3 Tactics To Build A Great Team

Build Great Teams1. Do Fun Things Together
Teams come together through “shared bonding experiences”. It’s uber-important to do activities with your team members that allow them to be more of their true selves and connect with each other as human beings. This will directly translate into superior team performance.

2. Praise Publicly, Coach Privately
Smart leaders understand the power of publicly praising excellence in action. So do it often. Coach your teammates as to areas they need to improve in private. So they can save face.

3. Have A Bold Mission To Achieve
People automatically come together when they feel they have some bold mission to achieve. So give your team a clear mountaintop. Some bold goal that will not only evoke the best within them but one that will inspire them to roll up their sleeves and work together to realize the passionate and important objective.

Keep Leading Without A Title.

Robin Sharma

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20 Responses to “3 Tactics To Build A Great Team”

  1. very nice insight!!

  2. Praising publicly and coaching privately is very important. Learned it through experience. Three great tactics sir. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  3. gnanasambandam.s says:

    I think, Bold mission with milestones for measuring progress is also required

  4. jigna patel says:

    wonderful!!!! thankyou for sharing with us….

  5. Pradeep says:

    I agree with your second point. That is the most easy to implement. The other two are really difficult. It is sometimes hard to get someone agree to your vision. A mission will be considered bold only if every team member sees some value for himself in it.

  6. Kanak Sony says:

    Well said, Mr. Robin. Normally Managers follow point 1 & 2 but ignore the most important point i.e. no.3. Keep writing.. :)

  7. Ravikant says:

    Excellent blog post….!

  8. densi says:

    nothing without passion – without it every effort get stuck.
    all 3 tactics should be balanced – properly
    keep writing Robin. looking forward to it

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  10. Dharmendra Jain says:

    These are golden! Thanks for sharing! I think it is also very important to making each individual realise about their hidden potential.

  11. Sm.saif says:

    Wht u said is right ,its realy vgud post

  12. Jatin says:

    Very Right Sir, Agree with all 3 points. Thanx for climbing …!!!

  13. zaheer says:

    very good idia sir

  14. agalva says:

    I work in a university lab, a place where everyone has different goals, each one has a project, a different experiment of different level (grad, undergrad, etc) … Personally, competition inspires me, is an easy way to measure yourself, and when I was in school I used to improve myself through competition… but in this type of environment, where everyone is looking for himself, it is difficult for example to comply with the point 3, because there are like 5 or 6 different missions … What to do when there is no such thing like “mission-team”? When there is no competition and rarely someone tell you if you’re doing well? My advisor says that we must grow as lab, but no-one work in team, because if you do that, probably you won’t focus enough attention in your own work… I don’t know, I admire his work Mr. Sharma, but some ideas are conflicting on this team I am now…

  15. omprakash says:

    This is inner spirit of Mr. Robin i.e. shows how to search u r goals to administrator and corporate leaders.
    It’s our luck bcoz u born for lead the peoples without titles.
    Great ………………………………………………..

  16. Bukola says:

    Very practical!

  17. Pikpak says:

    Number 1 is the most difficult for me to achieve during team work. You seldom find people doing the same activities as you; they are reluctant to sacrifice their time for other activities.

  18. jay says:

    thanks for sharing such a noble thought.

  19. Zach says:

    Interesting Pikpak that that seems to be the most difficult thing. Everyone has different idea of what’s fun (duh). Does the fun thing that people share in have to happen outside of the work environment? Can it just be making the work environment fun? Thoughts?

    Zach – fitango.com

  20. John Gabriel says:

    Hello Robin, this is a powerful insight in building a strong team. I like the tactic 1. It create a very good relationship between the team leader and team members and as a result, leadership is made easy.
    I also think that in team building, the team leaders should give 80% of his attention to his team players, make them comfortable, value them, speak good words to them, respect them and they will help him achieve the team goal. Thanks Robin.

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