100 Reminders About What’s Most Important

By Robin Sharma
Author of the #1 bestseller The Leader Who Had No Title

Remember the important things

Something got me up at 4:04 am this morning.

Not quite sure what it was. But I just felt really, really inspired.

To write. To share. To serve.

And so with an outpouring of outright passion, I began to record 100 of the best ideas I could think of to help you live a breathtakingly great life.

Here they are:

  1. Great to be successful. Even better to be kind.

  2. Being productive is an excellent vehicle for happiness.

  3. It doesn’t really matter what others think of you–only what you think of you.

  4. Do your work like it’s the most important work in the world. Because it is.

  5. A superb reputation takes years to build–and minutes to lose.

  6. There’s no point in being rich but sick.

  7. Adore your parents. You’ll miss them when they’re gone.

  8. If you’re not making things better you’re making things worse.

  9. Being optimistic and enthusiastic never goes out of style.

  10. Be on time if you can’t be there early.

  11. Remember that the only real failure is quitting too early.

  12. Smile more often. Your face will thank you.

  13. If you don’t understand people, you don’t understand business.

  14. Leadership’s not about a title but about a way of doing things.

  15. Eat less food, get more done.

  16. All elite achievers are obsessed with being the best.

  17. Your daily behavior reveals your deepest beliefs.

  18. Sweat the small stuff. Mastery is the result of 1000 tiny victories.

  19. Your fears are liars. Your doubts are traitors.

  20. Without a daily plan you’re lost in the woods.

  21. The world belongs to unreasonable people.

  22. Love your family like there’s no tomorrow because one day there won’t be.

  23. When you show up as your real self, you inspire people to do the same.

  24. The fastest way to get respect is to give respect.

  25. The marketplace always rewards originality. Don’t be a mindless clone.

  26. Until your vision becomes your obsession, nothing ever changes.

  27. Enthusiasm is contagious.

  28. All great projects require sacrifice, some suffering and a lot of discomfort. But they’re worth it.

  29. Better to have 3 awesome friends than 10,000 digital ones.

  30. Spend more time in nature.

  31. Spend more time in silence.

  32. Don’t let a stained past spoil your spotless future.

  33. To double your income, triple your investment in personal development.

  34. Elite achievers honor the value of every passing moment.

  35. Too much entertainment is a symptom of a person without a clear vision and a burning ambition.

  36. Less ego, more service.

  37. Remember that listening to someone deeply and sincerely is a giant act of power.

  38. An addiction to distraction is the death of creative production.

  39. A problem only becomes a problem when you start to view it as a problem.

  40. Don’t just parent your children–develop them.

  41. Success is less about luck and more about practice.

  42. What you give away comes back to you in a river.

  43. Money is the inevitable consequence of value delivered to other human beings.

  44. To have what few have, do what few do.

  45. Think for yourself.

  46. To have an amazing company, hire only amazing people.

  47. Being happy makes you more productive, creative and exceptional.

  48. Don’t be selfish. Too many people think that’s cool. It’s not.

  49. Remember that your environment shapes your thinking, which drives your performance.

  50. Loyalty in one relationship breeds loyalty in every relationship (including the relationship you have with yourself).

  51. Read Walter Isaacson’s biography on Steve Jobs. It’s one of the best books I’ve ever read (and contains hundreds of lessons on entrepreneurship, innovation, inspiration and life).

