Robin’s 73 Best Business and Success Lessons

The 73 Best Lessons I’ve Learned for Leadership Success in Business and Life 
By Robin Sharma, author of the international bestseller “The Leader Who Had No Title”

Hi There,

I’m skiing in South America but have also been doing a lot of thinking. I wanted to thank you for all your kind support of my work. So I have summarized the 73 best ideas/insights/lessons I’ve learned for winning in business and life below. I hope they help you. And I hope you’ll share them with others who will benefit from them. Again, thanks for supporting my mission to help people in organizations around the world Lead Without a Title. I’m grateful. 


  1. You can really Lead Without a Title.
  2. Knowing what to do and not doing it is the same as not knowing what to do.
  3. Give away what you most wish to receive.
  4. The antidote to stagnation is innovation.
  5. The conversations you are most resisting are the conversations you most need to be having.
  6. Leadership is no longer about position – but passion. It’s no longer about image but impact. This is Leadership 2.0.
  7. The bigger the dream, the more important to the team.
  8. Visionaries see the “impossible” as the inevitable.
  9. All great thinkers are initially ridiculed – and eventually revered.
  10. The more you worry about being applauded by others and making money, the less you’ll focus on doing the great work that will generate applause. And make you money.
  11. To double your net worth, double your self-worth. Because you will never exceed the height of your self-image.
  12. The more messes you allow into your life, the more messes will become a normal (and acceptable) part of your life.
  13. The secret to genius is not genetics but daily practice married with relentless perseverance.
  14. The best leaders lift people up versus tear people down.
  15. The most precious resource for businesspeople is not their time. It’s their energy. Manage it well.
  16. The fears you run from run to you.
  17. The most dangerous place is in your safety zone.
  18. The more you go to your limits, the more your limits will expand.
  19. Every moment in front of a customer is a gorgeous opportunity to live your values.
  20. Be so good at what you do that no one else in the world can do what you do.
  21. You’ll never go wrong in doing what is right.
  22. It generally takes about 10 years to become an overnight sensation.
  23. Never leave the site of a strong idea without doing something to execute around it.
  24. A strong foundation at home sets you up for a strong foundation at work.
  25. Never miss a moment to encourage someone you work with.
  26. Saying “I’ll try” really means “I’m not really committed.”
  27. The secret of passion is purpose.
  28. Do a few things at mastery versus many things at mediocrity.
  29. To have the rewards that very few have, do the things that very few people are willing to do.
  30. Go where no one’s gone and leave a trail of excellence behind you.
  31. Who you are becoming is more important than what you are accumulating.
  32. Accept your teammates for what they are and inspire them to become all they can be.
  33. To triple the growth of your organization, triple the growth of your people.
  34. The best leaders are the most dedicated learners. Read great books daily. Investing in your self-development is the best investment you will ever make.
  35. Other people’s opinions of you are none of your business.
  36. Change is hardest at the beginning, messiest in the middle and best at the end.
  37. Measure your success by your inner scorecard versus an outer one.
  38. Understand the acute difference between the cost of something and the value of something.
  39. Nothing fails like success. Because when you are at the top, it’s so easy to stop doing the very things that brought you to the top.
  40. The best leaders blend courage with compassion.
  41. The less you are like others, the less others will like you.
  42. The thoughts you think today determine the results you’ll see tomorrow.
  43. Excellence in one area is the beginning of excellence in every area.
  44. The real reward for doing your best work is not the money you make but the leader you become.
  45. Passion + production = performance.
  46. The value of getting to your goals lives not in reaching the goal but what the talents/strengths/capabilities the journey reveals to you.
  47. Stand for something. Or else you’ll fall for anything.
  48. Say “thank you” when you’re grateful and “sorry” when you’re wrong.
  49. Make the work you are doing today better than the work you did yesterday.
  50. Small daily – seemingly insignificant – improvements and innovations lead to staggering achievements over time.
  51. Peak performers replace depletion with inspiration on a daily basis.
  52. Take care of your relationships and the sales/money will take care of itself.
  53. You can’t be great if you don’t feel great. Make exceptional health your #1 priority.
  54. Doing the difficult things that you’ve never done awakens the talents you never knew you had.
  55. As we each express our natural genius, we all elevate our world.
  56. Your daily schedule reflects your deepest values.
  57. People do business with people who make them feel special.
  58. All things being equal, the primary competitive advantage of your business will be your ability to grow Leaders Without Titles faster than your industry peers.
  59. Treat people well on your way up and they’ll treat you well on your way down.
  60. Success lies in a masterful consistency around a few fundamentals. It really is simple. Not easy. But simple.
  61. The business (and person) who tries to be everything to everyone ends up being nothing to anyone.
  62. One of the primary tactics for enduring winning is daily learning.
  63. To have everything you want, help as many people as you can possibly find get everything they want.
  64. Understand that a problem is only a problem if you choose to view it as a problem (vs. an opportunity).
  65. Clarity precedes mastery. Craft clear and precise plans/goals/deliverables. And then block out all else.
  66. The best in business spend far more time on learning than in leisure.
  67. Lucky is where skill meets persistence.
  68. The best Leaders Without a Title use their heads and listen to their hearts.
  69. The things that are hardest to do are often the things that are the best to do.
  70. Every single person in the world could be a genius at something, if they practiced it daily for at least ten years (as confirmed by the research of Anders Ericsson and others).
  71. Daily exercise is an insurance policy against future illness. The best Leaders Without Titles are the fittest.
  72. Education is the beginning of transformation. Dedicate yourself to daily learning via books/audios/seminars and coaching.
  73. The quickest way to grow the sales of your business is to grow your people.

