The ONE Thing Titans Do

The ONE Thing Titans Do

By Robin Sharma
Author of the #1 International Bestseller “The Leader Who Had No Title”

Really important message today. It’s a little long because I’ve put A LOT of effort, research and thought into what’s below…

…But the ideas, hard-core “elite performance intel” (and the announcement at the end) are DEFINITELY worth 3 minutes of your precious time…

I’m in Durban, South Africa as I write this. At a special little hotel called The Oyster Box. It’s a rest day on this tour. My windows are open, the sea roars and the breeze is salty.

I’m genuinely hoping you are feeling on game, fuelled by your mission and executing brilliantly on your vision for 2013. Not so much time left to make this year your best yet….

Which brings me to the idea of being “A Titan”.

…In Greek mythology, “Titan” referred to a member of an ancient race of powerful Gods with incredible strength, power and influence.

…In today’s world, a Titan is a man or a woman who is a member of the financial, business and social elite.

Ultra-billionaires Carlos Slim, Bill Gates, Amancio Ortega, Warren Buffett, Li Ka-Shing, Liliane Bettencourt, Elon Musk and Bernard Arnault are just a few who come to mind.

But so do athletes like Roger Federer, LeBron James, Lionel Messi, Floyd Mayweather and Maria Sharapova.

Artists like Jay-Z, Rihanna, Basquiat and Warhol are Titans.

22 year old chess wunderkind Magnus Carlsen qualifies…as do former Navy Seal Eric Greitens, author J.K. Rowling and inventor of the Internet Tim Berners-Lee.

And of course world-builders like Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. are Titans.

So what’s the ONE thing each of these people have in common?

— yes, each of them has what University of Pennsylvania psychology professor Angela Duckworth calls “grit”. [Her research has proved that people with “grit”—the trait of exceptional persistence and devotion in the face of obstacles—consistently outperform those with higher IQs].

— yes, each of them understands that “focus plus time equals genius” so that while average people are trying to do 100 things, these performers are monomaniacally focused on doing just a few things really, really well.

— yes, these SuperAchievers all have an uncommon respect for time (time truly is priceless and the hours average people waste on gossip, tv and video games, Titans use to create remarkable results).

— yes, these people all engaged in deep daily practice which led to their exceptionalism (please read the article “The Role of Deliberate Practice in the Acquisition of Expert Performance” by Anders Ericsson–the father of “The 10,000 Hour Rule” and you’ll have all the science you need to understand that greatness in ANY field is far less about natural talent and far more about deliberate practice).

— yes, they take “hedged risks” (versus betting the farm) that ordinary people don’t take because it makes them feel too uncomfortable and scared.

— yes, most Titans invest far less on entertainment and so much more in their education (especially on their personal development). The world TRULY belongs to the learners because the more you learn the more you will achieve.

— and absolutely yes these people had the guts to believe in their own vision of their future even when they were the only people on the planet who believed in that vision.

But out of all that I’ve observed coaching so many of the financial elite and ultra-achievers for 17+ years, sharing long meals with them and traveling to exotic locales with them, the ONE thing they all have in common is this:

All Titans live and breathe “The Law of Association” (which says that “your results always rise to the level of your influences.”).

This is REALLY REALLY important my friend…

To create world-class results you absolutely MUST spend time with people whose lives you want to be living.


— Science has proven that mindsets and emotions are contagious. Associate with elite performers, those leading world-class lives, who are in the top .001% financially, super-healthy and seriously great human beings and their ways of thinking, doing and being unconsciously start to influence you.

And…The Law of Association also ensures that:

#1. Your income generally is the median income of the 10 people you spend most of your time with.

#2. Your levels of motivation will look A LOT like the motivation of the people in your social circle.

#3. Your ability to execute on your goals and deliver results on your dreams will be a lot like the “execution intelligence” of your friends and associates.

#4. Your lifestyle will reflect the lifestyles of the people who populate your life.

#5. And your overall beliefs and happiness-levels are definitely a mirror of the beliefs of those you associate with most of the time.

So my strong encouragement is to take a good hard look at who you associate with (as well as your environmental influences).

Few things are as important as getting this piece of the “uber-success code” right.

So starting today, my strong and respectful encouragement is that you have the guts to clean out associations that are toxic, limiting and demotivating…

Your productivity, wealth, fitness, mindset and family life will transform when you get this one thing flawlessly done. And the highest level of success and performance is my greatest wish for you.

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9 Responses to “The ONE Thing Titans Do”

  1. Lynnette says:

    Robin, I’m a great fan of yours and would love to attend one of your workshops, but I’m afraid many of them are tailored to business and organizations. Not to individuals. Personally, I’m an educator and your thinking has transformed my views, but my school district would not buy into this type of workshop. I’m interested in seeing a workshop that is for individuals wanting to lead without a title no matter which line of work their in at a reasonable rate.

  2. harry says:

    hi what about people who are all alone widout friends.only have fe w hour job.?

  3. lemmyb says:

    Awesome blog post. Trully invigorating. Very stirring, and am circulating it to all my friends – that way they wont be surprised or hurt when i stop hanging around some of them.

  4. Chand says:

    Awsome Business Mind. Keep on surprising….

  5. Thomas says:

    Hi Robin, Thank you very much for this inspiring post. I’m 26 years old and I’m still studying at university. As you can imagine, I can unfortunately not assume this investment even if I definitively feel that it is what I need to goo further and meet inspiring persons. I already had the opportunity to meet you in Switzerland and I know that this workshop would truly allow me to go further in realizing my personal and (future) professional projects. I’m also consciousness that the price is a filter to select only the ones who really want to take into action what they’ll learn and experience at your workshop. So as Lynette wrote, please organize events for individuals. There are a lot of young, students or simply mothers or fathers with children who want to attend to such world class events. Please also invest your experience, your time and your knowledge in the future generation. This world needs more leader 2.0

  6. robin says:

    Thanks Thomas. I hear you. “The 48 Hour Transformation” (T48T) is my annual personal mastery event and the investment is far lower than The Titan Program. T48T2014 will be held next June. Hope it’ll serve your excellence and success. All green lights and thanks for posting so sincerely. Robin

  7. Kajaa says:

    Hi Robin. I just recently turned 18 but I love your work. I attend your conference in Nairobi when I had just turned 16 and I’m truly glad I did. I really admire your work and all the effort you put into ensuring we get the very best. I understand that the 48 hour transformation is far lower than the Titan program but some of us would really like to attend events such as the Titan program. I was thrilled reading about it but crushed because I knew I cannot afford it. Robin, please remember also the young leaders without a title like Thomas pointed out. We are just as eager to lead our best lives and just as eager to attend conferences.
    P.S. please come back to Kenya. I’m highly anticipating your return :D

  8. shivya says:

    hello sir.please give some of ur tips for students and especially for medical aspirants bec. we also recquire your unparalled knowledge and advice

  9. ankit says:

    Hi Robin,

    I have been regularly pursuing your mails and blogs. These have created a deep desire to lead my aspired life(ideas also formed by your recommended books) and i see your online courses and workshops as a vehicle for this. As i live in Delhi attending them is a bit too tough for me given my career stage. It is a humble suggestion if you could conduct occasional short term workshops in Delhi.

    Anticipating to be inspired in person by you.



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