  52. Read my blog post “Don’t Stop Believing” when you feel like giving up.

  53. Being scared is part of being alive. Accept it. And walk through it.

  54. Know that every massive achievement began with a humble beginning.

  55. Aim for the company of icons. Playing small with your talent is disrespectful to your potential.

  56. Show love to your customers by giving them 10X what they expect. These are the people who feed you and your family.

  57. Be a person with a fiercely strong character. And stand for the highest of honor.

  58. Stop beating yourself up for not being perfect. No one is.

  59. One of the biggest reasons people don’t reach world-class is that they’re too good at giving up.

  60. Everyone you’ll meet today has a story to share, a lesson to teach and a gift to reveal.

  61. No idea works until you start doing the work.

  62. As I wrote in The Leader Who Had No Title: You can make excuses. Or you can be phenomenal. But you can’t do both.

  63. Your life shows us what you’ve settled for.

  64. No master was brilliant at many things. Focus. Focus. Focus.

  65. Jealously is the price ambition pays for success.

  66. If you’re not careful, making money can become really costly.

  67. Family first.

  68. Your work is your craft. Your life is your art.

  69. When you let go of your dreams, you die while still alive.

  70. Don’t be a critic. If you have nothing encouraging to say, stay silent.

  71. Potential unexpressed turns to pain.

  72. Measure your success via your impact, not your income.

  73. Life’s best pleasures are life’s simplest ones.

  74. Growth happens when you push past your comfort zone.

  75. If you don’t believe you can achieve something then you won’t do the work to achieve it and so you won’t get it and then you’ll say “see, I couldn’t achieve it.” Belief is that powerful.

  76. Gratitude is the antidote to fear.

  77. Action is the solution to procrastination.

  78. Dream big. Start small. Act now.

  79. As you become more successful, become more humble.

  80. Say please and thank you and sorry when you should.

  81. Don’t wait for lucky breaks. Go make your lucky breaks.

  82. I learned from Warren Buffett that extreme achievers focus on the value you’ll receive versus the cost of the product.

  83. As I teach at The 48 Hour Transformation every June: “Small daily improvements over time lead to stunning results.”

  84. Watch the documentary “Jiro Dreams of Sushi”. It will inspire you to be the Picasso of your industry.

  85. Persistence is more valuable than intelligence.

  86. No one will believe in you until you first believe in you.

  87. As someone said to me at one of my presentations a few years ago: “Health is the crown on the well person’s head that only the ill person can see.”

  88. Build your entire life around just 5 priorities (your “Big 5″). Any more and you’re diluting your focus, time and talent (and sabotaging your success).

  89. Cut yourself some slack. No one’s productive all the time. Farmers plant seeds and then let the field sit fallow for a season. That’s when the real growth happens.

  90. Be honest. People will trust what you say, sell and do.

  91. Hard work is a force multiplier.

  92. Be kinder than necessary.

  93. Fears you run toward run away.

  94. Look for the best in people and they’ll reach higher to deliver their best to you.

  95. Less talk. More do.

  96. You become your conversations. Choose your associations extremely well.

  97. If you take yourself too seriously, no one will take you seriously.

  98. Just because you couldn’t do it yesterday doesn’t mean you can’t do it today.

  99. In the end, we never regret doing what was difficult.

  100. Life is short. Help more people.

I truly hope these 100 reminders inspire, challenge and serve you. Thank you for reading my blog, being a part of this movement and making our world a better place.

If you liked the 100, share them so we uplift others and influence more people to be giants within their lives and leaders (versus victims) within our communities.

Stay great…your fan always,

P.S. If you need even more inspiration to fuel your mission, read my blog post “Don’t Stop Believing“. Talk later. Bye.

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  1. rohit says:

    hello sir,your blog is truely inspiring n motibational.its worth exptessing my thank to u.

  2. Rohan Vijaya Kumar says:

    Hi Robin, whenever I feel like giving up , I read your blogs. Your blogs truly inspires. God bless you for inspiring thousands of people like me.

  3. Pooja says:

    Hi Robin,

    Ur indeed doing a great job…i loved the article…very thoughtful…

    It did made me feel good and inspired..

    Working for the betterment of others is incredible job n u r doing it !

    Keep up the excellent work.

  4. Madhukar says:

    Thanks Robin
    Every word of yours inspires me, it keeps hope in me to live and lead life more challenging an interesting.
    Thanks again,

  5. indira says:

    thankyou its wonderful. simple but crisp.

  6. indira says:

    thankyou its wonderful.

  7. Nishtha Gehija says:

    Your ideas surround me like all the great people surrounded Napoleon Hill in the final step to richness in “Think and Grow Rich”… Especially the one “….Spend time talking to people whose lives you wanna be living.”

    Thanks a zillion times Robin!!

