Don’t Stop Believing

By Robin Sharma
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This past weekend I watched a pretty inspiring documentary that I’d recommend to you so you round out 2013 in fine form.

It’s called Don’t Stop Believing. And it’s all about a poor kid from the Philippines who made his wildest dreams come true.

Here’s the backstory…

A few years ago ’80s supergroup Journey was looking for a new lead singer after legendary vocalist Steve Perry left the band.

The guitar player Neil Schon spent weeks surfing the Net hoping to find someone to at least get them through the big tour they’d planned. He watched video after video but no one even came close to the mastery they needed to forge ahead.

Late one night, seriously ready to give up, Schon went onto YouTube. He happened to see a video by a young man named Arnel Pineda who was singing Journey hits, belting them out like his life depended on it.

Pineda had experienced a rough ride:

–His mother died of heart disease when he was just 13 years old.

–The family couldn’t afford rent so he lived in the streets.

–He worked odd jobs and often suffered from hunger.

–He was close to giving up on his career as a vocalist.

Mesmerized by the performance on YouTube, Schon sent an email to Pineda’s friend who had posted the video. His friend thought it was a joke.

But then Schon followed up a little later with a personal call to the singer, inviting him to an audition in Marin County, California.

Pineda was speechless.

The first day of the audition was a mess. Pineda was jet-lagged, disoriented and outright scared to be singing in front of his heroes.

The next day was a bit better. Something shifted. The members of journey thought maybe Schon was actually onto something as Pineda stepped up his game.

The kid was pretty good.

Day 3 magic filled the studio. The musicians were blown away by what they heard. And Journey offered Pineda a chance to go out on tour with them.

Get this…

…Arnel Pineda’s first performance was at a concert in Chile that was televised to 25,000,000 people.

In the documentary Pineda said that the stress was so severe before he went on stage that he lost his balance and everything seemed to be in slow motion.

But as you know so well, what makes mastery is not being fearless but experiencing your natural fear and doing what needs to be done anyway.

Within minutes of being in front of that audience, Pineda started having fun. He stopped being scared. And he proceeded to rock the house.

Through the tour, his humility, work ethic, willingness to learn and passion to win wowed the members of Journey.

At the end of it, Pineda fully expected to be thanked. And then to return home, satisfied that he’d lived his dream.

But his bandmates had another plan in mind…they offered him a permanent role as Journey’s lead singer. He became a full member of the legendary group (80 million records sold) and would receive 1/5 of all profit–exactly like the others. (Yes, the world has lots of decent, generous and good people in it).

Pineda continues to tour the world with Journey and has recorded a number of successful records with them. He has bought a home for his family, become a famous rock star and lives a life he never could have imagined.

The lesson for us: don’t stop believing. Ever.

The impossible is generally the untried.

Sending you a ton of best wishes…

Your partner in success,

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  1. Brin says:

    “partner in success’ that you really are Robin. Thanks for the blog.

  2. PRASANTH says:

    thank you so much sir :) love you :)

  3. Ayush says:

    You are really a great motivator.. I love reading your blogs. Thanks for each and every one of them.

  4. karuna says:

    Your Readings are always inspiring :)

  5. Jayan Gopinath says:

    Thank You Robin for publishing truly motivating and inspiring blogs everytime…….

  6. manish joshi says:

    you are genius sir you don’t say new but you say with new logic & new style

    thanks again & again

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  8. Chandimal says:

    Thank you very much sir for reminding always what life stand for.

  9. sreedevi says:

    you are a bundle of energy! thank youuuu

  10. Vijay says:

    thank u robin sir….u r really inspiring….hoping to apply things in my life….!!!
    keep motivating….!!!!!

  11. Tim says:

    The All Blacks win over Ireland on the weekend was a really good example of not stopping believing! A huge part of their winning culture that – like this story – is inspirational…. Have to feel for the Irish though!

  12. Thomas says:

    Thanks a lot Robin. I will read 5 points each morning to inspire my days. Greetings from Switzerland.

  13. vivek says:

    Sir y r really superb motivator

  14. ruchi says:

    Wow!!!! Tats gr8…….u r just awesome… wonder where from do u pic ideas to bring about such a drive in pplz life

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    great :Awesome:

  16. Kunwarpreet singh says:

    Hats off to you Robin..
    The way you express your emotion,burning desire in your videos..
    I wish i could meet you in person some day.. Not being an audience but a client.

  17. Pooja Sahitya says:

    You are a true mentor Sir. I am a great fn of yours and one of my dream is to meet you in person and I haven’t stop believing that :-)

  18. kanika says:

    you are my mentor Robin sir and believe me you have changed my life with your words love you:)
    stay happy stay blessed

  19. Sifa says:

    Awsome really its very inspiring dont stop sending ur material.i am waiting to c ur mail.

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    Inspiring ! God bless you .

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    You are the greatest man walking on this planet
    Just keep walking.

  23. Nirmal kumar says:

    Robin it seems your thought fountain has no limit.

  24. Mahesh says:

    Inspiring… !

    …The impossible is generally the untried… Very true

  25. Manick says:

    Awesome. All it needs is a trigger-moment to activate the decision. Thanks Robin

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    Thank you from all my heart.
    Your thoughts help to live.
    Thank You, Robin.

  27. Biju sivanand says:

    Thank you Robin.. you are really great..!

  28. Manu says:

    Whoever succeed in life had a bitter experience.. Or we can say a bad time..
    Without struggle and sacrifice we cant achive the height of sucess. So dear friends..
    Now your facing a strugle.. Definetly tomorrow you will win..never give up.. Just move on…

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