How to Become Famous

How to become famous

By Robin Sharma
Author of the #1 International Bestseller “The Leader Who Had No Title”

Hope you’re excellent. I wrote today’s message with one idea in mind: to help accelerate your expertise.

So you become BIW (Best in the World within your field)….and just maybe the best there ever was (think “The Michelangelo of Manufacturing” or the “Federer of Finance” or the “Einstein of Entrepreneurs”).

My obsession is to help you reach this lofty realm. So you get your largest dreams done. And make the world better for the mastery you share…

I hope you can feel my passion, sense my faith in you and know how much I care…

I’ve been ever so focused on sending you information of exceptional value that really serves your success beautifully.

And in the coming weeks, I’ll be sending more (along with some exceedingly valuable videos, like the one I just shot in Africa on “How to Wake Up Early”).

It takes a lot of energy and time to create these pieces for you. All I ask is that if you like them, please share them with others…

Especially this one…

Because it’s all about being so good they can’t ignore you…

So insanely great as a high performer and elite producer of deep value that tears flow in the eyes of those watching you…

So, here we go…

Average performers work hard to fit in. UltraPerformers work really, really hard to stand out.

True, the global economy remains a mess (and I predict it will get a lot worse). But for those aiming for iconic and settling for nothing but their absolute best, economic volatility is irrelevant.

Why? Because they are so exceptional at what they do and the value they produce that they’ve created their own personal economy.

They are playing at such a high-level, so original and indispensable to their companies and customers that they’ve become famous.

It’s a pretty awesome goal for you to aspire to…

Becoming famous for how good you are at what you do.

Famous for your Mastery.

Famous for your Acumen.

Famous for your Expertise.

Famous for how superbly your work serves the world.

And the truth is that there’s just not much competition up in rare-air.

So to assist you in claiming your fame–so that masses of people beat a path to your door–I’ve listed the 27 best ways that I know of to become an expert…

Here you go:

#1. Model the mindsets, habits and behaviors of the people performing at the level you want to play at. Surround yourself with as many world-class experts in your field as you can possibly network with.

#2. Teach your craft. As you share what you’re learning about in your area of expertise, it deepens your understanding. And heightens your awareness. “Teacher learns the most” is a smart motto.

#3. Fail as quickly as you can. Each time you stumble, study the data, recalibrate and iterate your next move. Do this daily and you’ll see steady gains in your performance standards.

#4. Become monomaniacally focused on knowing all there is to know about one or two things. The secret to Mastery is concentration of attention. Period.

#5. Read. It’s something too few people do on a daily basis. Reading collapses learning time–and allows the brilliance of the best to rub off on your thinking.

#6. Get a mentor. I’ve had a number of key mentors in my life and watching them show up at peak was a game-changer. You just can’t reach your personal Everest without some help.

#7. Practice insane amounts of hours. Anders Ericsson is the world’s pre-eminent researcher on exceptional performance. His research (popularized by Malcolm Gladwell) showed that it takes 10,000 hours of deliberate practice to make an expert. Put in the time and out will come the expert.

#8. Go to your edges. Elite athletes, violinists, writers and chess players all do the same thing: every day they have specific times that they push their skills to the edge. And by relentlessly pushing their talents past what’s comfortable, their talents quickly expand.

#9. Play to win versus playing to avoid failing. Experts have a tendency to pursue their idealized image of excellence while average performers behave in a way designed to avoid making mistakes. Big difference.

#10. Remember that things you once found hard you now find easy. You are built to grow, to flourish and to adapt to new standards.

#11. Set up a support team. At our annual self-mastery event The 48 Hour Transformation I encouraged the hundreds of participants to form “Navy Seal Teams”. The level of connection, support, sharing and helpfulness that took place in these groups was unforgettable. Find others like you–devoted to becoming the best in the world at their craft. And create an alliance.

#12. Keep a journal. Writing in a journal each morning or every night is a superb way to build expertise. It allows for you to reflect deeply on what you’re doing right–and celebrate those wins–and what areas of performance you can most improve.

#13. Remember that expertise is a process, not an event.

#14. Reward your successes. Staying passionate with your field of expertise and your lofty goals is absolutely essential to getting your through the inevitable failures/plateaus and obstacles on the path to Mastery. By setting up a clear reward structure, you’ll fuel your energy and stay amped to win.

#15. Read “Talent is Overrated” by Geoffrey Colvin. Superb book.

#16. Stick with the new move for 66 days. According to research at The University College of London, it takes 66 days of practice to wire in a new habit. So as you work on a new element within your field of expertise, do it for 66 days until the “neural highway” in your brain has been installed. The new move will then become automatic.

