Build a Monument

Take the stones people throw at you. And use them to build a monument.



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9 Responses to “Build a Monument”

  1. Hetal Gandhi says:

    This is amazing. This mails makes my day. Thank you Very much Mr. Sharma

  2. Rob Moore says:

    I love this! I don’t even pay attention to the stones anymore but I’m still going to use them to my advantage. Thanks for sharing this!

  3. Rolinka says:

    All of us face the throwing of stones at us. Its a good message to look at the positive result that can be achieved even in a negative circumstance. Truly appreciate the message.

  4. pradeep k ( dubai) says:

    Dear Robin, your posts are meaningful, practical and inspiring … thank you.

  5. Stanley - (Soweto...RSA) says:

    WoW, insperation of highest quality!

  6. Upamanyu says:

    Hi Robin,

    I find your blog posts more meaningful and ‘honest’.

    Unfortunately, millions of websites out there, send quotes with image on a daily basis, only to be auto-trashed.

    Your personal wisdom was your differentiator. I hope this is taken positively.

    I still keep a weather-eye on the horizon, for your posts :).



  7. Sachin says:

    Truly inspirational & very constructive :-) Thanks for sharing such wonderful & meaningful thoughts.

  8. Rashmi says:

    You are a true inspiration. Love The wordings on the poster.

  9. Shrikant says:

    Well it does not seem so realist.

    For example I work very hard in my work place for the last one ane year and at the end I dont get promotion. The guy who was given promotion is very bad at work, multiple teams have escalted againts him. yet he gets promoted..I feel like bashing my manager…
    Can somebody tell me what shoudl I do ?

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