The Top 10 Things Amazing Leaders Do

The Top 10 Things Amazing Leaders Do

By Robin Sharma
Author of the #1 International Bestseller “The Leader Who Had No Title”

Leadership. Love that word.

Makes me think of Mandela and Gandhi. Gates and Edison. Mozart and Beckham. Bono and Bieber ;)

It’s a word I’ve passionately built the past 20 years of my life around–reminding so called ordinary people that they are called to lead. And create. And contribute. And win.

These are strange and gorgeous times. Tons of challenges. Dazzling possibilities.

And I viscerally want you to leverage these times to fly. To express your talent. To do your dreams. To make the world better.

To help you Lead Without a Title, I’ve distilled 10 of the most valuable and practical insights on leadership that I’ve taught to our global corporate clients like Starbucks, IBM, Nike, GE and FedEx. These ideas have helped them do some great things. My deep wish is that they deliver the same results for you.


I’ll be blunt: if you’re not building more leaders, then you’re not leading, you’re following. Your job (regardless of whether or not you have a title) is to help people do work they never dreamed they could do. Your job is to inspire people to own their talents, express their gifts and do the best work of their lives. That’s part of what it truly means to lead.


Start small, dream huge but begin today. Nothing happens until you take massive action. The sad reality is that procrastination is nothing more than the defense mechanism of choice used by scared people. Here’s what I mean: if we actually did our goals and acted on our visions, we’d become ultra-successful. And spectacular success brings responsibility. That frightens most among us. And so we put off getting great things done. And blame the world for any mediocrity that infuses our lives.


You tell the world what you believe via how you behave. Complain all day long and you reveal a deeply ingrained set of beliefs that you are powerless and apathetic. Present work that has typos and poor wording and you express a belief that average is cool with you. Mistreat others and you reveal that you’re selfish–and disconnected from the beautiful humanity that surrounds you. The good news is that as you wire in the beliefs of leadership (versus victimhood), your behavior changes automatically.


I’d rather have an average idea that my team and I flawlessly execute on than a genius-level idea with poor execution. The best Leaders Without Titles and the organizations that win big are all about “less talk and more do”. Less meetings and more delivery. Less analysis and more rolling up of sleeves and getting amazing projects done.


To double your income, triple your rate of learning. Few things have served my professional career–and the careers of the billionaires, Titans and CEOS I privately coach than this idea. Please simply remember that genius is much less about natural talent and much more about out-studying, out-preparing, out-practising and out-learning everyone around you. Almost nothing yields the return on investment that investing in workshops, conferences, online course, audiobooks/books and coaching does..


Leadership is about relationships. The smartest, fastest and most effective leaders all get that the whole game is about people–developing teammates + serving customers + making the world a whole lot better by the way you show up in it. Learn to listen like a master. Commit to being more inspirational. Keep your promises. Do nice things for people. Be the most generous person you know. Staggeringly great opportunities will come your way. Trust me.


A title, position and a large office do not guarantee people will respect you. Nope. You’ve got to earn that gift. And the quickest way to earn respect is to give it. No need to say much more.


Yes, we live in The Age of Dramatic Distraction. According to The Financial Times we collectively spend 100,000,000 minutes a day playing Angry Birds on our smartphones. Most people in business are spending the absolute best hours of their days being busy being busy. Leaders Without Titles are completely different. I teach my clients a whole system of tactics to 20X productivity but a few to apply are these: start your day at 5 am/set 5 daily goals and get them done before leaving the office (that’s 1850 “small wins” in 12 months)/use your first 90 minutes at work to fuel your most important project/get good at saying no.


Victims make excuses while leaders drive exceptional results. You can spot a victim a mile away: they blame and complain and are negative and cynical. They’ve given away their power to achieve amazing things to other people and outer conditions for so long they’ve actually conditioned themselves to think they have none. You are not a victim. This day–and every one that follows for the rest of your life–offers a platform of possibility. And the great thing about using your power to make things better is that the more you use it, the more powerful you become.


My Dad is awesome. He often said, “Robin, when you were born, you cried while the world rejoiced. Son, live your life in such a way that when you die, the world cries while you rejoice.” I’ve always remembered my Dad’s striking advice. And carried it with me in all that I do. To truly be a leader has nothing to do with ego-stroking, applause and fame. No, to be a leader is to make phenomenal contributions that make the world better and cause a lasting difference. To lead is to serve. And to be of use.

As always, hope these 10 points are helpful to you, your life, your team and your mission.

Please share them with your others, discuss them and–most importantly–live them.

Your fan always,

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  1. Thanks Robin for the tons of insights.
    Its really invigorating.

    Have it wonderful as you change the people around to leaders.

  2. nokphoa says:

    Wow wow wow

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  4. Alloys Siaya says:

    Great inspirational piece! My Outstanding leadership starts now

  5. Dr Avinash Pulate says:

    Sir , I was insearch of a Guru and finally after so many years I could find in you.thanks almighty for giving me opportunity to rub with personality like you .looking for more such inspirations from you.thanks.
    Dr Avinash

  6. arshad says:

    I thank you for all the inspirational ideas you give to the young managers.May god give you a long and happy life.

  7. Priya says:

    Thankyou for the beautiful and insightful books!

  8. SRK says:

    ‘have 8 titles from Robin and all are best then other one…
    This is summary of all lessions the leaders should learn and digest..
    Great great learning from Robin.
    Many Thanks.

  9. EJ says:

    Excellent words. Brilliant teaching. You inspire so many people. Thank you Robin.

  10. Abdallah Al Siyabi says:

    Absolutely amazing 10 insights. Thank you Robin for being there for us. So grateful :)

  11. Krishna Mohan says:

    Insight # 5

    ….. return on investment THAT investment .. ..

    Just a typo!

  12. Fazl says:

    Thanks Robin, great thoughts. One thing that I would like to add is ,Gratitude, learn this and many of great things happen. Simple yet too profound as contentment gives great strength & takes you away from selfishness that leaders tend get trapped into

  13. Ankush Sharma says:

    Thanks for the great thoughts ..keep inspiring ….

  14. Niki says:

    Did you really put Gandhi, Mandella and Beiber in the same sentence? Beiber may be talented but he is a spoilt, obnoxious and a downright mean kid. He pees in mop bins for someone else to clean, drag races under the influence and gropes his underaged fans. Please, Robin, I need to continue to take everything you say seriously!

  15. Ajay Y says:

    Bieber!!!!!! Really ! Sir how can he be a leader? He is an arrogant & spoiled boy.

  16. Manisha Arora says:

    Hi Robin. Awesome piece of knowledge. Another gem coming from your end. You have got a unique charisma to connect with people. The entire feeling is an experience. Keep sharing such inspirational posts. Even being in India, I feel so close to you. Thanks Again.

  17. Abhishek says:

    Awesome ideas

  18. Dr.Sandip Singh says:

    Thank u sir!!
    It gets us refocused.

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