The Big 5 Opportunities of This Down Cycle

Big OpportunitiesOK. We’re in some challenging times. Economies are shifting. Businesses are reconfiguring. And deep uncertainty dominates many peoples’ mindsets.

But smart leaders get that crisis breeds opportunity. And so they train their brains to focus on nothing else.

Here are 5 of the NBO’s (Nice Big Opportunities) I’ve been sharing with my clients:

1. It Has Never Been Easier To Stand Out
Everyone is negative. Customer service is being pulled back. Innovation is shutting down. So, great rewards will come to you as you stay positive, client-centered and wildly creative.

2. It Has Never Been So Easy To Retain and Secure Superb Talent
A great team of spirited people can achieve extraordinary results. Now is a fine time to build that team.

3. This Down Cycle Is An Excellent Time To Open Up New Markets
Not every region is in a recession so now might be the perfect time to expand into an emerging economy.

4. With All the Turmoil, This Is An Opportunity to Get Back to the Fundamentals
Create strong value for your stakeholders. Build a business based on integrity. Renew deep family relationships. Savor life’s simpler pleasures.

5. This Is A Fantastic Time Invest In Your Learning
Learning boosts passion and engagement. In the up-cycle, you may have been running so fast you made zero time to invest in yourself. Yet, to be a better leader become a bigger person.

Keep Leading Without A Title.

Robin Sharma

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19 Responses to “The Big 5 Opportunities of This Down Cycle”

  1. nick goddard says:

    Some nice thoughts, there are great opportunities available. It’s just a case of recognising them as opportunities (rather than problems) and taking the initiative. As sad as it is, redundancy can allow you to do something that a safe job was stopping you doing.

  2. Amit Gupta says:

    Nice positive thoughts, but i really dont understand,everyone says look for the new market.Can anyone explain how can one seeks the opportunity in the new dimension.

  3. Umesh says:

    Good thought when u are struggling to swim & the end seems too far. This would divert the negativity & make u more innovative

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  5. Every day is a new learning says:

    It Has Never Been Easier To Stand Out – sticks to me. This is what was happening to me recently, and I crashed. In the process of standing out, I was burnt out as I was desperately trying to prove myself in my own and my leader’s eyes. I couldnt control my inbound energy forgetting how badly I needed to slow down. And I made mistakes one after another.

    Today when I realize, its too late, YET I am taking the lesson along. It is important to walk before we can run. Wish I had practiced it before. Time gone by is lost – it will never come back again.

  6. Golden leadership quotes by my Leader says:

    1. It is important to walk before we can run.
    2. You dont have to change the whole world.
    3. Be a little selfish, not completely selfless
    4. I want you to look after YOURself first.
    5. Get 7 days of good night sleep, dont settle with 1 or 2.
    6. Dont yell, lower your voice, your tone
    7. My biggest lesson: LISTEN, keep your eyes and ears open…often we get blocked and dont realize the mistakes we r making. Life lost doesnt come back Leaders. So Lead but Listen. Thank you Leader, may others working with u treasure you as much as I do.

  7. Walk the Wire Viewer says:

    Hi Robin,

    Never been able to thank u enough for recommending “Walk the wire” to your readers. That was one video that helped me get rid of my fear. I had a fear of expression – written was always great – but when it came to verbal – you have no clue how blocked I felt. Just like Mahatma Gandhi did – on his way to South Africa. I read his biography too to understand his psychology.

    There were many factors that helped me get over my blockage of verbal expression, and I know this video took me a step further. Thank you.

  8. Thanks for making a difference says:

    There are many readers out here who have the ability to make a difference in people’s lives – people who need direction in life – people who need someone to talk to them patiently and with care. I beg those to volunteer their time in bringing light to those less fortunate people who live in dark tunnels. Search on “Big Brothers Big Sisters Canada” and give your time, give direction to those who need one.

    This is not publicity but we need to work together as team in shaping each other’s future. I am one of Robin’s fans.

  9. Sudhir M Koli says:

    very shortly but powerful thoughts you shared here dear Robin.
    may be this is general but not focused yet.
    i want to share here one thought of Mr Vivekanand, ” you cant change hole world, if your brothers wont uplift themselves, fold your hand, bless them and let them go on their own way.”

  10. Robin Sharma says:

    Thank you everyone for your comments.

  11. Tommy Roux says:

    Hi Robin,
    It was an honor to meet you in Cape Town, and also afterwards at the airport. You are a huge inspiration. I have been a big fan for a while, and try everyday to implement some of your great principles into my business as well as private life. Thank you for the HUGE contribution in becoming a real Leader without a Title. May God bless you abundantly.Tommy Roux.

  12. Meneka G says:

    Very simple yet powerful thoughts, following these 5 simple rules during a downturn can help an organisation not only grow but achieve greatness… Thanks for the inspirational thoughts Robin.

  13. Bansri Chand says:

    Mr. Sharma i am sixty five years old and inspired by your simpleways of explaining about leadership at workplace.thank you

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  15. Ravinder Tulsiani…

    […]The Big 5 Opportunities of This Down Cycle | Robin Sharma's Blog[…]…

  16. Mukesh says:

    Dear Mr. Robin Sharma:

    I am very gald to read your articles and books. I gifted your many books to my colleagues, friends, my manager, my VP. There are very happy to receive this kind of gifts. Really your articles, books, quotes are very inspiration to all professionals and society.

    Thanks a Ton!

  17. Dr.Harsh says:

    I read your Quotes.

    Be slow to criticize and fast to appreciate.

    realy ,real leader won’t accept credit for sucess but always claim responsibility for failure.

  18. shanmugapriya says:

    Robin sir

    Really u r thoughts make me a different world. i feel real satishfaction , yes robin sir’s words are absoultly right, who men in your heart telling this speech , i got it, that is god. so u r also god.


    yours shanmugapriya

  19. Sunita Goel says:

    U always inspire me to work better and lead a rich life.


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