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108 Responses to “Robin’s 73 Best Business and Success Lessons”

  1. Sonia Wilson says:

    This is excellent, Robin! I first attempted to read through the list very fast skipping over some; but it didn’t take long before I realized I’d better read them all! I did. The list is now a favorite I’ll read over and over. Thanks!

  2. Ziyad Patail says:

    Great Lessons… Is 41 a grammar error?
    But love everything else…. real motivational.

  3. An astounding boost! Thanks for the emphasis on ‘growing your people’
    I am passing this along!
    Thanks for being a great leader in our society!

  4. Pankul says:

    Robin you have achieved mastery in motivating people. To keep learning and keep growing I will keep reading these marvelous quotes.

    Thank u for your kind service


  5. Anatoliy (Ukraine, Mariupol) says:

    thank you very much for all your thoughts and words. It really helps me to live and to develop myself!

  6. Bryan M. Smith says:

    Thank You!

  7. Alex Pillay says:

    My favorite on this list is #50, its easy to focus on the glamorous final goal and forget the path that lead to that goal.

    Thanks Robin! You are the man!

  8. mirc says:

    Great! Thanks for post

  9. Asha says:

    Hi Robin,

    Your list is truely inspiring and gives a great deal of energy.


  10. Sethupathy says:

    All 73 points are inspiring and motivating!! Thank you Please keep motivating us!
    God Bless you Robin Sarma!
    Once agains thanks,

  11. Great list. I will be printing this and keeping next to my computer for constant reminder.

  12. Parin says:

    Love this! Especially:

    #2: Knowing what to do and not doing it is the same as not knowing what to do.
    #18: The more you go to your limits, the more your limits will expand.
    #38: Understand the acute difference between the cost of something and the value of something.

    Thank you so much Robin!! :)

  13. David Moore says:

    A valuable list, especially as we move into a New Year. If we could keep these in mind, we’d all end up in a better place this time next year.


  14. Some of the best and most profound suggestions I have seen in a long time. I am forwarding this around and I might use it as an idea-a-day type of exercise. Excellent!

  15. Mitch Ball says:

    Remarkable and well thought-out ideas and insights! These are truly thought provoking and inspiring. Thank you Catherine for forwarding and a special thanks to Robin for sharing these.

  16. Ram Krishna says:

    Very Inspiring article. Bookmarked this page.

  17. Avijit Pandey says:

    Thank u sir for ur wonderfull thoughts….
    Realy its good and helpfull…

    once again thanks.

  18. MANOJ says:

    Greetings of the day, Robin you are very good at motivating, the list is very good, also i plan to meet you when you will be in INDIA IN FEB 2011. Please inform the dates. Have a great day ahead.

  19. Ajat says:

    #21 and #42 are the same.
    That makes it Robin’s 72 Best Business and Success Lessons.