  8. ashraf says:

    i love this post……its amazing sir……..thanx for every thing ….
    i always like to hear from you…..you inspired million of people…..

  9. Vishwanath says:


    I cannot express in words the gratitude I feel for your sharing this with me. It is indeed a list which is filled with wisdom and is enlightening. I take the opportunity to wish you the very best in all that you seek to do and achieve.


    your fan


  10. Sindhu says:

    Hi Mr.Robin, Thankyou somuch for your inspiring words.. This article is Absolutely Inspiring one.. Really I love to read your books which shows everything in a positive way.. Thanks alot

  11. Sai Srinivas says:

    Hi Robin,

    You are the game changer of my life. I am truly inspired by your quotes and your ideology. Thank you


  12. Bala says:

    inspirational and motivating…..thanks

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    I became ur great fan after reading The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari…Wow….It was really fantastic…Whenever i see ur mail in my inbox, i knew i wil be learning a new thing… Keep inspiring us…Nice work…

    Thanks & Regards,

  14. G Shah says:

    Dear Robin,
    Thank you for your inspiring thoughts. I always look forward to your posts and emails.Yy
    You make me want to be a better person, and this world a better place.

  15. Lenish says:

    Really great Intellectual.Your words always inspire me a lot.

  16. vineet sharma says:

    Thankyou sir, your posts always help us up our game a notch everytime….

  17. Rani says:

    Hi Robin , going thru a family crisis, your emails are the ones that keep me going.
    Words cannot describe, big thank you.

  18. Nahiya says:

    Thank you Robin, thank you for the rejuvenating words!! simple, great and vital.

  19. Dinesh Acharya says:

    Dear Mr. Robin,

    Your inspirational text is very much useful for better life. Your writing touch the mind of present era.
    I am your big and remain always. I find you books interesting and motivating.
    God bless you with more books and power to transform many peoples’ life.

    Thank you for sharing the things you’ve learn along the way of life.

    Always your fan.

  20. Shikha Verma says:

    Every statement is thought provoking!

    Many thanks for sharing these words of wisdom.

  21. Janarthanan says:

    Dear Boss,

    MY life was really meaningless before i read your book “Leader Who Had No title” book ,this 100 reminders is superb,Now You made me realize that what i was born for,

    Always you are my boss

  22. Linus says:

    I start every day by reading a couple of quotes, before I hit the crowd and start to lead without a title. I love it. They love it. It has become my lifestyle, and a significant game changer for my business and my entrepreneur ship.

    An even bigger fan,


  23. Fortune Gezana says:

    Hi Robin

    I live in probably one of the most difficult economies on the planet, through your writings both blog and books ( have to ask friends who emigrated to Canada to send across) i am inspired daily to get up and try and be “world class” God bless you cause your words are not just inspiring but life changing. Thank you

  24. selvabothagar says:

    Short form of Thirukural

  25. Varun H. Dodhia says:

    Your book The monk who sold his Ferrari not only transformed my but also of 7 other people around me.
    Thank you so much Robin Sir.
    For each and every achievement in my life the whole credit goes to your book.

  26. Varun H. Dodhia says:

    Your book The monk who sold his Ferrari not only transformed my life but also life of 7 other people around me.
    Thank you so much Robin Sir.
    For each and every achievement in my life the whole credit goes to your book.

  27. nanda kishore says:

    Hi Robbin,

    For the first time i heard about you.. and the thing which i came to know is that you are the true inspirational person where mind set go with positv working… just now happend with me.. thanks to you sir and my friend who guided me about your articles

  28. Shashi says:

    Hi dear Robin I am reading and adopting many of your laws of life so now I am feeling more energetic, more strengthen, more spiritual, working really hard without any tension than before. And I am very happy to say this you are one of the fountain of inspiration and enthusiasm.Really now I am very different person.Thank you so much for your bright guidance

  29. B. Popa says:

    Hello, Mr. Sharma
    Just saying Thank you! for sharing your beautifull thoughts with the world
    While I’m constantly handwriting down and imagining how these tips can influence me in becoming a better person, I’ve realised the drastic changes I made in my life in the past two months. Incredible! Thank you! God bless!

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