. And so most of us give up. But if you stay with it, you get to stage 2 and that’s where your old habit starts to crumble. And your new one begins to form. It’s messy at this point. Confusing. A little scary. And completely normal.

And then, with grit and devotion, the new habit becomes your new normal. This is a great time on the journey to unleashing your potential. And life’s never the same.


An amazing life isn’t constructed via revolution: one bold act on a sunny Tuesday that makes you great.


All exceptional achievement (whether it’s chess mastery, entrepreneurial success, athletic championship or financial wealth) is the result of daily, consistent actions that over time creates explosive results.

It’s all about the hard work.

It’s all about the steady practice.

It’s all about the insane levels of persistence.

And if you do it (and start saying no to all of those time wasting activities so many of us are seduced by in this Age of Dramatic Distraction), you too will get to your mountaintop.


Powerful idea: once you know more, you can achieve more.

The other night my Dad reminded me that “investing in education is the best investment of all.”

And I still recall a long lunch with a man who built a fortune where he shared “the years I spent three hours a day in personal development were the most financially rich years of my life.” Three hours. Each day. In learning. Studying. Improving. My hero.

If you really want to get to great in the important areas of your life, invest in the books. Go to a conference every quarter. Spend the cash on the online course. Download the audiobooks. And hang with the best (bonus tip: mindsets are contagious).


This idea had people at The 48 Hour Transformation talking all weekend.

Attendees really got that awesome lives are not built on a foundation of excuses.

Sure-it’s easier to blame others or conditions for the lives we have. That way we don’t have to leave The Safe Harbor of The Known and make any changes. But that’s how cowards live, no?

We have the lives we’ve created.

We’re living the lives we’ve settled for.

And if your life isn’t working, it’s not because of anyone else or anything else. It’s because of us. Our beliefs (that drive our behavior). Our fears. Our habits. And our actions.

The moment you wrap your brain cells around this idea and accept APR (Absolute Personal Responsibility), life is NEVER the same.

You start taking back your power. Doing the difficult things. Taking chances and making leaps. Life gets exciting and colorful and precious and fantastic.

You deserve to live at world-class. So make your changes today.

Hope this post helps you win. And I hope you’ll post a comment below so we continue the conversation.

Your fan always,

P.S. PLEASE NOTE: The next “48 Hour Transformation” will be held in Toronto, Canada on June 7+8, 2014 (the VIP day will be June 9, 2014).

Many of the hundreds who attended T48T2013 are coming back and the interest in getting a seat is already extremely high.

So please mark the dates on your calendar and get onto our waiting list to get advance notice when registration opens up (there will be an early bird discount)…

Get onto the T48T2014 waiting list now.

Thanks again!

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  1. siddhesh sawant says:

    thank you Robin ur this 7 ideas r very helpful. thank u fr lifting my day. im very greatful 2 u .

  2. Dr Khyathi Rao says:

    Hello Robin,

    Thank you for this AWESOME post!! It really got me pumped! Its true that we all give excuses as to why we haven’t achieved what we wanted. I would definitely use your 7 ideas and implement it. Thank you.

  3. Wricha says:

    Hello Robin

    Your 7 black Belt Insights were the energy boosters.

  4. pooja korgaonkar says:

    hi Robin

    I just wants to thank you as your books have helped me a lot. After a reading your books i always feel positive. Your thoughts always inspires me.

    Thanks again

  5. TANIMA says:

    hi robin,

    Thank you for all the encouraging thoughts you have shared.. It really helps sometimes when one lose the sight of who they really are…your inspirational words and your way of bringing the reality as it is in the forefront has really helped me out….

    moving along the path to mastery….

    hope to hear from you soon…


  6. ronald says:

    hi Robin
    this is so inspiring and mind-blowing. i always look forward to reading your articles and newsletters.
    only financial constraints and distance overseas prevent me from attending your conferences and training sessions.
    thankyou for these ideas

  7. Kiran says:

    Thankyou,for making me part of your team by sending me the 7 black belt insights.It gives me courage to go an extra mile and to face any challenge .
    Take care and god bless

  8. Rafidah says:

    Dear Robin,

    Thank you for always taking the time to write in such a sincere and passionate manner. I agree with you and I know what I need to do. Unfortunately I have not been very consistent and have been failing in my delivery. But, I am not giving up. I am trying again…I will start with waking up at 5am and exercising, praying, journaling. If you have any tips on how I can succeed this time round, please do let me know!

    Thank you again!

    Best Regards, Rafidah

  9. tejaswini says:

    Robin sharma!!
    You are doing an incredible job!
    many a times your vedios have made me inspired.
    any day from now i know i would definetly look forward to a person like you.