  20. Ravi lotlikar says:

    You are the best robin sir i am a huge fan of yours i have read all your books and i love the book discover your destiny i really want to meet you .no ask no get:-) waiting for your visit to Mumbai in feb pls give the details of the trip your biggest fan, Ravi lotlikar

  21. Wayne McLachlan says:

    Fantastic…… All 73 .will bookmark !!!

    When are you coming to South Africa ?

  22. Love this! Would like your permission to post within the BodyPROUD Community. The members there are all on their journey of personal growth in mind, body, heart, and spirit. Some, many, or all of the points will resonate well with the majority of them.

    Overall, this list instills the message to focus on your inner truth and not let the outside world dictate your worth, who you are, and what your values should be. Your journey to success may take longer than u hope, however, all the messiness in the middle (point #36) is necessary as learning lessons, experience, and often to strengthen your desire. We speak from personal experience on this, as we are heading out of the messy period into the best period (#36) after a decade (#22) of dedication despite naysayers and hurdles.

    Thank you for posting this summary of great points. We are also fans of your books!

    On a more personal note, we have encountered many of

  23. Alvin says:

    I will post this to say Thank You because I am grateful.

    Thank you Robin for this post. Reading this is such an excellent start to the morning.

  24. Awesome list Robin. A lot of these opened my mind even further – love reading this type of blog, keep them coming!

  25. krishna says:

    love it !!

  26. Hi Robin,

    If we take each and every word of your lesson and elaborate it, We will move many steps further in achieving our dreams, goals and aims of our personal life as well as our working life.

  27. All your 73 best ideas are worth pursuing. you always rock. I enjoy reading all your books. I am amazed to witness the amount of travel you make across the globe for creating impact in the lives of millions. Please keep doing it .

  28. Suren Sobarun says:

    It’s great to listen this and same time read The Leader who had no title. It is so motivating. I want to use these principles in my office. This book is like bible to me

  29. Rakesh Butkury says:

    Great ! all the points are inspiring and motivating, thank you very much for the post

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  34. kiplimo mibei says:

    Thank you Robin.These ideas have shaped my life,
    may you live long to continue making our lives good.

  35. soren kikon says:

    i was once told ,,,’an hour wit a wise man is worth a million years ..’ thank u robin… i ve been growin up in my strength all the while.. soren here

  36. Anurag says:

    Thanks a lot Robin. Your teachings are gift to the World.

  37. ABDULLA says:

    thank a lot.

  38. Shipra says:

    Just two words..”Thank you”. I am grateful to you for all these boosters..!


  39. Basheer Pazheri says:

    Thank you Robin! Very inspiring, energizing and recharging! Printed a copy nearby for easy access always!! Thank you very much. Thanks to my brother who introduced me your articles and videos!

    Best regards

  40. Thank You Robin,

    Love this list especially – Change is hardest at the beginning, messiest in the middle and best at the end.

    With Gratitude,
    PEI, Canada

  41. arun says:

    robin sir
    thank you i read greatness guide excellent .i change lot of action.i am fan of you

  42. Rhonda Neely says:

    Robin, you always have fabulous information on your site. Everything you post is most helpful and I appreciate you very much.

  43. Mitika says:

    Hey Robin

    You are doing a great job in elevating people and therefore their lives..Thanks for contributing a major chunk in my self improvement and changing my life..thanks for helping me shift+del all my past shadowy episodes and focus on my future…One of your quotes which have always inspired me : ” Plan for the best and prepare for the worst.”

    Lots of love and blessings..

    Mitika :)

  44. Ileana says:

    1. Excellence in one area is the beginning of excellence in every area.
    2. The best leaders lift people up versus tear people down.
    3. Never miss a moment to encourage someone you work with.
    For me these are the best “lessons”.

  45. Name Generator says:

    I have been following you for years now, I love your podcasts and this post here is great, really good list of all your business and success traits you teach!

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    Robin, I gather it took you quite a while to collect all those other people’s sayings

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    Hi Robin,

    These are so inspiring. I recently started to watch your you-tube videos and podcasts. And I already started to see transformation inside me. I can see I am on my way to become the great CEO of my life.

    Thanks and God Bless You.

  48. Sunil says:

    Thanks for the lessons Robin.. Its truly inspirational. This is my favourite : “Success lies in a masterful consistency around a few fundamentals. It really is simple. Not easy. But simple.”

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