The Fred Smith Question – Vlog

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  1. Doina says:

    ‎1. Who is the most fascinating person you’ve met in the last 90 days?

    2. What was fascinating about that person?

    3. How can you connect with that person ?

    My Results:

    1. The most fascinating person I’ve met is Robin Sharma.

    2. Is fascinating me the power he has to motivate and inspire me all day long, every day since I’ve met him. He is touching me right in my heart and keeping me alive .
    I encourage everybody to listen to him and read his books .

    3. Since I’ve met Robin, I’m everyday connected with him (at least 2 hours per day) through his books ( I bought 6 of his books by now), vlogs, all I can find posted on Internet.

    All respect deserved !

    Thank you a lot , Robin.

  2. I think yes, i am following robin since 2 yrs and he has changed my thinking …off course there is many things to yet change but its learning time n surely one day i will be like robin thanks

  3. I think yes, i am following robin since 2 yrs and he has changed my thinking …off course there r many things to yet change but its learning time n surely one day i will be like robin thanks

  4. anoop kumar says:

    mirza ghalib -i understood a part of that man after almost a centuary of his passing away

  5. Nataliya Valentinovna Ladokhina says:

    Dear Robin, could you be so geantly to connect me via my skype today, NOW, at this moment I’m in this SKYPE adres: gabriela.telleria.machicao of my tel. mob. number 0031-648750313.
    I wil like to make you som important questions.
    Thank You. Nataliya.

  6. […] I just finished watching an update on Robin Sharma’s blog about what he called the “Fred Smith Question” It’s an interesting commentary that makes the same points I’m trying to […]

  7. shakti says:

    ya i am too following robin from last 6 months…
    many things yet to be changed..
    working on it now a days..
    thanks robin!
    u r practical..
    thats best part of u!!!!!

  8. jigna says:

    yes sir

    1. yes i met two person first my husbad n secound Mr. robin sharma

    2. the most facinating thinng in my husband is he is priciple centered person n what shoud i say about u

    3.i met him 9 yrs back n i can see he is growing up n i met you from last one year

    thaks sir for encourag n tell us how to grow up in life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. serkan says:

    Slm Robin Sharma,

    Özür dilerim ingilizce bilmiyorum, ancak yardımına ihtiyacım var. iki buçuk yıl oldu kimya şirketi kurdum ancak firmam küçük çaplı büyüme yolunda çok büyük fırsatlar geçti ancak toyluğumdan dolayı bunlar başarısızlıkla sonuçlandı. Bu konuda sizinle iritibata geçmek istiyorum yardımcı olursan sevinirim.



  10. David says:

    What a great and powerful question. It brings to mind the idea that if we haven’t met anyone of note then we are not connecting well with others and we need to get out of ourselves and reach out to others to connect and hear, feel, and see the stories and lessons that they have to teach us.

    1. A client of mine named Sarah who is working to bring a message of hope to young girls. To educate them on the value of a mindset of success that Robin talks about so often and to not become the victim. That no matter what has happened to you you can decide how you will respond to it.

    2. She is acting in spite of Fear.

    3. thepurpledressclub on Facebook

  11. ANKITA DHIMAN says:

    LIFE goes on and on !!! we seldom realize where we are going or what or destination is going to be. Running from the questions i found robin sir’s book on LWT. I CAN’T SAY IN MERE WORDS WHAT IT DID TO ME. NOR CAN THE TEARS STREAMING DOWN MY CHEEKS CAN. sir has taught me to view that without the dark part we are not able to view and appreciate the brightness of life. the life has the best for us. what a best way to view and practice positive attitude.

    anyone reading this, please remember your this life given to you is just to short , never do anything that would make the people who love you cry. you may run, but you will soon realize there is no stop, once you do, do not worry. you are again on the starting line. life will teach you to love and live.

    thats life…… a very human work in progress( as sir says)

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