#17. Raise your standards. Our behavior reflects what we’ve settled for. All experts are obsessed with becoming the best there ever was. And so their performance matches that mindset.

#18. Know that becoming an expert isn’t easy (otherwise everyone would be doing it). But it’ll be truly worth it. That I promise you.

#19. Clear your mind. A messy mind causes messy results. Make all efforts to have fewer goals, priorities and responsibilities so your mind becomes incredibly centered on the dominant focus of your professional life: the one field you are committed to mastering.

#20. Go first-class. If you’re really serious about world-class performance then have the guts to invest in world-class training tools, world-class coaching, world-class instruments, world-class conference, world-class nutrition and a totally world-class environment to support your rise to the top.

#21. Watch the uber-inspiring documentary of expertise “Jiro Dreams of Sushi”.

#22. Sleep less to achieve more. Yes, sleep is essential for peak results. I get it. But too many people sleep too much. Most of the ultraAcheivers I work with sleep very little. They’d rather use that time to practice, study, produce awesome work, grow their fortunes, build their families and contribute beautifully to the world.

#23. Understand that mastery loves the hardworking.

#24. Keep the self-promises you make to yourself. It’s a fantastic way to increase self-discipline.

#25. Keep a written daily schedule. The things that get scheduled are the things that get done. Expertise comes from clear and structured effort. A written schedule of your practice times, study times, coaching times as well as a listing of your other essential life commitments will ensure you’re on track.

#26. Show up when you don’t feel like it. Experts don’t show up to do the work only when they feel strong, energized and excited. They show up when they’re tired, discouraged and exhausted. That’s what it takes to be the best.

#27. Do it for yourself as much as for the world. Becoming an expert is one of the finest methods I know of to move toward self-mastery. The process of expressing your greatest talents and potential develops your character. You teach yourself patience, perseverance and toughen your faith. Yes, you’ll help/inspire/create value for so many people via your inevitable expertise. But don’t just do it for that. Choose it for what this uncommon journey will make of you as a person.

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33 Responses to “How to Become Famous”

  1. Bal Ram Chapagain says:

    Great gift — thank you ‘Sir Robin Sharma!

  2. Morecome says:

    Hi Robin,
    It’s always a pleasure reading what you passionately share. Thank you for making this world a better place. I really benefit from your wisdom. I wish you God’s blessings

  3. robin says:

    Thanks for the generous words. Always happy to inspire and be of service. Robin

  4. s.narayana says:

    Just as body needs food at regualr intervals, the emotional -mind – intellect system needs inspiration to stay alive. You have been giving that. You are doing a good service.

  5. Ankur says:

    Very inspiring as always. Thank you for the wonderful tips.

  6. Amit Gupta says:

    WOW!! Superb idea’s to become famous.

    Robin sir Love you so much. I has been considered you as my mentor a long back. Your idea’s really work. I am reading your books & FaceBook to get start my day. I am experiencing the changes in my self. I wish to meet my mentor and love to discuss more….

    Since i belongs to middle class family of India. I can not afford to pay such big amount on training. If you can start some program which a Indian can afford. I would love to be a part of it.

    I believe many people like me would be wishing the same.

  7. JAYANT says:

    Hi Robin,

    Great….Great….Great….& Excellent….Excellent….Excellent.
    Superb article. GOD Bless You.


  8. Super Robin,

    Crisp, Inspiring and Action-Oriented Steps…

    Your seminar in Mumbai and the further execution of ideas has made a profound change in me…

    All my near ones including my family, employees, business associates are surprised seeing a different ME…

    Thank you so much for making a BIG DIFFERENCE in my life…

    Best Regards

    Sidharth S Shah

  9. Dr Hetal says:

    Please keep sharing your thoughts
    It really helps me keep on track .
    Some of them are repetition… like keeping a journal. (But helps in over coming one of the four ‘F’s of F syndromes- Forget )
    Some of them are exceptionally fresh one for me … Show up when you don’t feel like it

    Thanks a Lot
    Dr . Hetal

  10. António Pedro says:

    Ola Robin,

    Thank’s four the “Big” tips.

    I’m from a small village near Coimbra, i think samething “big” it’s going on in my life and in the city.

    I can feel it same times, i don’t now what? but it’s huge…feel’s like the universe are changing from with in out.

    I wrinting it because not every people understand it…they think it’s craise, they don’t see it normaly.

