6 Tools for Success in September

Success in SeptemberMy goal is to help you make this month the most productive month of the year so far. To be of service to you, below please find 6 high-content resources:

1) The 3 Habits of Happiness
Excerpt From the Transcript of the Video: Well, I wanted to focus on the three habits of happiness or, maybe, not THE three but three habits that I know if you do them every day will make you a much happier person. Number one, gratitude. What I do, I have right¬† here, I’m just going to show you. I have my journal and almost everywhere I go I have my journal with me, and I write in my journal. A lot of what I write in my journal is daily gratitude. Here I am in South Africa. I’m at the Singita Game Reserve. …Continue reading

2) 35 Fast Tips to Make This Year Your Best Year Yet
Excerpt from the Article: I’m sitting on an airplane thinking about what the best performers and most successful people do to continually outperform everyone around them. I’ve come up with 35 Tips that I invite you to concentrate on. Share these tips, reflect on them, post them where you can see them – and allow them to infuse your mindset. …Continue reading

3) The Journey is the Game
Excerpt from the Article: One of the dominant values of our world is that we win once we reach our goals/objectives/mountaintops. We can only feel fulfilled when we get to the end of our quest and arrive at the place we’ve longed to reach. We can call ourselves successful only once we’ve done our dreams. Then we get to celebrate. Because we’ve arrived at our beautiful destination. But what if that value we hold so very closely to our hearts is wrong? …Continue reading

4) The Garbage Collector With the Brain Tattoo
Excerpt from the Article: One morning I was working at home rather than at our office as I needed to go into some deep creative work and that’s a place that allows me to get the job done. I heard a loud noise that caused me to stop and I ran to the window to see what happened. The man who
collects the garbage was picking up what seemed to be a thousand pieces that had fallen into the street. Something had happened to the truck’s hydraulic system and all the garbage had fallen out. It wasn’t a pretty scene. …Continue reading

5) One of the Greatest Keys to Success
Excerpt from the Article: A key piece to playing at your absolute best as a leader (and as a person) is to ensure that your daily schedule reflects your deepest values. Anything less is a flight from integrity. One of the exercises I’ve been taking our clients through at my “Leadership in Turbulent Times” workshop is called “The 5 Main Values.” I take participants through a powerful visualization where they visit themselves, not as they now are but as they want to be at the end of their career. Then they record the main 5 values they will have wished they’d worked under. …Continue reading

6) Your Perfect Day
Excerpt from the Article: While nothing’s perfect in business and in life, recording what your ideal day looks like is a smart move. Because with greater clarity comes better choices. What was the best day you’ve had in the past 12 months? What made it so special – and unforgettable? What things were you doing that time that gave you those superior results? Once you know what works, you can set about doing them with greater consistency. And consistency is the generator of Mastery. Here are 4 recommendations for a perfect day. …Continue reading

As always, I’m grateful for your support of my message and work. Let’s make September WOW.

Wishing you all green lights,

Robin Sharma

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  1. avni saini says:

    thnkx for evrythng sir

  2. Ambigai vadivel says:

    Thank you so much sir!

  3. Alex says:

    you always help a lot of people in time of need rob…keep up

  4. shiny says:

    sir, you are awesome… thanks for your tips. I am going work on this and i want to make my September “WOW”…
    one more thing I would like to tell you sir. I read your book “who will cry when you die?”. It inspired me a lot….
    I have started working on those articles. I can feel drastic changes in my life style. You are awesome sir.. May god bless you….

  5. Sharon says:

    Dear Robin Sharma,
    I live by all the articles and videos that I receive from you.
    I am hoping to meet you in person when you visit South Africa in February 2013


    these are good point to go to the next level of personal as well as proffesional life

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