The Small Tail of The Best of The Bell Curve

The small tail of the bell curveBusinesses fall within the confines of a Bell Curve. Some are extremely bad. Few are extremely good. Most fall in the large area within the middle of the curve. And are merely average.

Most of my professional life is devoted to working with companies to help them go from the realm of the ordinary into the rare-air of extraordinary. Which brings me to Lufthansa.

As I write this blog, I’m flying from Norway to Kuwait, via Frankfurt. On a 3 week speaking tour. Lots of hotel rooms, time zones and lengthy airline flights. As a professional traveller, I’ve seen the service/quality/user experience on many airlines plummet. Many flights are cautionary tales, revealing how to lose friends, and de-influence people. Yet, my love affair with Lufthansa continues.

It started a few years ago on a flight from Asia to Europe. I woke up to hand squeezed orange juice and a fresh flower placed in a special holder built into my seat. Now, every opportunity I get, I go with this carrier. They treat me well, so I want them to win.

And on this flight, their exceptionalism continues. To be tactical, here are the four simple reasons why:

1. THE CREW: Passionate employees means happy customers. To a person, the crew on this flight operated at the highest level of professionalism and service. Their uniforms were impeccable. Their manners superb. Their smiles contagious. Sure it’s an old line but one flight attendant said: “I made this meal at home. It took a lot of work. I hope you like it.” I did. (How easy it is to forget that if you have merely good people, you’ll have a good business. To have a great business, you have to develop great people).

2. THE CABIN: The German engineering mastery is obvious on this aircraft. The seats offer many different positions that allow this long flight to be pure comfort. The lighting is excellent and on target (unlike another carrier I know whose overhead lighting system doesn’t even fall on reading material placed on tray tables). The in-flight media system offers the best programming I’ve seen. The headphones are built by Sennheiser (versus the fifty cent ones on most flights). And you could eat dinner off the floor, it’s that clean (oh, and the blankets are of an excellent cotton versus that thin, itchy wool that some airlines offer – without even cleaning them for the next passenger; Lufthana’s blankets are perfectly cleaned and shrink wrapped for each passenger).

3. THE FOOD: Don’t get me started on airline food. Hard to believe the caliber of what some firms are offering the guests who keep them in business. Lufthansa is different. My first course salad was uber-fresh. Great dressing. Main course was excellent – prepared by a famous German chef. And dessert was a delicious fruit concoction.

4. THE GIFT: Lufthansa creates what I call Last Mile Excellence. What makes a truly great customer experience is not just how you start the ride but how strong you finish it (final impressions endure, don’t they?). At the end of the flight, I was left with a special gourmet cookie and a specially branded booklet inside a neatly-designed container. A neat gift. Just to create further wow. The booklet had all the recipes of the meals served, creations of Michelin starred chef Lea Linster. And was labelled “My Recipes for You”.

As I left the plane, the attendant said: “We hope you enjoyed the flight. Have a lovely evening. And we’d love to see you again.” She will. For sure.

Keep Leading Without A Title.

Robin Sharma

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25 Responses to “The Small Tail of The Best of The Bell Curve”

  1. Chris Kobia says:

    I’m writing to you from Nairobi, Kenya – We are waiting for you eagerly on the 16th of this month.

    Hope you’ll fly Kenya Airways! ~The Pride Of Africa~

    See you on the 16th.


  2. andrey says:

    Robin Sharma you also share exellent service to us so many wise thoughts and it works i want to share with you that last week i started to wake up at 5 am

  3. Pankaj Nikam says:

    Wow! Awesome read Robin! Its simply inspiring to read this post. I am following many of LWT philosophies and thanks to them, now I am better than I was before!
    Looking forward for your next book!
    Take care.

  4. Mumba Chingoma says:


    This is great, thank you for the motivating messages, you are really a leader without title, some airlines don’t appreciate the most important person on the plane – the passenger…

  5. Mumba Chingoma says:

    You are world class, I will always love and treasure your GREAT Book “The Monk Who Sold His Ferarri” this book has changed my life, your writing has made become a Super Shinning Dad

    We would love you to come to our country

    Lusaka – Zambia

  6. Tim Butt says:

    Great example of a free-market success story and the ability to exercise one’s power of choice. Sounds like Lufthansa lives your 4 Natural Powers. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  7. ram says:

    This experience is only in business or first class. You travel once on economy class and then we will see what you get!!@@@!!!@

  8. Robin's follower says:

    Thanks Robin, you are simply the best. I totally agree with the above… Never missed any of your books or blogs, makes me the person I always wanted to be. There were blockages of energies which have also got released. thanks to some friends and people around me, who came at the right time and made a difference in my life, helped me become the leader I wanted to be.

    Gratitude is the key according to you, and I am very very grateful from my heart to you and my special friend who has helped me (without my realizing at first) to become who I am.

    Thank you, Thank you, God Bless both of you!!

  9. Suren Sobarun says:

    Thanks Robin to give us small examples that can make difference in our life.
    I am eager to see you and attend your conference in Mauritius on 22.07.2011

  10. Hardy Haenisch says:

    Robin, not to trash Lufthansa, but try our Hong Kong carrier, Cathay Pacific, when you get a chance. Consistently GREAT service. Every flight, not when you are lucky to have good crew.

  11. sucheta bandyopadhyay says:

    Thank you Robin for being the Lead Voice of so many of us.Leading players in businesses have the power to change the face of this world. So it is really important to spread the messege of the goodness of quality service to them.The more they realise the importance of their role,the more care the whole society gets in larger perspective.Personally I had a great experience flying with Quatar Airways once from India to Doha(in Business class).In my view if all the airlines keep in their mind to extend quality service(menus might be different for obvious reasons but care could be extended free of cost) to all the passangers travelling aboard, they will surely attract blessings as well as good business as always.Hope they all learn from you to work being more in sync with the laws of Nature.

