Start to Win

You can't win unless you first begin. So start now.



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4 Responses to “Start to Win”

  1. Rob Moore says:

    So very true! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Dev Beerachee says:

    Just as if you want to eat the omelet you have to break the egg.

  3. A.K.Dwivedi says:

    It’s an absolute scientific fundamental principle..Begins only starts when we are prepared to start with is half done. Consistency and persistence in our own belief that takes us to win and it is bound to be ! provided we are best competitive and honest in our efforts. What is in our hands at our disposal. Results are beyond our jusicdiction. That’s the way I believe. Sir !

  4. Goldy says:

    Hi Mr. Sharma, I have read your books and following you on Twitter. Everything you say makes sense to me and it becomes daily routine that I read your work. It has been easy to bring change for myself however, is very difficult to do so for others, kudos to you for doing that. I need help to someone very close to my heart who has number of set-backs and have lost the motivation. Things that motivates me, works negatively for the person I am trying to help. How do I help the person to see that a new beginning is the only way forward? Please advise.

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