Your Perfect Day

Just recorded the latest video for The Monthly Coach program I do. One of the pieces was on “The Perfect Day”. While nothing’s perfect in business and in life, recording what your ideal day looks like is a smart move. Because with greater clarity comes better choices.

What was the best day you’ve had in the past 12 months? What made it so special – and unforgettable? What things were you doing that time that gave you those superior results? Once you know what works, you can set about doing them with greater consistency. And consistency is the generator of Mastery.

Here are 4 recommendations for a perfect day:

1. Get up early. Getting up early is a gift you give yourself – once you install the habit. Yes, that’s hard at first but after a few weeks you’ll have more time for yourself every morning – time to think/read/visualize/exercise and set yourself up for superb results.

2. Run a schedule. I write more about this in The Greatness Guide where I say: “The things that get scheduled are the things that get done.” Success and happiness don’t happen by accident. No, they occur through conscious choice. Schedule your priorities and the most important things in your life so you can get them done.

3. Stand in Gratitude. While there are so many things you could do to ensure a great/perfect day, I find spending even 5 minutes in gratitude reshapes the way I perceive my day. Please remember, stress and gratitude can’t share the same room. And you’ll see more of what you pay attention to. So focus on best and block out the rest.

4. Growth. Much as we resist change, the fact is human beings are happiest when we are growing. To live perfect days, do things that move you out of your comfort zone and into your Discomfort Zone. A day with zero growth is a day unfully lived. Fears faced die speedy deaths.

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36 Responses to “Your Perfect Day”

  1. Rachna says:

    Robin, I have always been an early riser but since I have been reading your books in which you always reinforce the importance of waking up early , I have been waking up at 5:00am . I like to read your books even it if it is just a few lines from your book – gives me the positive start for the day.
    I enjoy spending part of the morning going for a walk or exercising or doing Reiki. It boosts my energy levels and I feel great about myself to have done this. Gratitude comes from within when we spend this quality time in the early hours of the morning and we learn to be grateful for a lot of things that we often complain about.
    BUT the key to all this is PERSISTENCE. Unstoppable persistence leads to SUCCESS and this is what I am working on.

  2. Steve says:

    Fantastic! Thanks Robin. Just the charge up I needed.

  3. Paula says:

    Hi Robin,
    Reinforcing positive behaviours develops positive habits. I have my challenges like many and I find that relecting on my day daily to see what I have learned and what I could of done differently to enhance my day. I found your books inspiring and am on a cycle to challenge myself to reach excellence on a universal level. The power of thought is a strong belief. Thank you for reminding myself and others that change can only be abtained through reflection. If we can not reflect on our dynamic moments and what led us to them how can we achieve or exceed the moment to create a phenomena. Cheers,

  4. manisha says:

    Hi Respected Robin,
    I am not the women who can use lots of good words but trust me i was very very upset and your books has given me a new life. These days besides implementing your thoughts in my life when everybody’s around, i just look forward to have your book in my hands when nobody is there and i am the happiest person in the world, While reading i sometimes laugh out a loud and sometimes i cry a lot. Currently I am reading your book – FAMILY WISDOM. It’s just fantastic creation. I am… rather i was very attached to my brother and the conversation Julian has with his sister Catherine reminds me of my childhood. I am so thankful to you, i can’t do anything for you but definitely i’ll pray for your best life and wish you all the happiness. Thank you very much for your books…..

  5. g.b.pathak says:

    i have read your book “the monk that sold ferari” and am impressed very much. this book contains whole wisdom. this is your first book i have gone through and wish to know list of other books. i will purchase all and will read all of them. i have known u thro’ this book. pl. mail me list of your other books for which i shall be thankful to u.
    a fan of yours

  6. Madhu says:

    Recently, only I’ve started visiting your blog and must say that am loving your wrk, the way u put up things..hav also read ‘the Monk who…’, its a kind of book which is full of inspirational nd motivational stuff, can easily change one’s life, and that too for good, I mean, the language, descrption, everything is so perfect, the entire meaning is so beautifully explained.
    Just hats off to your work..would love reading your other books too..

