The Respect You Give Others…

The Respect You Give To Others...



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5 Responses to “The Respect You Give Others…”

  1. Marilu Nunez says:

    Great inspiration, thanks for sharing! You’re empowered!!

  2. Cicci Mtatiwa says:

    I am really inspired by all the videos and your books. I live in Zimbabwe and have learned to be a leader without a title through your inspiration. I am a subscriber and was sent your Little Black Book for Stunning Success on e-mail, something or someone deleted my link and I would appreciate another link to download it. It has changed my life.

  3. Rob Moore says:

    So true! This is very important when it comes to leadership! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Jason Profit says:

    This article really brings to light the issues that people face on a day to day basis

  5. yogen says:

    what is the meaning (actual) of this quote? Pls explain me.

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