  10. vinod kuamr singh says:

    dear sir
    i like to say thanks for reply me long time ago ,i give up all that let me down …………………after every fall i realize i always stand so there is no point to support anything to let you down…………there is no point to waste your time ………….i praise you for your work ..i give up my biggest weakness in respect of you .
    vinod kumar singh

  11. Stephan Toussaint says:

    Hi Robin,
    Thanks for all the treasures you send to me.Hope you had a great time with your family.Though its not easy but I try all the good things you teach me.I am actually at a point in my life where I have so much things to do.My family,my job(teacher) and now I am intensively engaged in Politics and all the good things you send me give courage and strength to go further.
    Thank you so much and God bless you.



    Dear Robin,

    I am extremely grateful to GOD for various reasons, of those various reasons one reason is that HE created you .Another reason is that ,I got a chance to get associated with you through your books which I read regularly and get the daily inspiration of leading my life .Keep it up.GOD BE WITH YOU AND BLESS YOU AND YOUR ENTIRE FAMILY AND ALL YOUR LOVED ONES.



  13. rohan says:

    just failed my exams..
    was really down..
    this post has given me a boost
    thanks a lot..

  14. nischay says:

    very helpful but i still lacking the commitment

  15. sunita goel says:

    It is really WOW. Thanks for keeping me motivated.

  16. Debanjan Roy says:

    Dear Robin,

    Thank you so much for everything you have given us!

    May God bless you,



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    Thanks for such fab ideas.

    Your big fan

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    Such an amazing piece of article. Thanks a ton!

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    Every time something new in your mails.Keep communicating!

  20. nithin says:

    The ideas are really game changer. Just thinking about them derives so much confidence and energy. Need to implement them to achieve true success. Cross that. I will implement it right here and right now.

    Thank you Robin Sharma for sharing these ideas.

  21. Ashwin says:

    Dear Robin
    I attended the event at Durban South Africa yesterday. I am an entrepreneur that finds others that started similar businesses at the same time as me have had their businesses grow exponentially. Mine does not show as much growth but the financial rewards are pretty much the same with us if not more with the way we operate. Please comment on this issue.
    Also explain your take on food, alcohol ingestion, & the likes as I am vegetarian & alcohol free. Am I missing much?

  22. Shammah says:

    One day I will look back and remember reading this, it has unleashed something great within me.. Thank you.

  23. Sailaja says:

    Thank you Robin,

    Yes, it is really valuable.

  24. rahul says:

    Mr sharma
    As i told u earlier im a big fan of urs
    Ur doing great
    And its my dream to meet u one day …
    God knows when ???

  25. Stephen says:

    Hey Robin,

    Very inspiring and motivating post. I particularly liked the piece about change and how it takes 66 days to form a new habit. Old habits die hard and it’s been overwhelming for me to think of fighting that fight every day with no end in sight, but now I plan to mark my calendar 66 days out and look at that as the goal line. :)

    As always, thanks and best!

  26. Subhash says:

    You brighten up our lives and wow us…keep going and make planet earth an inspired palce…..

  27. Tanushree says:

    Hello Sir (Robin Sharma),

    You are doing your part so well, in my life. You’re the ideal mentor for me. Many parts of my life, carry you n your thoughts and ideas, which improves my life from better to best.
    And it feels so good living a best life.
    Simply, THANKYOU.

    Your ONE, of million fans….

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    Your fan.

  29. munish ohri says:

    sir i will stick to my commitment of being world class n hopefully make this year my best year ever

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    Awesome robin! Thanks you have changed the way I look lifestyle

  31. Tatenda says:

    Thank you Robin. This is so inspiring. I’m ready to take personal responsibility for everything i do.I’m ready to commit to the making myself the best.

  32. Sherly says:

    The other day, someonr told me why your keep studing
    , if out there is so hard to improve with all thr knowledge we have, I said, I do it for me My education is My best investment, someday I will get the results of My effort, so I was right, your are My inspiration to so many thinks in My life . Thanks
    your fan. Sherly

  33. Mohammad Said says:

    Thanks Robin… a usual

  34. Padma says:

    Hi! Gr8 thoughts to start the week! Habits do take a lot of effort to build up! Am hoping to make use of these thoughts and ideas

  35. Israr Ahmad Khan says:

    Robin Sir You are My Hero , My Inspiration , My Motivation.
    Its My Goal to Meet You One Day and I am sure I Will.
    Your Fan Israr…

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    This was so wonderful,
    I always learn new things from you,

    Thank You so much . . . :)

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    You are a real Hero!!!

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    Just started reading your Blog recently and I must let you know,your posts have been a real eye opener for me. Thanks Robin.

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    Dear Robin Sharma,

    thanks for mailing me regularly. Your thoughts and ideas energise me and keep me going. My mindset has been great since the time i started reading your books. Good job. Keep it up.

    Dr. Kuldeep Moras,

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    Before i met u Robin, i was a living perfect example of lethal mediocrity. seriously

  47. urban mbithi says:

    Taking sick of just to watch movies…tv. 24yrs wasted…i i would tell about how well so an so were wealthy an boast how we went to collegge tog. How i hate the tv now…God is good i met u sharma. thank u.

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    it was awsme

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    Absolutely great post!
    Read it again after long and it rekindled the fire!

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