  7. robin Sharma says:

    just wanted to say THANK YOU to each of you for these posts. i’m GRATEFUL for your comments. not quite sure why this blog generated so many comments. i wonder why? robin

  8. sharadha says:

    Hi Mr. Sharma, Have read your books and am enjoying reading and following them.I’ve a problem with my sibling. Would like to share it with you and am waiting for your advice. She is a year younger to me. She has a sharp tongue. She has gone through lot of financial problems in her life. She has a loving husband and a son. She doesnt give us as much time as she gives her friends. Not there when my parents want her most. But she always expects help from us. Recently we had a major problem and she spoke very rudely.But this time I decided to keep away from her after the incident and am not speaking to her. It has been 2 months now. My parents feel deeply about this and want me to let go as usual in spite of knowing she was wrong. Ofcourse they keep advicing her to letgo too. Iam clear about all this but dont like to see my parents this way. They are 72 & 66.
    Can you help me out on this please.

  9. Dinesh Akhani says:

    I am enjoing your book The monk who sold his ferari.i am half way through the book and i cant resisit myself to write that it has been fantastc feeling and what will happen when i complete this book?It has such a potent magnetic effect that i am unable to express fully.I have now purchased your following books and have become your ardent fan of you.Discover your Destiny,Megaliving,Who will cry when you die?and Leadership Wisdom.This is my First visit to your site.I am really felling positive and enerised reading the books and will continue doing regularly so as to achive remarkable level of my innerself connection and i belive your invaluable contribution in this journey.lot of thanks.

  10. Tiffany says:

    Hey Robin,
    Great post. Even though I try to get Holy Hour in every day and journal, it can be tough! Still working on that habit, thanks for the encouragement.
    One of the speedbumps I’ve seen lately is a negative backlash from friends/family about being ‘too scheduled’. In order to keep myself sane and get the things done that I need to, I have to be very strict (not sure if that’s the right word) on what I do and when.
    Any thoughts on how to manage that? I’m worried I’m coming across as ‘anal’ or ‘selfish’.

  11. Shahzad says:

    Thanks Robin for a beautiful blog, It could also be turn from perfect day to perfect life. I posted this blog on my wall where i can read every morning with my cup of tea.

  12. Manoj Bansode says:

    Hey Mr.Robin Sharma
    I thank you for your Books
    But I want to have your CD’S make it availeble in India-Mumbai like the Books available in store

    Thanking You

    Manoj Bansode

  13. Austin says:

    i would like to confess here that i had downloaded the audio version of ‘the monk who sold his ferrari’ from a torrent site illegally. but, im yet to listen to it cause im not really sur if im doing the right thing.
    please advice

  14. Hi Robin,
    I am a new convert and even though I had heard a lot about your books and about you, I never felt the need to learn and get educated with what you had to offer.

    Almost 6 months back we met Dr. Bell from the Bell Institute on Leadership and I was astonished to learn about leadership and self development. I was then told by one of my friends to read your books. In the last 6 months I have developed more than what I collectively achieved in 6 years.

    Thank you and may God give you the strength to keep going this way.

  15. chandrashekhar shetty says:

    Robin Sir, Today i have recieved your july newsletter and very happy to read it infact i liked it very much as usual. I have been following you,your blogs and books for last more than one year and very impressed with all and try to act on them very vigorously but only problem is rising early at 5 am which is not a cup of tea for me. But after reading today’s 30 days challange, i will try my best. Thank u sir.

  16. Your posts are so close to my heart, Robin. My father taught us similar thing when we were young. Getting into the corporate world diluted some of that. You are breathing in fresh life into these ever-green-but-dusted ideas. Keep up the great work. :)

  17. Svetlana says:

    Hello, Robin!
    Once I decided to buy your book about the Monk… When I took some of your books and came to pay for them (in the shop), the seller declared something about 80 dollars! It was too much for me… but nevertheless I baught them all…(I’m an invalid…so it’s notable for my budget) For several weeks I even didn’t want to touch the books. But recently I have read some of them. Thank You, Robin Sharma, for your invaluable advices. With the help of them I ‘m looking at my life with the other eyes. I really WANT to live! Good luck!

  18. arjun chorge says:

    dear robin sir, its fantstic blog to come out frm ur comfort zone . thanks a lot

  19. Bleaching says:

    Hi, I’m sorry for the offtopic question but could you please tell me where to get this website template? I would love to use the same template or at least one that is very similar to yours. Could you say who made it?

  20. Arun says:

    2 small words Robin…… Thank you

  21. Melinda Arora says:

    I have developed a lot of positive thinking just through reading your books and articles.
    Thank you for everything, Robin.