  12. SANJAI OJHA says:

    Hi! Robin,

    I got introduced to you by a friend & ended up taking Monk…….. I’m still half way through it but it fascinated me. Learnings are useful & practical.
    Keep writing such wonderful books to enlighten & change lives.


  13. Robin Sharma says:

    Thanks for sharing your insights and experiences everyone!

  14. Robin's friend says:

    I miss you Robin, I miss you my friend. Atleast we are all part of the same society.

  15. Kasi says:

    Hi Robin,
    I love your what you said. However I guess all this might have happened in business class. Go to the economy class of the same flight and see how you feel about the crew, cabin, food and gift.
    So they serve based on what we pay, they see who their customer is.
    Love to see your comments on this.
    I’m your fan for the last 8 years, since I read TMHSHF.


  16. Sarah Anne says:

    People in Economy are there for a reason, either they cannot afford $ or mostly they dont have the MINDSET at all. Like Robin says in his greatness guide book 2 – Page 60 – “Opinions Dont Matter” – if I didnt follow Robin’s principles I would have never been able to look at my face with the pride I do today (except a few things that I am not responsible for). As Robin’s follower, I ran my own race, its only because of economy riders, I was pushed away – in the future readers pls remember that it is true – “Opinions Dont Matter” – if we start listening to what world has to say, it will only take away our courage and add anxiety and fear (reminds me of what I used to be pre-Existence). In the end we all want to Lead without a title, no matter what.

  17. Sara Jane says:

    Robin, By showing me the way to lead, you have shown me a whole new world. I couldnt have asked for any better, I feel complete as a person, as a leader. No further desires, its like I have accomplished the true leadership.

    I will now take your methods and lock them away so that I never ever loose touch with those and practice everyday – at work and in general in my life. No, cannot let you go! Never again…wont even try.

    Love you Robin, keep sharing the best of you and know I am very proud of you. Dont forget to take care of your health, coz you mean very much to your audience, your fans.

  18. robin says:

    well this blog sure provoked some interesting comments. i’m here in Atlanta, ready to speak for The Coca-Cola Company tomorrow, thanks to each of you for posting!

  19. Nancy says:

    Robin your insights and wisdom has made me change my view about life and to fix my eyes on what is important. you have a way of making life simple and fun God bless you.

  20. Vladislav says:

    First of all, I want it to say that your books have influence on me, in that way – you are telling basic true, in a simple way, from wisdom of life, I like your way of filtering greatness of life in to simple and affective aspect which have to bring closer easy way of thinking and living, like I said – your thoughts are nice, clear, easy and affective to approach to everyone of us!

    Second – I am from Serbia, poor country, with lot of bad energy, people here don’t beleve in optimism, couple of decades of coruptions, wars, wrong systems made serbian people totally out of faith! In that sence, it is totally crazy to beleve in miracules, but I don’t belive in them, I beleve in way of thinking and way of doing things, and then in miracules ways of help which was caused by the power of mind…

    My favourite guitar player Richie Sambora was my idol when I was younger, but I could never belive that one day I would watch him and Bon Jovi..especially somewhere outside my poor country..And in a strange way, my girlfriend moved out from my country, and chain of strange actions bring me in Zurich to watch Bon Jovi two days ago, whith no money :) in a crazy way everything is posible if you beleve, and then I was walking in Zurich streets before concert to see city, and than I saw YOU!!
    What a crazy story was that, Bon Jovi, Sambora, and You – whose books I was reading last year and made big change in my life, not only in a way of thinking, because mine is also like that, but in disciplin to start to belive in me, to start to work and live for my goals and dreams!!

    It was speedy moment and I didn’t get closer to you to say halo, and give mine admires to you, in a second I remembered your story about Eric Clapton, so I decided to write you in this way!!

    You can also use my story if you want, it is completely true, what a magical moment was that – me, from poor Serbia, in rich Zurich having dream come true even without my money, someone else helped me to see my dream of younger days, and then to see YOU walk beside me on the street, unbeliveble!!
    My way of thinking is that I am not belive in destine and do nothing, but that if you strongly belive in something and work on that thoughts, power of minds, life, will, god, depends what you belive, will open you way, mysterious way! Something will hapend!!!

    Excuse me Robin for my bad english, all the best for you!!!

  21. Every child deserves love
    A safe place to run and play
    Every man deserves a chance
    To bring home a decent pay
    Every race is equal
    Beloved in God’s eyes
    When I see discrimination my soul cries
    Say a prayer for the lonely
    A prayer for the confused
    Say a prayer if you’d only
    For the secretly abused
    Say a prayer for the newborn
    With all the battles to be won
    Say a prayer for the tired and worn
    Say a prayer for everyone

    Walk a mile with a stranger
    Put yourself in his shoes
    Lend a hand to an old one
    Good will come to you
    In our heads were happy
    We go our merry way
    In our hearts were all afraid of our dying day

  22. A prayer for everyone in the world says:

    Thank you Robin for being here, the world of leadership would be incomplete without you. I said a prayer earlier without asking you, I believe it is important to. Looking forward to your next book – and more tips. When can I come and see you? I live in Calgary.

  23. Tatiana says:

    Great example of a service experience planned to the smallest detail and perfectly executed.
    Especially liked the “Last Mile Excellence” practice…
    Sometimes even if the whole experience is at average level, an extraordinary closing moment makes it remarcable!

    Because we like to be surprised and we remeber such moments..!
    It is amazing why more companies do not introduce these “wow moments”?

  24. 1000 Thanks Robin
    for all valuable skills & wisdom
    I´ve learnt from you *
    Greetings from the Swedish Mountains
    – with Heli-skiing :)

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