Walk Amongst the Best

Make your life matter. Be of use. Serve as many people as possible. This is how each of us can shift from the ordinary to the extraordinary and walk amongst the best who ever lived.



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5 Responses to “Walk Amongst the Best”

  1. Rob Moore says:

    That is very inspirational! I love it and that’s what I really want to do because so many people either need help or need to be awakened to the fact that they can have whatever kind of lifestyle that they want! Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Stanley - (Soweto...RSA) says:

    Making your life matter. I think this is the single most important thing to pursue…thank you Robin.

  3. brinda says:

    Thanks, Thanks, Thanks.

  4. Sachin says:

    Make your Life Matter. Serve as many People as possible. I think each one of us has to come to life with a purpose and the purpose is best found when we serve as many people as possible. Serve Others, Share Happiness :-) thanks for putting these very inspirational words on this forum.

  5. Warren Buffet says:

    HI Robin , nice to know you have quoted me many times……..

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