  22. Lok how Yuan says:

    I recently finished your 3 excellent books – The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari,Leadership Wisdom, Discover Your Destiny. Many of the practices and stages of personal transformation are the results and treasures of ancient wisdoms. We human beings have forgotten them for many centuries. Now I discovered these wisdoms from the ‘Monk’ Who Sold His Ferrari. Thank you Robin, for helping me to walk back on the ancient path of wisdom. Thank you.

  23. raghavender says:

    Dear Robin Ji
    I am a great admirer of your writings, your blog is excellent and make every one to think and act positively.Thank you

  24. rajendra prasad (Lucknow) says:

    Dear Sri Robin,
    I have purchased and read all your books, and continue reading them again and again. You are simply
    the great. Your thoughts can change any life for better. You are so special, and so are your thoughts.
    In fact, you are doing a great service to the huminity. May GOD grant you a life of thousand of years
    so that you can continuously upgrade the life of people like me.
    It is difficult for me to find the right words to express my gratitude to you.
    Lucknow Dated 5.9.12

  25. Shankar says:

    Sharma ji,
    I am following the first three principles. I never realized the importance of GROWTH. To be frank. it never occured to me. Your observation ” a day with zero growth is a day unfully lived” has opened my eyes.
    Thanks for this wonderful tip.
    Shankar, India

  26. Mohab says:

    Great. Thanks Robin.

    I really like your consistence.

  27. Deepak Patial says:

    Really, good advice to follow for perfect day…

  28. lokesh says:

    Dear Robin – thanx. Dear yet again with GRATITUDE

    It’s learnt conceived from you – rather redefined

    Kindly have this compliment that : the VEDIC PARAMPARA is transmitted through literature & Corporatization which is a current day requirement

    Amazing of your Brain Storming..

    May the LORD be with you Sir & U be with the LORD plz.

    I wish all that is in store be bestowed on you

    Have a gr8 day


  29. Ziaad says:

    Respected Robin Sir,

    Thank you very much for sharing much of your invaluable knowledge and experience with us all. I have read almost all of your books, which I must say is wonderful and unfortunately I could not afford to attend any of your conferences.
    Just a little query Sir. You recommend us to develop a cheerful and pleasant atmosphere around us and maintain good relationships with people. At the same time, you ask us to say no to things that matter least to us. But Sir saying no to things that matter least to us (but which can be important to others as each one of us have different priorities) sometimes generate an unpleasant atmosphere as some people may respond negatively to our refusal. I know you will surely have a quick way to sort this out. :) Just waiting to see your response.

    And yea, I think we are all in quest of “Our Perfect Day”, that is why so many responses for this post.

    With that, I thank you again Respected Sir. Keep up your fantastic work in motivating us to be great leaders.

    Regards from Ziaad and form the whole island of Mauritius.
    God Bless.

  30. Richa says:

    Hey Robin,

    Loved this article, like all the rest :) Placements soon to start & i have been a bit nervous preparing for it. But your article really gave me the impetus to start the day on a good note. I’m going to take it all head on. Thanks !

    God bless you.


  31. Sukanya says:

    Dear Robin ,

    I Am so thankful to God that I came across your book ” the Monk Who sold his Ferrari ” It was a real eye opener for me . My life became more better & easier.
    I have also read “Discover Your Destiny With The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari ” , ” Who will Cry when you die ” , “Family Wisdom” .
    These have really Guided me in all my rough times . Thanks so much .
    Sukanya – India .

  32. Dehan Seneviratne says:

    Dear Robin,
    Thanks. I’m up by 5.00 am at by 5.20 out for the morning walk. Your tips re charged me.
    I’m a great lover of your books because you write in a way that reaches the heart.
    Cheers !
    Dehan Seneviratne-Sri Lanka

  33. Zareef says:

    Hi, Robin
    I have been reading your books from past couple of years. I must say these have changed my life. I am on my way to become BIW in my chosen field.

  34. vikram says:

    Thank you it was and it will be perfect day for all, who read this article..

  35. Gita says:

    Thanks Robin for everything you share with all of us. Many thanks for reminding us again and again of the few things to be done in our lives.

  36. jeena says:

    Thank you for the inspiration and reading your book daily become a habbit for me.Thank you verymuch once again and you can definitely change the world with these valuable books.

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