You Can’t Lead In Fear

You can't lead in fearFear ruins more bright lives than you might imagine. Each of us, by virtue of our very human nature, has the potential to Lead Without Title and achieve great things that elevate everyone around us by our model of possibility. But the chattering voice of fear in our heads stops us from playing big.

A little while back I had the chance to spend 3 weeks in New Zealand. And just before I returned home, I had the opportunity to go heli-skiing. Yes, this is where a helicopter drops you off at the top of a mountain, and you ski down.

The experience was challenging, exhilarating and full of rich lessons for growth. Here are some of them, that we can apply to business and life:

1. You Don’t Grow In Normal
All I mean by this is that if you stay within your comfort zone, you don’t grow. But if you instead stretch and face fear head on by going to your limits, you’ll discover your limits will grow.

2. You Don’t Know Until You Try
It would have been easy to refuse the chance to heli-ski. I could have made a thousand excuses. But Leaders Without a Title recognize good opportunities. So I seized it. And because I tried heli-skiing, I not only grew as a skier, I added another experience to my life that will shape all I do.

3. On the Other Side of Your Fears You’ll Find Your Confidence
By doing what we’re afraid to do because it’s beyond our comfort zone, we grow in confidence. The increased confidence I have as a skier because I skied a new peak will translate to increased confidence as an entrepreneur and as a human being.

4. Life’s Short So Get In The Game
A rich life is one made up of many rich adventures. Don’t miss out on enjoying as many as you can.

Keep Leading Without A Title.

Robin Sharma

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83 Responses to “You Can’t Lead In Fear”

  1. mudassar says:

    Fantastic knowledge Robin which you have shared. Please continue this chain of inspiring people.

  2. Sudhanshu Rawat says:

    Robin i always ur fan because ur motivation power and style is fantastic…

  3. Rose Osman says:

    Beautifully written Robin. I hope more people realize that unknown zone offer more than the comfort zone.
    Thank you for inspiring people Robin.

  4. safdar shadab says:

    your words of wisdom always inspires.keep this one on.

  5. u have created a positive evironment again robin ;as always :-). grt …

  6. Abhisek says:

    Always happening thoughts and applicable in the practical world.

  7. Ciara Conlon says:

    As always my favorite sentiment, you must transcend your fears to find freedom. I hope the experience was amazing.

  8. Shashank Shirolkar says:

    Recently a movie called ‘ Zindagi naa milegi dobara’ ( it means “You get life only once”) released in India….It shows dat to overcome your fears you have to know them & face them. When you face them you not only overcome them but you have a new confidence & motivation to do more. I think entrepreneurs should possess that confidence & motivation which they get from overcoming their obstacles. All the four points mentioned can be experience in dat movie. Its really inspiring.

    Thanks Robin for the constant inspiration & motivation. I have been following you for more than 2 years now. And I have achieved many good things reading your constant tweets, blogs etc. At times it made me overcome my fears.

    Thank You Robin…….Keep Inspiring & Keep Smilinggggg :)

    Thnx & Rgds

    Shashank Shirolkar

  9. Adrianos Fidi says:

    4th is my favourite ;)

  10. Alok kumar says:

    great idea sir. i like your all the ideas. they sounds great.really.keep your work on. you are doing great job….:D

  11. Robin Sharma says:

    Thank you so much for your comments everyone!

  12. Robin Mujo says:

    That’s one of my project for my near future..It is not a fear, it is a dream..I will try to make it colorful! Thanks for inspiring..

  13. Kurt Swann says:


    Good post and thanks for the reminder. Especially like the part about the increased confidence and how it helps in other areas of life. Today I just took the third skydive lesson which is part of an Accelerated Free Fall program. First two lessons, two instructors held on to make sure I was stable as I practiced maneuvers but today they let me fall from 10,000 feet on my own (but stayed close by). Each lesson is definitely a combination of leaving the comfort zone (yikes!), growing and being more confident. And on top of that it’s surely one of those “rich adventures” you talked about.

    Thanks again!


  14. anuraj says:

    words wil become restrictions to convey my thanks …sir waiting for ue next book

  15. Ravindra says:

    Keep posting those motivating words…Its really refreshing for us when we see that everyday.Thanks,Robin

  16. ashok says:

    very true and inspiring message to be adventurous and move out of the comfort zone thank u robin

  17. mandeep kaur says:

    I read you whenever i feel low. It works !

  18. Tom Basnet says:

    Hi Robin,
    Good evening! Feeling grt once again by seeing your wonderful and inspirational blogs.

  19. Chitra Roy (Singapore) says:

    Thanks Robin. You are right, people who are leading and are fearful make disasters at workplaces. I had an experience few years back, where a fearful, misfit leader caused disasters at my husband’s workplace causing damage to the organization and people working there. We had just moved here then, it was not an easy time. Fear and Leadership doesnt go together. Now we know the reason for financial crashes… My husband is a fan of yours and now I am too. It is 11:30 am in Singapore, hence wishing you a good day. Thank you.

  20. Amarnath says:

    Hi Robin,
    “Leadership without a Title” is my first inspiration and its really helpful for me. What you have shared in this and its really good and Its help me to increase the confident and fear is getting fade from my mind. Thanks a lot.

  21. Alfredo says:

    Very true, to lead you don’t need a title you need inspiration.


  22. MANJUNATH says:

    u shared ur valuable experiences and there things encourages us to do new things. THANKS A LOT. plz mail me how to use the time effectively.