    Keep the good work, i will follow you more often;)

    Peace 4 Peace


  11. Nishtha Gehija says:

    Thanks a zillion times Robin!! Life gets on a better note each day by reading and acting on great insights from you! :)

  12. Nikhil says:

    Hellow Robin sir,
    An Insanley great article as always. Great Ideas in there and ,as they say, an IDEA won’t work unless you work the idea. So I urge eveyone to work the ideas. I am doing the same too….

    Anyways,I was wondering asto how efficient your writing skills are. Me on the other hand find it difficult to articulate my thoughts through writing. I want to improve my writing skills (I wish to start a blog and being a pre-law student..this skill would be beneficial). So could you PLEASE suggest me some good books so asto make my writing more effecient ?
    Thank-you sir.

  13. Greg De Tisi says:

    Great words there buddy! I think that good copywriting courses are out there to learn from. Also reading more helps me to express what I want to express. Mainly learning from other EXPERTS is what I have found to be my biggest asset!

    Great post

    Cheers Greg:)

  14. Ketan says:

    Hi Robin Sir,
    Above you said that to achieve peak of personal expertise, mentor is inevitably important. For that i have chosen you as my MENTOR.
    See you at TTP
    Cheers n Blessings :-)

  15. Nagesh says:

    Thanks Robin..!

    I have been following your blog since last few months and i find it great and very helpful.

  16. Pooja Gupta says:

    Thank You Sir!
    A Great Help.. !

  17. Aman says:

    Thanks a lot sir :D
    wish I’d remember these things !

  18. ROhit says:

    Dear Sir,

    Thank you very much for beautiful craft. wish to see you In INDIA in near future.

  19. Mark Manco says:


  20. Neelakantan says:

    Thanks for the tips…really inspiring!!

  21. kumar says:

    Thank you very much ROBIN :)

  22. Eric Prince says:

    Hi Robin !

    You are my mentor. You have really affected my Life and it has started to take another turn as I daily practice your Ideas. This got me right on from your recant Videos “IDEATION WITHOUT EXECUTION IS ILLUSION”. I look forward to meeting you someday. I am in the process of writing my first book and will tell you my Story when the book is out !

    Your are EXCEPTIONAL and I am PROUD of my MENTOR !

  23. Robin says:

    I’ve read every comment posted. You are all exceedingly generous to me. I hope I can continue to be of even better service and inspire you more. Thanks so much. Means a lot to me

  24. Nomi says:

    This is not just motivational, it’s a great growth process.

  25. Anban says:

    Thanks for your blog.
    I always read your motivational blogs. Just a thought

    1. Video’s will have more impact. Especially if you can narrate incidents through stories it will have greater impact.
    2. As far as possible keeping it short will have much more impact than longer blogs.

    I have to thank you for wonderful work you are doing. You are one of the best Robin!

    Keep it going.

  26. Lebogang Marumo says:

    Hi my good friend Robin

    Thank very much for sharing this rare air opportunity and i highly appretiated your efforts indeed. This is mouth
    Watering and it requires a fight.

    Thanks once again

    From an inspired friend
    Lebogang Marumo

  27. Bhavin says:

    Great ! Inspirational .

    Robin thanks for all sharing you do . I have attended two of your programme at Mumbai and Chennai . had wish to meet you but was very difficult .

    A suggesstion – Three days programme what you conduct at Toranto – can this be done at India/ Singapore / KL / Middle East for benefit of Asian countries participants ?

  28. Jelena says:

    Thank you for great insights!

    I wanted to ask a question, you always encourage us to “Be the best person you know”. And that is something I honor and work on daily, but how should we react to people who do as harm on purpose? How to find the middle between taking action and keeping head down?
    If someone is scheming against us, and we tried to reason with them, and they still go against us and continue what have been doing, what should we do? I feel powerless and plain stupid, but I don’t want to fight fire with fire. Is there a way to be a good person, and still stand up for yourself?

  29. Chand says:

    The Best Marketing Guru Ever..

  30. Yogita says:

    Hi Robin!

    Your article was superb as usual.
    Thanks so much, for taking the effort to draft your brilliant thoughts that can change the vision of your readers across the globe.
    In Awe of you.

  31. vins says:

    “Sleep less to achieve more”
    How many hours of sleep is appropriate. 3-4 hours or 6-7 hours?
    Thank you for everything.

  32. sanjeev kumar says:

    Dear Robin Sir,

    I had read your few books and that has changed my life positively.

    Thanks a lot for motivational work.

    Sanjeev from india

  33. rani says:

    hi,thanks for inspiring us all.your ideas keep inspiring us all and rejenuvates us.keep the good work helps us to fly like a falcon.

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