  23. thank you sir for sharing such a wonderful article!! :) :)

  24. Tejman says:

    hi Robin,

    You are the master of mind, you know how to model it. After i read LWT, that encourages me go through your other books as well.

    I liked the way you impress and make into book. i feel, somewhat you are making it commercial, meaning what we understood is you did so much of research to compile all these books not other than earn money.

  25. Nithya says:

    Awesome ! Applies to driving a car as much as it does to shifting to a new job!

  26. Tim says:

    Thank you for your continued inspiration. Shortly after reading your book; The Leader Who Had No Title, I was ‘called’ to fulfill my life’s purpose…to passionately serve and help others. I’ve now found my passion and live it, share it and reflect it, in all I do. Truly living the dream…without a title.

  27. Es excelente cuando podemos expandir nuestros limites ya que eso nos abre la mente a todas nuestras posibilidades. Graciaas por motivarme a seguir adelante!

    It’s great when we expand our boundaries and that opens the mind to all our possibilities. Thanks for encouraging me to keep going!

  28. Samuel Justin says:

    Well, I am still reading the book – “The leader who had no title”… I’ve alwyas found it interesting to read; i’ve know the truth of my fear… I am leaning forward on the learning curve of becoming comfortable in your uncomfortable zones… I’ve off late retrospected my life (Inner) too for many fears that have grown within me… But posts like these and books keeps me going on…. “You become a completely new personality”, but with the same body! Thanks Robin..

  29. Ashwini Verma says:

    you changed my life…..thanks

  30. preeya padaruth says:

    thx 4 ur inspiration

  31. wow its too good for every one thank you sir

  32. Satish Dhage says:

    The massage itself gives -A Light to ones life who had dipressed & demoralised due any reason if he follows the same &understand the words as wel as its meaning in positive direction then he never get stress for what so ever the reason So, thank you for the best IDEA & Message,,,

  33. Ornery says:

    Very true, and very good, but you can’t lead dead either….

  34. Alnoor says:

    hi robbin, ur one of story related to fear which i heard in ur podcast ,which says about dog and the way it terriffied people and monk who ran towards dog to petrify dogs to elimimnate fear among common people has changed my life.
    i use it as metaphor whenever i fear something, i recall that story and u don’t believe my fear is gone.thanks day i would like to meet u and thank u personally

  35. Ajit Anandan says:

    A strong-willed mind who never succumbs to fear or confusion is ones true armour,those who lack it are mere vegetables in the form of a human…

  36. Sergei says:

    At each person the fear! Most of all the fear arises from absence of belief. I know on myself when beliefs are not present or it is closer to absence of belief – all worse than ever. I wish everyone to find forces. To find in itself power. To lay down to itself the aim and to aspire to it. And still to write itself the plan as it to reach on steps. And confidently, easy to take every day small steps to the purpose, every day passing metre behind metre. Thus to add feelings. Feelings of pleasure and feeling that you already have achieved it … Any circumstances should not force to turn away you from your way. Dare. After all it so is simple. The purpose! Steps! Results!…

  37. mariam says:

    i am a high school student and your thoughts and knowledge really inspire and encourage me. so thankyou :)

  38. poonam says:

    hello sir…, i hv been a constant reader of ur your tweets and blogs..!! LWT has inspired me to a great extent…moreover…its only after reading ur books and blogs that i started believing in my capabilites n talent..nw.. every step i take is towards the goal of improvement n self-realization. IT has worked out. with every oppurtunity i try to overcome my fear…as u mentioned in ur experience of hillski..stepping out of ur comfort zone..!! thanks alot to you for providing us with such great thoughts and knowledge..!!

  39. preeya padaruth says:

    Thanks for your inspiration.

  40. Deepak Wadhwa says:

    Gr8 thoughts Robbin……. :):)

  41. Deepak says:

    Awesome one sir! :)

  42. jayasheela says:

    Awesome Sir, “life begins at the end of our comfort zone”

  43. santosh kumar says:

    i am a college student.i inspired a lot with your lessons.thank u robin for inspiring and making me to grow in a positive way….

  44. Darshan says:

    Amazing!! Truly incredible!!……now heli-skiing is one of the things that i have to add to my 101-to do lists before i die!!! :D

  45. Cheryl Thomas says:

    Thanks for the inspiring word Robin Sharma.Trully uplifting and you always see the brighter side of things.
    I can honestly feel the positive energy that is contagious in your words of wisdom…All the best :)

  46. Reena says:

    Thanks for inspiring and motivating me to grow as a better human being.

  47. Jignasa says:

    Great Sir! Thanks for the new ideas… keep sharing

  48. Raj says:

    Hey Robin, been thinking about this post a lot. I’m working on starting a business. Lots of fear involved : ) It’s potentially a lot of money and i know a lot of startups fail.

    I think in “Delivering Happiness” – Tony Hsieh talks about a bias towards learning as you move forward vs standing still while you learn something and then moving forward. I imagine heli-skiing is one of those situations where you don’t want to be learning too much as you go : ) It’s an interesting question … when do you know you’re ready to jump?

  49. utkalika says:

    hi,robin sharma ,,,,u hav been my motivating champ…i owe 2 u a lot..thnks 4 changing my lyk n showing a ri8 path

  50. Sadath says:

    Hi Robin, I just bought your another book- The Leader Who Had No Title…. Another inspiring book

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